Hamilton of anger overcome: people of Color are not born guilty!

Lewis Hamilton has posted on Instagram and Twitter a further Statement on the subject of racism, the strikes in the media and among his followers are currently

Hamilton of anger overcome: people of Color are not born guilty!

Lewis Hamilton has posted on Instagram and Twitter a further Statement on the subject of racism, the strikes in the media and among his followers are currently in high waves. In the Posting of the six-time world champion admits that he feels overwhelmed after the events of the death of the colored man George Floyd by police violence in Minneapolis, "of rage" and the topic touched him since the days of the emotionally very strong.

Hamilton is with his Statements at the forefront of the global "Black-Lives-Matter-movement", the media since the days of the very present against racism. The past few days had been "dark," he admits now, and that it was not him, "to keep my emotions in check".

"I felt so much anger and so much sadness and could not believe what had seen my eyes. In the face of such audacious disregard of human life, I was overcome completely by anger. The injustice experienced by our brothers and sisters around the world, is appalling and MUST stop."

He was not born as a colored man guilty, writes Hamilton, and stresses that he is not surprised by the recent racist incidents: "Will Smith", he mentions his Hollywood buddy, "described it best: racism is not getting worse. The only difference is that he is now being filmed." With cell phone cameras, as in the case of George Floyd.

Lewis Hamilton calls for more people to Protest on the

That it was the protests of hundreds of thousands of people and burning buildings has been used, before the accused police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested for murder, finds Hamilton "sad". He says: "Unfortunately, America is not the only place where there is racism." And he appealed: "We do not fail as a people if we stand up for the Right thing to do."

Hamilton is the first coloured world champion of formula 1, and, as such, for years, for socially relevant topics such as environmental protection and climate change. On the subject of racism, it can be positioned particularly, according to strong, polarized, and creates awareness.

His model encourages attitude against racism and for tolerance and his call, it would be a shame if today someone is silent, in the formula 1 is a whole series of Social-Media Postings of various Stakeholders. A behavior that is supported by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff: "We know that Lewis minorities has always supported."

Hamilton: Why White does not see the everyday racism often

Wolff added, "I have learned a lot from him. He asked me once: 'Toto, did you ever think about that you're white?' And I answered: 'no, I have not.'" On Hamilton: "you Know, I have to think every day about the color of my skin because I am made of every day's attention." AFP/SID/GIUSEPPE CACACE Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is grateful for Hamilton's political Engagement. LAT Lewis Hamilton has been very active against racism

A conversation that has fomented in the case of Wolff, a consciousness that he had before. He admits: "It is in our view very difficult to really imagine how difficult that is. Therefore, I am very pleased to see and support the also, he expresses himself on the subject so strong. He is one of the ambassadors of this sport, and what he is doing, is good."

Formel-1-Star knows what it's like to be discriminated against

"I had the great fortune to be in a household with different nationalities grew up. I lived long in a Jewish family, when it came to my family as well. Since I was able to experience as a child, what it means to be discriminated against. We can all contribute something, to bring about change. Sometimes it takes, unfortunately, events like the one in the United States, in order to trigger a wave of support for a minority."

"It's good that Lewis is as a Superstar in this movement from the beginning, as one who comes from a White-dominated Sport," says Wolff, and stresses: "I think all of us should join this movement, so that such terrible things to happen. We as a Team diversity promote. We select our staff according to performance and not according to culture, Religion or skin color."

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Schalke's McKennie and Top athlete struggling with a Video-appeal against racism, FOCUS Online/Wochit Schalke McKennie and Top athlete struggling with a Video-appeal against-racism

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Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 11:26

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