It needs four goals to make him Smile

There! Finally! It stirs something in his face, a Smile only, very quickly, it is gone again. Four goals it needed for this emotional outburst. Maybe Josip Ilic

It needs four goals to make him Smile

There! Finally! It stirs something in his face, a Smile only, very quickly, it is gone again. Four goals it needed for this emotional outburst. Maybe Josip Ilicic is just in this Moment, consciously, to hear what illustrem circle he now. To Lionel Messi, Mario Gomez and Robert Lewandowski. Only you have been able to have, what made Ilicic on Tuesday night to score four goals in a game in the knockout Phase of the Champions League.

There are over 90 seconds, as Ilicic, this at first glance cumbersome and beefy-looking Slovenian marches, for the first time by Valencia's defense. Which is pretty much amazed, only the fourth man can stop him. With a Foul. The 32-Year-old successfully converts the Penalty himself. Even with the emergence of the second, he is involved somehow, then he hits twice after a counter-attack. At the 4:3 –prepared by Remo Freuler – slots the Ball unnecessarily nicely under the crossbar. Then the Smile.

The most important man of the spectacle troupe

Atalanta is the Team of the hour, the spectacle of the team of Italy. The sealed-off country in times of Coronavirus with his Underdog, Ilicic and colleagues to hold at the Estadio Mestalla, a Jersey with the inscription "Bergamo, this is not for you: Give" in the camera. The Portal prima replies: "Thanks, guys, for this immense gift." Bergamo is referred to in the media as a Wuhan in Italy, Doctors report dramatic conditions.

As the Champions League is coming-a fairy tale just right. And also in the national championship Atalanta makes for some entertainment. 70 gates of the fourth, scored, placed in 25 Serie A Games, are ten more than Lazio to rank 2, and twenty more as a table leader, Juventus. Ilicic, he usually plays as a hanging tip, scored 15 of those 70 matches, he is the best scorer of the team and in addition to Captain Alejandro Gomez is the main actor. And he is also a counterpart to this. Because of the lively, attention-loving Argentines. There, the cool, restrained Slovenian.

So different, so important: Alejandro Gomez (left) and Josip Ilicic. (Image: )

Ilicics parents are Croats, he was born in 1988 in Prijedor, at the time Yugoslavia, now Bosnia. His mother fled with him and brother Igor in Slovenia, it was the time of the Bosnia war. In Prijedor in 1992, was held one of the biggest massacre in this conflict, as Serbia is in the area wanted to "ethnically clean". Josip, Igor and Ana Ilicic were gone already. The father stayed behind, he died when Josip was a year old.

The little family settled in Kranj, the fourth-largest city in Slovenia. At the local club Triglav Ilicic soccer began to play, it quickly went to the top. He was discovered, went to inter-block, a club from the capital, Ljubljana. As an inter-block descent, was Ilicic sorted out. He was about to throw in front of it to give to the football no Chance. Today, only his Name is on Wikipedia, under the heading of "famous former players".

In a League with Batistuta and Crespo

Maribor that gave the then 21-Year-old a Chance. And Ilicic she used. In qualifying for the Europa League, he met in 2010 at Palermo, he met once. The Sicilians were so impressed that they took Ilicic the same, in the same summer he hired in Palermo. For Maribor, he played only five games. And yet it is, in retrospect, probably those of the Association, was Ilicic is the most important. Because he gave him the Chance, after he had thought of an early withdrawal.

has nearly ten years of Serie A Ilicic is now behind. On Fiorentina, he came in 2017 to Bergamo. This Team has specialized in going to make young players great. Ilicic was the Leader, has scored in the League already four hat-tricks. The best left foot of Italy will crack the 100-goal mark soon. It is 13 hits is still missing. He creates, he plays himself in a more illustrious round, with Gabriel Batistuta and Hernan Crespo. Maybe a Smile flits the cool of the Slovenes, then Yes again.

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