I've spoken to Seb, Red Bull consultant Marko sees Vettel only two options

Sebastian Vettel in the formula 1 Paddock is overflowing with self-actors, and Chatterboxes, one of the last personalities that can keep a secret, reliable. The

I've spoken to Seb, Red Bull consultant Marko sees Vettel only two options

Sebastian Vettel in the formula 1 Paddock is overflowing with self-actors, and Chatterboxes, one of the last personalities that can keep a secret, reliable. The Grand-Prix-Nation, Germany hopes that he will continue his career in spite of the farewell of the Ferrari. But about what he's up to now, he speaks really only with his closest circle.

"Sebastian," says GPDA Director Alexander Wurz in the current Vodcast of 'Sky', "is a friend of mine." Wurz got to see the farewell to Ferrari "he does not come, because he keeps his cards close to the chest. As he is switching from Red Bull to Ferrari, there were no rumors, but it just happened. This is typical for Sebastian. I like this on him."

one of the few chosen ones, which Vettel entrusted to the decisive phases of his career to typically be a long-time supporter, Helmut Marko. Unlike Wurz, the Red Bull motor sport consultant, admits in an Interview with 'Sky': "I've spoken with Sebastian." imago images / Mandoga Media GPDA Director Alexander Wurz

Marko makes no secret of the fact that it has gone "natural" and also "the variants and the options for Red Bull" - not clear: "there is, unfortunately! We have existing contracts with Max and Alex Albon. This has not arisen at all." He believes: "Sebastian would do if he comes to a winning capable Team."

Marko recommends Superstar Duo would ironically feel his intimate enemy ...

For example, in the case of Mercedes - a variant, Marko from the point of view of the silver arrows, and from the point of view of the formula 1 as a whole, especially in times of corona crisis, as a "sensational project". Even if it is it must pain him inwardly, in such a constellation, of all things, his intimate enemy of Toto Wolff to the heart

... That Hamilton and Vettel would retract in a superior Mercedes "almost always" double victories, would be from Marko's point of view, although the "not so good for the Sport. But the fight Hamilton against Seb, I think that would be something that would be very, mobilize a lot of spectators." imago images / Eibner, Helmut Marko and Sebastian Vettel

"If I interpret the words of Toto is right, it is a decision from Mercedes. Mercedes makes the Yes, to operate Marketing. Seen in this way, that would be the best and most powerful Gag, the man could make." His friend Niki Lauda was still alive, "I would him to take Vettel". Because that Mercedes would achieve the "best possible advertising effectiveness".

However, the formula 1 experts, almost no one believes in a constellation of Hamilton-Vettel in any of the Mercedes factory team in 2021. Wurz, in the 'Sky'-Vodcast on the topic of driver of the market is addressed, is puzzled by the matter of course, with the help of the experts assume that Hamilton will continue to drive a Mercedes.

"I have a question first. Maybe I missed something. But you are not really a hundred percent sure that Lewis stays at Mercedes?", the former Benetton counters-, McLaren and Williams driver. "You ask all after the second Cockpit at Mercedes, the first is not fixed yet!"

'Motorsport-Total.com' has reported, is still not known whether the Daimler group will afford in times of corona crisis continues to be a private formula 1 Team. And also Wolff "debated now is whether he remains, in what capacity. Since much is in flux," says Wurz - and the need to know as a long-time Wolff-the Familiar actually, first-Hand. imago images/North-photo-Disintegrates the Mercedes-Traumduo Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton

Wurz' "gut feeling" says, "that you are holding on to their current pairing. Seems to be very productive. It would have taken Lewis the last couple of years from the bill, would be Valtteri become world champion. The two work very well together. Everything else is speculation in the media, exactly how we do it. We'll see how it turns out."

Vettel: he Makes it just like Alain Prost in 1992?

the dream of a Superstar Should stay duel Hamilton against Vettel in a silver arrow in a dream, then Vettel will end his career, presumably - or, at least, such as, for example, Alain Prost in 1992, a year expose, to try to be world Champions once again. Teams like Renault, which could offer him theoretically, the Cockpit shall not be regarded as a serious possibility.

well, Marko looks so: "A four-time world champion, who has achieved much in the Sport is doing financially well," the more he's "hurt some middle-class team". A withdrawal would be much more likely to be Vettel's "character, his style. Would be a shame for the Sport, but for the Person Vettel is for sure the best solution, if not a victory-capable Team."

Ferrari, which has not felt Vettel seems to have Marko entrusted to you, "Sebastian well. He felt sure, and I think the step from him, very brave and also right that he has now drawn the consequences and the Ferrari-contract not renewed."

In the case of Ferrari the pressure is high

Wurz suspected, however, that from the original love between Vettel and Ferrari's over the years, a dysfunctional relationship was. He believes that formula 1 driver at Ferrari danger "to the System to Burn-out" - driven. Vettel was not the First, the the happens, says Wurz - and calls, in this connection, Fernando Alonso.

"Sebastian has spoken with me about it," says Wurz, speculated but: "it seems to Me that this is happening. Ferrari is more than just the usual racing passion. In the case of Ferrari, the pressure of a whole Nation rests on you. The must be able to withstand the driver. And Ferrari demands a lot from its drivers."

"they love you, if you're going to win, and the Team is progressing. But when success comes, the leaf [...]. I observe again and again that there are tensions. Not only with the drivers, but you have to switch to team leaders. This comes a bit from the outside, but also from the southern Temperament. This mixture seems to be difficult."

"In the Era of Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, Jean Todt, this group was so strong that they could push all of these Italian pressure aside and be successful. But since then, the unit in the Ferrari is missing, and you follow your own expectations," says Wurz.

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