Hofmann-double pack: Gladbach beats the wolves and is re-tables-Fourth

the Bundesliga, 32. Round season 2019/20: League-schedule, dates and results Borussia Mönchengladbach - VfL Wolfsburg 3:0 (2:0) 1:0 Hofmann (10.), 2:

Hofmann-double pack: Gladbach beats the wolves and is re-tables-Fourth
  • Bundesliga, 32. Round
  • season 2019/20: League-schedule, dates and results
Borussia Mönchengladbach - VfL Wolfsburg 3:0 (2:0)

1:0 Hofmann (10.), 2:0 Hofmann (30.), 3:0 Stindl (65.)

Borussia Mönchengladbach : summer - Wendt, Elvedi, Ginter, Lainer - Neuhaus, Kramer - Hofmann, Stindl (Bennett, 90.), Traore (Herrmann, 72.) - Embolo (Benes, 82.)

VfL Wolfsburg Casteels - Mbabu, Brooks, Pongracic (Knoche, 73.), Gerhardt (Guilavogui, 70.) Schlager, Arnold (Brekalo, 60.) - Steffen, Joao Victor (Ginczek, 70.), Klaus - Weghorst

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see The most Important points in brief: Borussia Mönchengladbach is for the time being, climbed to the direct Champions League-ranking fourth in the Bundesliga. The team of coach Marco Rose sat down on Tuesday evening to kick off the 32. Game tags with 3:0 (2:0) against VfL Wolfsburg by.

Jonas Hofmann (10. Minute/30.) and Lars Stindl (65.) scored the goal for Borussia, which is presented in the duel with Bayer Leverkusen to the Champions League ranking. The advantage of the company is, initially, two points, the factory self is on Wednesday the 1. FC Köln. Wolfsburg remains Sixth, must now fear after the defeat but the qualification for the Europa League.

The game in the Ticker-Protocol

90.+2 Min: The Final Whistle!

90. Minute: Two Minutes Of Stoppage Time.

87. Minute: Again from a free-kick for wolves, who are almost all in the opponent's 16, but it is no risk at all.

84. Minute: Gladbach don't want to - and Wolfsburg can't. The air is out - Gladbach, Germany is, apart from a miracle, to keep the Threesome home.

81. Minute: Gladbach is now increasingly the Tempo of the game - long ball it to do relay races to the wolves now hard.

78. Minute: Ginczek from full instep, but the leather rushes past the post.

77. Minute: The guests throw now everything forward, abr Gladbach defend very attentive - the host can earn no chances.

69. Minute: , Even with a 3:0 lead, the mönchengladbach-based passengers rear is still highly concentrated. Very decent performance from the team of Marco Rose.

65. Minute: what a move from Gladbach! After a great combination with Traoré Stindl is coming to a close, and uses ice-cold his Chance. 3:0.

64. Minute: What a Chance! To one edge of Lainer Embolo can be free standing from five meters, heads, and the leather, but clearly misses the goal. Not a good header of the ball.

60. Minute: VfL-coach Glasner changes the direction and brings Brekalo for Arnold. Offensive Central midfield - the connection to her.

57. Minute: the same image as in the case of the two hits. According to a simple cross-pass Hofmann is completely alone in front of Casteels, pushes the leather but inches past the post.

55. Minute: Casteels is wrong twice, by the 16th, but the accounts are blocked the Borussia. Lucky for the wolves.

52. Minute: The Borussia is now a little deeper, pressed on from the midfield line with the quick tips. Wolfsburg is moving on thin ice. The guests want to find their way back into the game, but still go to a lot of risk.

48. Minute: Again, it is Hofmann, of the the biggest danger. The window pulls in front of the 16 in the middle and pulls with the strong right foot on the short corner, but the leather goes against the external network.

46. Minute: and the Next one is! Both coaches do without for the time being, on the personnel changes.

45+1. Minute: half-time in Mönchengladbach.

AP Gladbach acts against the wolves extremely ripped off

45. Minute: Traoré has again a Chance from a good Position, but fails just.

40. Minute: Thuram and Plea are violated, but the Borussia plays as efficiently as in weeks, not more. Two shots on goal, two hits.

38. Minute: Embolo has a long steep pass up a lot of space and to be running on the box, but Brooks can catch up with the Gladbacher just and make.

37. Minute: Arnold pulls out of the penalty area and hits the leather, but summer is just right and you can grab.

30. Minute: what a move from Gladbach! Again Hofmann! several stations in the Gladbach plays by the opposing 16, at the end of Ginter sets to Hofmann, the slides from eight metres, freezing cold in the corner. What's the chance of exploitation of the host. 2:0.

25. Minute: Gladbach builds playful, brings but after a false pass self in danger. Ginter iron out just yet against Weghorst.

22. Minute: Klaus pulls from 20 meters, the summer looks after the ball, but these rushes past the post.

20. Minute: Kramer is a face contorted with pain on the ground. Pongracic had presented the Ball to far and was fully disappointed in the Gladbach purely Gera. The referee leaves it, however, in the case of a verbal admonition. Funny, at first look for a bad Foul.

17. Minutes: taken by Hofmann for Gladbach, the foal can never be considered as losers from the square. Changes the against the wolves?

14. Minute: in Spite of the residue, the wolves are still the better Team. to have, Regardless of counter-hit play, the guests continued to the front and seem to have the better game plan.

10. Minute: what a move from Gladbach! Embolo sends Hofmann with a Pass in the lane, shoot from eight metres to Casteels passing in the mesh. 1:0. dpa Hofmann, sliding the ball expertly to the guide

7. Minute: Arnold delivers the free-kick sharply to the fives, but Ginter screwed in the air and heads the ball out of the danger zone.

5. Minute: That is a lot of work for Borussia. The wolves pressing with four players in the opponent's half, and thus prevent a well-maintained structure of the company. And even otherwise, Wolfsburg, Germany, is well-ordered and playing now, very ripped off. After five minutes, the first liberation strokes of the Borussia.

3. Minute: to See the host from their own 16 to play in the opponent's danger zone, but Embolo leaves it at the end to technology miss - the turn in is gone. Calm start in Gladbach, both Teams are trying to control.

1. Minute: The Ball is rolling!

18.22 PM: , The players go back into the cabin to the jerseys put on. In a few minutes, let's go! dpa, The company must in the fight for the Champions League places are necessarily points

17.35: The lineups are known. Marco Rose must abandon Alassane Plea and Marcus Thuram, which are both due to injury. For Traoré and Embolo in the team.

12.00 PM: welcome to the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Situation: Gladbach wants to be in the Champions League, and need layers for it to last two defeats to prevail. Wolfsburg wants to defend his Europa League place. A point would be good.

Gladbach could be locked against Wolfsburg just one of their last eight games

staff: The Gladbacher have to do without due to injury on both Top Scorer: Thuram and Plea from fall, Bensebaini is yellow-win. VfL Mehmedi missing due to Achilles tendon problems. The Highlights of the English week in the Bundesliga LIVE (display)

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statistics: speaks for Wolfsburg: Only one of their last eight League games, the lower Saxony lost.

Special: Both coaches are old friends from Austria. There Gladbach's Rose (Salzburg) in front of Wolfsburg's Glasner (Linz) has been in the past season champion. Wolfsburg's sports Director Schmadtke was once a player and assistant coach in the Bundesliga, with his son Nils works as a Scout for Borussia.

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