Hulkenberg suddenly a rival: Vettel can't afford Ferrari throwing in the towel

Sometimes say phrases that didn't fall once, more than the Rest. The press release, the Ferrari after the formula 1 race in Silverstone posted from the past we

Hulkenberg suddenly a rival: Vettel can't afford Ferrari throwing in the towel

Sometimes say phrases that didn't fall once, more than the Rest. The press release, the Ferrari after the formula 1 race in Silverstone posted from the past weekend, was as overwritten as follows: "Charles, the Fourth, on the basis of strategy and skill." Praise for Leclerc, entitled. Sebastian Vettel was mentioned on the letterhead with no mention of any.

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Enzo Ferrari, the legendary founder of the Scuderia, has cultivated the Dogma during his lifetime: His car winning the Grand Prix, the driver would lose you. This culture has never changed, not even the Aegis of Michael Schumacher, who won five Championships in Red. The cavallino rapmante, the prancing horse in the coat of arms animal, the proud mystique of a brand that was zelebrierter myth. Make mistakes but then: the driver. Blind vanity, tumbe ignorance? Well.

Vettel is attacking Ferrari - then he is silent iron

in this respect, Vettel is mixing up a toxic Cocktail. He commits this error again and again and again, and if you didn't know better, this suggests the suspicion, that he tried even to provoke its expulsion. On Sunday, Vettel attacked via team radio, the ragazzi, therefore, the spring lame horse, this devastating horse of the season 2020. "You've messed up" was his Pamphlet in the Original English, "you screwed up" served as the (quite benevolent) German Translation. What A Sacrilege! HIGH TWO/Pool/COLOMBO IMAGES Also the anniversary of the GP was not just gracious with Sebastian Vettel

Vettel is frustrated, annoyed, irritated, he is insecure, maybe desperate. Later, a deafening Silence reigned in the radio. No answer was also an answer - see above.

14 wins scored by Vettel for Ferrari, one less than Niki Lauda, and the third highest of all the pilots who attacked the in the order of Maranello to the tax. A total of 53 successes of the Germans in his formula 1 career, only trumped by Schumacher (91), as well as Lewis Hamilton, currently with 87 recorded. A how Vettel has forgotten how to racing yet. Or!?

Ferrari: theories of conspiracy and Sabotage...

"It can't be much worse," said the 33-Year-old, the "sound of each in the Garage" trust, this Declaration of Solidarity, but not very convinced. Quite spicy it was, as Vettel from the English Sky was asked if he think to obtain the identical Material, such as Leclerc. For A Short Break. Then: "I don't know it. I think... is there something I'm missing. But I'm not sure what it is." Formula 1: Grand Prix Spain - LIVE on Sky display)

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RTL-expert Nico Rosberg pondered aloud, "that something on the car could not vote," finally, Vettel knew: "it is Yes. So something must be in the Team the wrong way, if I'm half a second per lap slower." Leclerc was third and Fourth, Vettel déclassé, tenth, and Twelfth. Now the chassis, the so-called Chassis is replaced, at the race in Barcelona on Sunday. Dare still in Italy, the claim that it was the car!

Presumably, the explanation is much more banal than those (Internet)theories of conspiracy and Sabotage to move the expensive but weak, and grumpy employees to the Exodus - in the formula 1 is omitted rarely anything that promises political intrigue.

Schumacher chooses clear words to Vettel-future

In truth, stiffened Ferrari with Leclerc's contract extension until 2024 to the Monegasques as the crown Prince. And because of this (he is similar to Max Verstappen) qua driving style completely different requirements to the car, is to domesticate the 2020s Ferrari of Vettel, loves it when his tail is sticking to the street. Leclerc prefers quite the opposite. Expert explains why Vettel always makes the same mistake PCP expert explains why Vettel is always the same error

But do not Need to adapt to a four-time world champion better, he needs to rant less and more precise to steer, he has to look away, finally, times more rare, especially as self-inflicted as twice in five races? These are all questions that are answered with "rather Yes" to. What leads as a consequence to the logic, if Vettel will finish his sixth and final Ferrari season at the Scuderia, respectively, is allowed. No one has put it as clearly as Ralf Schumacher: "depends. If he does not do so, then of course."

the announced separation to the end of the year, was consummated in the Bad, the mood is charged, the ratio of charged to. Why so long torment?

Vettel, Sainz, Ricciardo, Alonso: the Domino effect until 2021

For example, because of an early Domino effect is considered to be extremely unlikely. To McLaren, Carlos Sainz by McLaren as Vettel replacement to Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Fernando Alonso in the formula-1-pension to Renault: That will not happen in 2021, under reasonably normal circumstances. imago images/Hoch zwei, Sebastian Vettel (No. 5) ahead of Charles Leclerc at the Start in Hungary

Vettel's crux is the cycle that pulls him like a Maelstrom. Nothing works, any (significant) setback against Leclerc's eating, the frustration level grows, the criticism anyway, he verrennt in hectic actionism, what aggravated the situation further. The signs were heard in Silverstone too. "In the past, brakes, later brakes, a different drive select line", nothing have helped. The great perplexity.

And not in a good negotiating position. Vettel would of meißen, in the case of Ferrari hinsch, would seem like an admission of failure. So no Option to stay attractive on the market, despite the giant behind Leclerc.

Also, Hulkenberg is for Vettel now a competitor to the

Nevertheless, the springendste point in the spring is a horse, this: Feels Vettel is actually within the company at a disadvantage, insufficiently supported, or low-estimated - then it is impossible that he is pulling the plug on futility. So stringently it is. Ferrari is likely to, in turn, applying too much Would be to push the Champion of a. D. out of the car. Let's wait and see. Barcelona for sure, nothing happens, then two weeks break... Motorsport Images Max Verstappen (centre) and Daniel Ricciardo (R) are Nico Hulkenberg congratulations to the third place in the Silverstone-Qualifying

it is Known that Vettel does not want to stop, if he managed to get a usable Cockpit. With Renault, there were discussions in front of Alonso's Comeback. In the case of Red Bull, the pressure of expectation on Alexander Albon, the against On Pilot Verstappen no stitch increases. An offer of his Ex-would team accept Vettel "probably", as he is known in July. Alone: he would have the same Problem in Blue, with Verstappen instead of Leclerc as the alpha dog and team leader.

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Racing Point (soon to be Aston Martin) flirting with Vettel, but it has two drivers under contract, including the son of the chief, and is located in the middle of the plagiarism-accusation-small war. Because everything relates to competitiveness hangs about the keyword victory of the car. The Situation is similar in the case of AlphaTauri, the sister team of Red Bull, a charming variant - but only if 2021 are almost "allowed four Red Bulls".

in Addition, a final, very unexpected obstacle appeared in the two Silverstone races: As a replacement for the Corona-ill Sergio Perez heaved herself Nico Hulkenberg back to the stage and into the conversation somewhere else. It is the iron of point of the story, if just of the podium lots of Hulkenberg swiped his decorated compatriot Vettel a free space.

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