Guardiola went first: With the departure of the last Spaniards a Bayern ends era of success

the Thiago, Javi Martinez and Álvaro Odriozola Spanish Trio leaves the FC Bayern the end of a Bavarian-Iberian success story If there were any la

Guardiola went first: With the departure of the last Spaniards a Bayern ends era of success
  • Thiago, Javi Martinez and Álvaro Odriozola
  • Spanish Trio leaves the FC Bayern
  • the end of a Bavarian-Iberian success story

If there were any last doubt that the Chapter Thiago is at Bayern this summer, then Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has dispelled this on the Thursday final. The Chairman of the Board selected in the framework of the presentation of new signing Leroy Sané, namely, significant words in the direction of the Spaniard, which can unambiguously for an end to the collaboration closing.

Similar to David Alaba is the preferred Option of the club would have been the 29-year-old Thiago, whose 2021 expiring to extend the contract. "In the case of Thiago, I think that now, but for is difficult," said Rummenigge, and reported "optimistic and positive" meetings with the Spaniard, the learned, suddenly, an unexpected turn: "He has notified Hasan that he would like to make something New." Bavaria Executive boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge would have to keep Thiago happy. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa Abendzeitung München

And this summer wanted to change. Where is still unclear. The Bayern no question of any other club yet– not even from Liverpool. That Munich's Thiago want to leave in the next year, release free of drag, made Rummenigge also again significantly. Thus, it is clear that Thiagos Era at Bayern is over – and with it probably also the Spaniards in Munich as a whole.

Thiago, Martinez, Odriozola: Spanish Trio of Bayern leaves probably

The departure of Álvaro Odriozola – until the end of the Champions League tournament in Lisbon from Real Madrid on loan – is far from decided. And Javi Martínez, the signs point clearly to a farewell.

"you both already have the Three at the front of the old stand and as you do, of course, also the thoughts," said Rummenigge about him and Jerome Boateng, both of which are bound only to 2021. The last round of the Premier League (display)

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the crucial question is: "test It, you Want to stay a year at FC Bayern, or if you want to leave somewhere else for his career to end?" Martinez' departure would decide the Spanish Exodus final.

The a-z looks back on the Bavarian-Iberian success story...

Javi Martínez: the investment paid off for Bayern in the press photo Ulm/Pool_Sportphoto_by_Laci Perenyi Javi Martinez

He is, so to speak, of the Bavarian Urspanier. The Basque rider joined in 2012 as the first in Munich. Jupp Heynckes saw in the defensive specialists, the missing piece of the Puzzle in his team. The Bayern of the until then rather unknown Martinez was even the then record transfer fee of 40 million euros worth, for he came from Athletic Bilbao. The investment paid off for Bayern directly: To the side of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Martínez was a key player at the following triple profit in 2013.

His torn cruciate ligament took him a year later then from the Kick, just like numerous other injuries in the recent past. Under coach Hansi Flick, the 31-Year-old is currently the only replacement player. A return to Bilbao is therefore a realistic Option.

Pep Guardiola: "football is like from another star" imago/sports photo pack Ex-coach Pep Guardiola

A year, according to Martínez, the Spanish start-Rainer started his work in Munich. And with him his Confidant Manel Estiarte, assistant Domenec Torrent, fitness coach Lorenzo Buenaventura, as well as Scout Carles plan chart. They all left the club during Guardiola's farewell back in 2016. The Spanish entourage moved to Manchester City. "Between 2012 and 2016, we played football from another planet", reveled Rummenigge last in memories: "at that time, we played a similar football, were in the process, but almost even more than Barcelona. Jupp and Pep have brought the team to an incredible level."

The really big Triumph in the Champions League remained Guardiola, however, denied. He failed three Times in the semi-finals – one at a time to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, so always be on the Spanish team.

Thiago: Brilliant head of the team imago images/Sven Simon Thiago

The midfielder steered Guardiola immediately after his arrival, with the legendary words ("Thiago or nothing") from Barça to Munich. Thiago was immediately to the genius of the head of the team. Until today, the blemish clings to him, only to have it not managed to lead Bayern to Triumph in the Premier class. A last option he has now is still at the final tournament in Portugal. Thereafter, a switch to Liverpool is still considered the most likely future scenario for him.

Xabi Alonso: Joshua Kimmich went with him in the doctrine of imago images/sport photo pack of Xabi Alonso

The world and European champion moved to 2014, as a king's transfer to Munich. Guardiola had him convinced personally of the change. The midfield Maestro came back in exchange for Toni Kroos of Real Madrid, who passed for just 25 million euros to the Royal. Alonso pleased the Bayern and the Bundesliga again with his art, before he finished in 2017, his career in Munich.

"He shows us how the game should be played," said Thiago over him. Also, a certain Joshua Kimmich went for Alonso, so to speak, in the doctrine and was used under Guardiola always be a Backup in the defensive midfield.

Pepe Reina: Too strong for a replacement Keeper imago/Sven Simon Pepe Reina

With its commitment to the FC Bayern Guardiola fulfilled his desire for a strong replacement goalkeeper. As it soon turned out, was Reina to strong, to durable with the role on the bench behind Manuel Neuer admit satisfied. After only a year he left Munich and went to SSC Napoli.

Álvaro Odriozola: misunderstanding ends in August, Kevin Voigt/Jan Huebner/Pool Álvaro Odriozola

coach Hansi Flick wanted in the Winter, a right-back as a Backup. And got Odriozola, the Hasan Salihamidzic for half a year, loaned from Real Madrid. The Spaniard has been the claims, however, is not just, Flick could not do much with him. The misunderstanding ends in August.

Lucas Hernández: "Speak better Spanish than French,"

The 80-million-man, was born in Marseille, but in Madrid, grew up like that, at least in Spanish. "I speak better Spanish than French," he says. In 2018, he was with France, the champion of the world, but it also has the Spanish passport. So all over the Iberian Era at Bayern is not so.

This article was written by Julian Buhl

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  • "The move to Bavaria was, for me, the only solution", says Leroy Sané. the AZ explains why this is so and what is the impact of the 50-million-Euro Transfer of the 24-Year-old to Munich on the Bayern bosses, the team chemistry and the national team has.
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  • The FC Bayern Munich is preparing for a future without Thiago and David Alaba in the Champions League, the two Stars are definitely in. the Bayern-Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge suggests that the wage demands subside in spite of the Corona.

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