Honda without Marc Marquez lost to accept: Need to what it is

have to pause due to the Since MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez injury, not for a Honda on the track a lot. Although LCR Pilot Takaaki Nakagami achieved in Je

Honda without Marc Marquez lost to accept: Need to what it is

have to pause due to the Since MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez injury, not for a Honda on the track a lot. Although LCR Pilot Takaaki Nakagami achieved in Jerez 2 a remarkable fourth place, Rookie Alex Marquez in every race in the points. But, accustomed to success, the Team is used to it.

At the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic reached a new low point. Only Alex Marquez and Stefan Bradl, spare man for his brother, started from the very back of the grid. Then Bradl came on the 18. and last place also. Alex Marquez was unable to score as the fifteenth, after all, be a dot.

"was The strategy for both drivers is clearly different," explained Honda team Manager Alberto Puig. "For Alex, the weekend was a process of learning and trying to be as constant as possible. He knew that it would be easy to go from the last row of the grid for the race."

Alex Marquez loses time behind Bradl and Smith

"Alex managed to finish the race and to get a point, but he is working to improve his pace in the next race," says Puig. Marquez himself expressed: "It was a tough day. I honestly had a lot more of this weekend's expected. But we have learned some new things."

"I've lost a lot of time, as I overtook Bradl and Smith, I lost the race here, really," analyzes the Spaniards. "After that, the pace was not so bad, and I've learned a lot about tyre management. It was not the weekend we expected, but we have learned more."

this is also what the Honda team Manager: "is, We expect that Alex continues his growth as a driver is more developed and is making progress. He needs to understand the bike and especially the tires better. He still has some problems to understand the new tyres, what makes the things in the episode is difficult."

Stefan Bradl can't find the perfect matching

In terms of a replacement pilot Bradl explains Puig: "Stefan has tried during the weekend a lot of things, he was very busy. It was pretty difficult for him, what was the perfect set-up for the race. He has tried his Best but unfortunately he is off the track and lost a lot of time."

The conclusion of the Honda team Manager after three races this season, falls to disillusioned. "It would be a lie to say that this weekend a lot of positive points," he says. "We can't be with our results. We just have to accept it for what it is, and wait for better times."

But also in Spielberg 1 will have to do without Honda on his performance of Marc Marquez. Puig is: "to stand During a race on the pit wall, is a completely different Situation, when the drivers fight for top positions or not." However, as a Team, we hold together, even in this difficult Phase.

LCR: Nakagami place best Honda-driver

"We are professionals, and we support our drivers wherever they are. If it is not a perfect Position for you, we look about, every second of the round, and in each area, to help you to improve. Sometimes things are not as you would like it to be, but that's all part of motorcycle racing."

For the two LCR-pilot Nakagami and Cal Crutchlow ended the MotoGP race in the squares of eight and 13. Crutchlow, who is not after his scaphoid fracture is still a hundred percent fit, reveals: "I had a terrible Start and was back in the race and was able to make in the first rounds nothing."

"It seemed to me that I can drive my Honda alone is much better than in a group. There, I could not drive the right lines. I did my Best, but I'm not here to than 13. to get to the goal, but to try to win the race, what we do every week. "

Nakagami to Jerez with a large blister on foot

a victory in Brno 2016, as Crutchlow triumphed in the rain, he was away this time but far. Also for team-mate Nakagami, it ran worse than the last time in Jerez. From position 17 he made in the first round, although some places, "but after five laps I felt the tires started to drop," said the Japanese.

Additionally, he revealed: "Since the last race in Jerez, I have a large blister on the foot. It was there on Sunday to get extremely hot on the bike, especially on the right foot, where the exhaust is located. In addition, it uses in Jerez, the brake pedal more than usual, during the race it felt weird."

After that had become the wound getting bigger, and I have caused him in Brno, finally, some of the pain, says Nakagami. "During the race I tried to fight it, but it was really hard. In the end, it is unfortunately become only eighth place. Nevertheless, I think we have done a good Job."

With a better start position, as in Jerez - would certainly have been more in it, believe the LCR-Pilot who had lost due to Exceeding the Track Limits on his fastest lap in Q1 and in Q2 was collected. "I think we could start from number three and on the podium," said Nakagami.

This article was written by Juliane goat spirit, Co-author: Gerald Dirnbeck

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