HSG Freising, Neufahrn: The girls give the sound of | the district of Freising

The girls ' teams from the district have confident in this football season. The HSG Freising, Neufahrn reports even three teams for the national League. Cou

HSG Freising, Neufahrn: The girls give the sound of | the district of Freising

The girls ' teams from the district have confident in this football season. The HSG Freising, Neufahrn reports even three teams for the national League.

County – Nothing more: the game crisis operation in the youth's hand shoot and the Corona has a strong effect. The season was prematurely aborted, even the qualifiers for the next round – these were originally scheduled for the weeks after Pentecost – fall. The clubs must now decide which leagues their Junior teams, with the Bavarian football Association (BHV) decides on the schedule. The FT spoke with the leaders of the high-class most youth teams in the Region over the past season and their plans for the new season.

HSG Freising, Neufahrn

The most successful youth Department in the County of Handball has the HSG Freising, Neufahrn. With the male B and female C-youth of the two Teams even played in the national League, more teams in the ÜBOL came. With views of the boys, Walter, Shoe maker which has both the A - and the B-youth under his wing stressed that he had hoped until the last to play at least the qualification: "In the summer, there will be but no more."

With the development of its B-youth, he was not just satisfied – they stood at the time of the crash on the penultimate place of the table of the national League South: "Against the front Teams, we have kept up very well, but it has, unfortunately, always lacked the necessary concentration." Because most of the move up a grade level, and the national League Team with C-young people will be filled, he wanted to "report only" for the ÜBOL. In the same class, the " A " should youth start: "There are many players out also fall, which were carefully to be installed in our Second men's team," says Shoe maker. One or the other come even for the First out of the question.

+ There was more: The B-youth of the HSG Freising, Neufahrn with (from left) coach Walter Shoe Bauer, Tobias Hellriegel, Valentin Fröhlich, Niclas Mundry, Tawfique Ossessegbe, Maxi Kretschmar, Felix Mette head, Sebastian Christensen, Benni Schiebel, Levin Schiersch, Paul Mühlbauer, Christian Mohr and Oliver Kieslich has in the national League over and over again, the necessary concentration to miss.©HSG

For the girls, it looks even much better: Felix Ilberg played with his C-team to the title in the national League North: "I'm sure we would have taken the in view of the slight rest of the program." Despite the second place, the game will feel inside as a master: "It was a great season, all have played great. Through our strong collective, we were for the opponent hardly be calculated.“ In the coming season it will be again in the national League. "Unfortunately, a first-choice goalkeeper is missing, otherwise the Bayern League would even be in there," says Ilberg.

the female A and female B - youth, But ran in for the coming season in the national League. With 30:0 points from Sandrine Nierhaus trained oldest Junior game came out in the ÜBOL and also Ilbergs female B landed in the ÜBOL on rank one. He is of the quality of the HSG convinced: "All three teams can play to the first three places in the national League."

SVA Palzing

From the SVA Palzing played the female A-youth in the ÜBOL a legitimate season, according to coach Walter Schlott: "The girls gave it their Best. For different reasons we could have, but never the whole Team together.“ The school had been for some players is more important. Therefore, only from the ninth rank with 4:26 points jumped out at the end.

The termination was neither for A - nor for the female C-youth (ÜBL) critical: "Hurt it has done, especially in the case of the D-youth, which is our flagship product." This occurred in the district of upper League, was unbeaten on the first place and would have qualified for the South Cup. For which leagues in the coming season, it is reported, was not yet quite clear. The then with some of the girls from the youth D reinforced C should play nationally. The remaining Teams will play in the game classes of the district.

SC Eching

by Thomas Gentgen supervised male B-youth of the SC Eching ended the round two matches before the actual end of the season in the ÜBOL 10:18 meters and the eighth rank. A euphoria had only ruled until Christmas. "After Learning and Engagement have, unfortunately, a little lacking," says the coach. Age is only a few players fall due although out, but with only ten guys in the squad was stretched thin as it is: "Normally, we would have tried to find two, three New. But it is difficult“, stresses Gentgen. "We wanted to actually even play the national League-qualification. Now I would tend, however, to ÜBOL.“ Nationally, the male and female C-youth that landed in the ÜBL in midfield played in the last round.

SC Kirchdorf

A terrific season graduated from the female C-youth from the SC Kirchdorf: The Martina Schmid and Dana Zeising trained troops stand during the demolition in mid-March on the first place in the MOV – and was defeated on the last round even the worst tracker TSV Taufkirchen at home with 24:17. Schmid: "Therefore we can feel as a master, and it is guaranteed to be a Celebration." The trainer praised the team: "The girls are just super, the team spirit is total." After this season only a few worthy opponents, reports of the SC Kirchdorf for the upcoming round for the ÜBOL – however, as B-youth. Because almost all of the young talent in the back is a step up and will provide more sensation, even if you will certainly take on stronger competition.

Bernd Heinz Inger

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