In relation to PSG coach Tuchel mentioned, is nail man clearly

the Live-Ticker: RB Leipzig is beating Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League Champions League 2019/20 - Restart: game schedule, resu

In relation to PSG coach Tuchel mentioned, is nail man clearly
  • Live-Ticker: RB Leipzig is beating Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League
  • Champions League 2019/20 - Restart: game schedule, results, dates at a Glance Exclusive to Sky: The duel of the GIANTS live to see (display)

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RB Leipzig see is in the top class among the best four Teams in Europe. The victory against Atlético Madrid is earned, the Julian nail man highlights. For the next great task of the Trainer promises a quick regeneration process.

questions to coach Julian nail man according to the semi-finals of the Champions League with RB Leipzig in the 2:1 against Atletico Madrid in Lisbon. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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nail man victory against Atlético

question: Only Tottenham, José Mourinho, now of Atlético Madrid, Diego Simeone, and now Paris Saint-Germain comes with Thomas Tuchel. Great Trainer-duels seem to be to you?

Julian nail man: I must say that the team, and we have switched off as a collective, Tottenham and today's Atlético. Because it's not about Coaches, matches against Mourinho, Simeone or against Tuchel. It is a team sport, and the team has made it outstanding.

question: What did you like particularly well?

nail man: We have absolutely deserved to win. We were the better team, have outstanding, played good actions, more than many other teams against Atlético. As a young troop on the field with a few Experienced such as Yussuf Poulsen as an example - has shown zero nervousness. I was very satisfied. imago images/PanoramiC RB coach Julian nail man

question: How do you want to draw new strength for the semi-finals against Paris?

nail man: this is The same procedure as usual. Regeneration measures, eat well, drink well, no alcohol, but plenty of water, the fluid balance fill. A lot of sleep, and then the game, what is a big deal. I said before the game, I hope it follows a larger one, which is now a bigger game. Since the batteries will be charged automatically again a bit faster. So a game is like a fast charger. We will have in the next game and again the grains, in order to be a good opponent.

question: have you ever Had doubts about the victory?

nail man: has been seen after the opening goal, that we could not briefly summarize our luck that we are at the front, we score such a beautiful goal, because we were ten minutes out and no longer were active, were not so patient. According to the 1:1 everything was there again. The boys are not collapsed.

nail man duel with PSG and Tuchel

question: How is your relationship with PSG coach Thomas Tuchel is?

nail man: The ratio is, since he is at PSG, is normal. We have never had an extremely intimate relationship. We have always written SMS us exchanged via, for example, Christopher Nkunku, as the Transfer of propriety. Of course, I was his player, but that was a long time ago years. I'm day-to-day business as he is. It is not so that we have a constant exchange. The media wish for a little bit, but it doesn't exist in the real football world. imago images/PanoramiC PSG coach Thomas Tuchel

question: the Best man on the pitch defender Dayot Upamecano was. How would you rate his performance?

nail man: has Probably motivated him, that I called him a "beast". Today, he was actually a beast, was focused from the first Minute to the last. He has always a Situation where he has a small careless errors in there, he has not had any of that today. He has intelligently played.

question: After this performance, there is a title announcement due?

nail man: A title announcement, there is not, but it is, of course, and self-explanatory that we now want to go to the finals. This is normal, when You get to the next round, you then again the next round want to reach. It is in every football heart. Therefore, we want the final, that much is clear. When we get there, we can talk more about other things. Now it is about to have a giant boulder in front of the chest.

Recorded by Arne Richter, dpa

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Updated Date: 14 August 2020, 14:27

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