Kaiser, David: Rummenigges knighthood in Bavaria, the last cartridge in the battle of Alaba

the News Ticker for 1. and 2. League After Bayern-Boss Rummenigge also Kahn David Alaba Transfer Ticker: Liverpool-exchange closer ennobles to Arsenal -

Kaiser, David: Rummenigges knighthood in Bavaria, the last cartridge in the battle of Alaba
  • News Ticker for 1. and 2. League After Bayern-Boss Rummenigge also Kahn David Alaba
  • Transfer Ticker: Liverpool-exchange closer ennobles to Arsenal - apparently, even at a bargain price.

After the contract have been advised negotiations with David Alaba massively to a Halt, and even atmospheric disturbances in the process, submitted, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is now the charm offensive.

"We had now, I must say, some of the time had no chief in the defense," said Bavaria Executive boss in an Interview with "Sky": "So one who is truly the sceptre in the Hand and the tone and just there also as a chief of Defensive acts."

Rummenigges accolade for Alaba

So Rummenigge from watschte by the way, the two 2014 world champion Mats Hummels and Jérôme Boateng. Above all, he swirled around, but Alaba. And how! "The David is for me something like the black Franz Beckenbauer," said Rummenigge: "He is the first player who has played at this level, such as the Franz-at that time – I still own on the court play could – take this sceptre in the Hand." Photo: Robert Michael/dpa Bavaria Executive boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

the Emperor David. More the ultimate accolade at FC Bayern is not–. The Austrian, who is currently tied only to 2021, to Bavaria, to have made the transfer of left-back to center "with flying colours", enthused Rummenigge and brought a lot of other things that move the world currently, with to the (compact poker)game: "of the personality, there is a great development, and also the Chance to take, especially in times of ‘Black Lives Matter’ then by his skin color also has a special role."

First contract talks ended in a dispute with a consultant

all The adulation is not (quite) to understand without an ulterior motive. Rather, it could be possibly even as early as the last cartridge of Bayern in the fight for the whereabouts of Alabas. The fronts at the negotiating table hardened, increasingly, after both sides in terms of salary expectations to far apart: While the Alaba-page insists on a future annual salary beyond the 20-million-Euro mark, Bavaria is so far not willing to exceed this.

"I'm still optimistic that we will find at the end of the day, the solution that David ends his career," decided Rummenigge is his Statement: "I think David knows what he has at Bayern, and we know what we have to David." If it is so, at the Moment is questionable.

Alaba-adviser calls for more than 20 million Euro salary

The secret meeting at the end of June in the "Bogenhausen yard" with Alabas consultant team, consisting of father, George, and Pini Zahavi, to sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic, the collar burst. As the "Sport Bild" reported, have Brazzo, who was sitting next to Rummenigge responded, quite annoyed at the salary demands of the Alaba-page of about 20 million. imago images/VI-Images David Alaba from FC Bayern

After Zahavi his ideas of the future cash flows of the club described the effects of the Corona of a pandemic, in Spite of, replied Salihamidzic him vigorously, in what world he live and if he would actually believe anything that he tell just.

Bavaria's charm Offensive to Alaba

in Bavaria, Department of attack, apparently, running in Uli Hoeness’ absence in full swing. Those comparison had pulled Rummenigge, by the way also, as he said about Salihamidzics tenacity in the case of Transfers: "He's like the young Uli Hoeneß." Last Rummenigge and Brazzo were looking for then the Meeting under six eyes with Alaba. "A good conversation", as Rummenigge said, in the he also drew the Beckenbauer comparison.

Also head coach Hansi Flick ennobled Rummenigge in early may in AZ-Interview, by a reference to a club legend. His team leadership and his empathic kind of reminded him of Triple coach Jupp Heynckes: "I would say: Hansi is a bit like Jagger." The new Heynckes, Hoeness and Beckenbauer also in the future in a team at FC Bayern, that's it. Because Rummenigge is in no doubt.

This article was written by Julian Buhl

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