He seems to be a MotoGP pilot to Marquez's Comeback

Just want to rise six days after his serious crash at the MotoGP season opener in 2020 in Jerez, and only four days after his broken right upper arm was fixed i

He seems to be a MotoGP pilot to Marquez's Comeback

Just want to rise six days after his serious crash at the MotoGP season opener in 2020 in Jerez, and only four days after his broken right upper arm was fixed in the course of a surgery with a titanium plate, with Marc Marquez on Saturday and again on his factory Honda. He wants to find out whether he is fit enough to ride the Grand Prix of Andalusia in Jerez on Sunday. The medical release of MotoGP doctor, doctor, fishing Charte he has.

Should go to Marquez actually on Sunday for the second race of the season at the Start, he would miss despite the heavy injury, not a race. Regardless of whether or not he will be at the Start or not, just the fact that Marquez is already on Thursday in Jerez showed up and wants to ride, inspires his colleagues with respect. But there is also criticism, especially from the retired Ex-world champion Jorge Lorenzo.

"I think that all of this is pretty incredible," admits first of all, Fabio Quartararo, as he is addressed on the Marquez-Comeback. The Petronas Yamaha-Pilot is thanks to his victory in the season opener, the current championship leader.

Yamaha factory rider Valentino Rossi, the early Comeback of his arch-rival "to understand from the outside is difficult". And also, Marquez's Honda team-mate Takaaki Nakagami (LCR), says: "I think it's all a big Surprise. I had not expected that he will return this weekend."

"He seems to be a man"

"He seems to be a man," said the MotoGP Rookie Brad Binder (KTM) is what many have been thinking for some time of Marc Marquez. "I think he could also run-in with one Arm on the back of a fantastic result," jokes Binder.

"Comfortable is not it for him, but is convinced that" the South Africans, and admits: "One of my biggest Fears is to break my upper arm or the thigh. The thickness of the bone. It is one thing to have the fracture with plates fixed. But the pain will remain."

Binder himself had broken two years ago in a crash in the Moto2-class of the left forearm. "I had a broken at the time, only spoke, but had problems with it. The bone was fixed with three plates. Then I broke this bone once again. My Arm was not two years afterwards as before."

For Aleix Espargaro (Aprilia) is Marquez's early return to the race track, "another example of how we tick in the driver and how much we love what we do. It is not just a Job, but our passion".

Marc Marquez's younger brother Alex Marquez holds: "If you see someone fall and it is your brother, this is of course not easy. I spoke with him about the fall and its race to catch up. He was just about to calm down a little, and if you relax a little, it is dangerous to make a mistake."

To curve 3 of the Circuito de Jerez, where the consequences of severe accident happened, says Alex Marquez, who is not a brother only, but also of team-mate Marc Marquez: "This curve is a critical point. We have seen some falls. These things happen."

Jorge Lorenzo compares Comeback with his own 2013

As Jorge Lorenzo thinks about the early Marquez Comeback? By the end of 2019, retired three-time MotoGP world champion had done at the Assen weekend in 2013, a similar work of art. After he had broken in a fall in Free practice, the left clavicle, he flew to Barcelona, got surgery, flew back to Assen and came in the race - just two days after the fall - a Fifth-place finish.

The Marquez Comeback was with his own in Assen, but not comparable, as Lorenzo says. "I suppose he knows that he is taking great risks for another fall with the operated Arm can have consequences," says Lorenzo to 'AS'.

Lorenzo knows what he's talking about. He himself had fallen, 2013 on the weekend to Assen again on the left clavicle. When you fall in Free practice for the Grand Prix of Germany at the sachsenring, he realized how dangerous it can be to plunge with a auskurierten injury again. The Sachsenring race had to leave out Lorenzo in the end.

The case of Marquez, Lorenzo files potentially as worse than his own. "A fracture of the arm or in this case, the upper arm is more complicated than a fracture of the clavicle. It is something more Serious," warns the three-time world champion, and I know that the arms are claimed, especially when braking, yet stronger than the shoulders.

But Lorenzo does not think in this connection only to the pure Driving: "If Marc is one hundred percent fit, he can prevent a potential fall with the force, he has. With a broken Arm is more complicated. I think Marc is aware that he is risking a lot." And so concludes Lorenzo: "It shows how he wants to win the world Cup."

Make colleagues Worry if Marquez moves out with the injury?

"Marc is physically in very good shape. His muscles are very well trained, so he can compensate for something," says Aleix Espargaro said: "Alex Rins tried it after a serious injury again. The violation of Cal [Crutchlow] is not without was also. For him, it is also a very busy weekend."

"Doctors do what the driver wants," says Miguel Oliveira in this context. The Tech-3-KTM-Pilot knows what he is talking about: "I have experience with it. I was told last year at Sepang after my shoulder injury from a fall at Phillip Island] for fit. However, I knew that I was severely restricted. Can to you of course, but it's about what's best for yourself in terms of Performance is acceptable."

"It's a challenge and a risk," says Franco Morbidelli, on the case of Marquez, "but to be able to win the world Cup, you have to take risks. It is a risk he is taking. We will see how it will run".

Worried that Marquez could be with his injury to be a danger to other pilots, not Morbidelli. "I'm not Worried about that. He is the one who should be Worried," says the Petronas-Yamaha-Pilot and speaks of a "definitely courageous decision" on the part of Marquez and Honda.

Alex Marquez sees it left. "He knows what he has to do now. He is 27 years old and thus old enough to know that. That's why I'm not Worried," says the Rookie in the Honda factory team on his older brother.

Nakagami says: "If he wants to try it, why? I don't know exactly how strong his pain is. But if he wants to go, then that is his decision. This season is so short. If you missed some races, you can lose the world Cup." However, the Japanese are concerned, at the same time: "on the one Hand, I can understand it, on the other hand, it would be for the security and the future better, to take a break."

there Should be more stringent medical Checks?

Speaking of the future: Should be introduced according to one example of how the Marquez anno Jerez 2020 for the future possibly more stringent medical Checks? "I think," says Oliveira. "It is in the rules that you are not allowed to drive after surgery for certain hours. The Doctors will know in any individual case. I think it is even to each driver to decide. You can not decide, by rule."

And also Aleix Espargaro says: "I believe that the medical Check is sufficient, so that it is for the other driver is safe when we are together [with Marquez] on the track. Doctor Charte is a very good doctor. If he allows it, then we can ride a MotoGP Bike. As I had in the previous year, the Crash in Barcelona, I was able to ride in Assen, too."

And how it looks with the prospects, you should choose Marc Marquez on Saturday in fact, to drive the race on Sunday? Ex-Champion Lorenzo is ambivalent: "If he does well, he will be a Hero. When he gets on the Podium or in the Top 5, what I can think of at the Moment, that would be impressive, and he would be a Hero."

"He would also then be a Hero when he comes into the points," said Lorenzo, to tension the bow: "But if he performs poorly, is to write him off as stupid, so you can do like that with me at that time in Germany would have. It always depends on how it goes."

Brad Binder, the doubts that Marc Marquez is a person, thinks and concludes with the words: "he returns now, after this Operation, sets for the Rest [of the pilots] quite possibly a new benchmark in the case of injuries."

This article was written by Mario Fritzsche

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