Hohenpeißenberg: TSV offers on free areas athletes a Chance to workout | Peißenberg

TSV Peißenberg uses the relaxations in terms of "Corona": On its free surfaces, the Association provides the departments the ability to workout. However, the

Hohenpeißenberg: TSV offers on free areas athletes a Chance to workout | Peißenberg

TSV Peißenberg uses the relaxations in terms of "Corona": On its free surfaces, the Association provides the departments the ability to workout. However, the requirements to deter some of the divisions, and the TSV-President is critical

Peißenberg - As last week, the loosening of the restrictions were due to Corona is also for sports clubs, officially, "the euphoria," says TSV-President Stefan huge Berger. The leadership of the approximately 2400 members strong Association had developed a concept on the free surfaces of a training operation under the applicable statutory requirements can be made possible. "The right of each division. We have a duty to create opportunities,“ it is huge Berger.

A kind of lesson plan was created in the surfaces for each sport to be allocated. After the municipality had approved the concept, pre-joined the main club of his departments. The initial enthusiasm, reports huge Berger, was then in some of the disillusionment. Reason: the strict conditions that some sports slow down normal.

TSV Peißenberg: Training on the free surfaces

The basketball player would have in the wörthersee stadium is a hard court office baskets, but the division beckoned. "Every single player should have a Ball," says giant Berger with a view to legal regulations. The same applies to the fist shooting. The Boxer and the martial artist must continue to do without a full-contact Training. The footballers and basketball players make a break – although they have, according to the current occupancy plan training times. The division "is now for the first time," says big Berger. "We will try him, week in and week out to adapt". Training is on a weekday, on Saturday and Sunday, the facilities are closed. Available four spaces (space 1, space 2, hard court, track) are at the stadium, with the addition of facilities at the primary school of St. Johann and at the new mountain dump. In addition, there are the floor to protect the place, as well as the Tennis complex.

The floor, shooters and tennis players have taken up the training operation. Also, the athletes and handball players want to start again, even if strict conditions are met. "A small group must consist of learning with four sports always from the same people," says lemon law Berger. "Because of the one and then the others join in and can't change." The TSV-President appeals to all members and their families, to behave reasonably. Spectators are prohibited, so parents may bring their children to the stadium, or pick up, not just the Training. "Since you're almost a gatekeeper," says Berger, is Huge.

TSV Peißenberg: President thing, Berger expresses criticism

The club head does not keep up with his personal opinion behind the mountain: The current solution for the sports clubs "is not a solution". In this Form, "is this operating for me, not a sport. It makes not really fun.“ Alone the documentation of the units – the responsibility ultimately lies with the Department heads – he looks at it as a big Problem. "The responsibility that assumes there's a practice head, not shoulders, a volunteer at all." By Corona, reported to the club's President, were stopped, some of the ideas for the First, you don't want to make the Association of the population attractive, "which are the absolute Top athletes". As examples of the huge Berger called guided mountain bike tours or offerings such as spinal gymnastics. Also a Nordic Walking will not be with the current spacing rules. "Because you have a forever long queue," says Berger Huge. The Association would game the handball players from the second League promoted TuS Fürstenfeldbruck for a test, or the DM in the fist ball in the market town of brought. "All of that is on the ice," so huge Berger disappointed.

TSV Peißenberg: praise for the Tennis Department

It is currently being discussed in terms of "Corona" a lot about holiday travel. "The most Important thing in a community, the clubs and the club sports are," says the club's boss – and fears: "The remains on the track." Huge Berger, however, is also confident, and that depends on the behavior of "his" athletes. The President visited the tennis complex. What has taken the Department on measures to enable sport operation, "so I have to take the hat," says Berger, is Huge. As a disinfectant hanging next to each puller, with the after the game, the clay is smoothed. The visitors are guided with ribbons and arrows to the places. "There's a lot of effort is been operated."

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