Gmund: This is the framework plan for the station area | Gmund

Up to the transformation of the station area, it is still a long way to go. Unanimously, the municipal Council has adopted a framework plan. Gmund – "It is i

Gmund: This is the framework plan for the station area | Gmund

Up to the transformation of the station area, it is still a long way to go. Unanimously, the municipal Council has adopted a framework plan.

Gmund – "It is important to adopt an intermediate state. The citizens expect,“ said hall chief Alfons Besel (FWG), as it was the first meeting of the new municipal Council to a future-oriented topic for Gmund: the transformation of the station area and the Wiesseer Straße.

Three days long Gmund citizens had broken in July 2019, the heads about how the environment could be the tracks more attractive. Professional support had done the planning office Nonconform from Vienna.. 500 ideas were collected and pooled. Urban planners Lothar Zettler from Memmingen planning office, Lars Consult has Packed the ideas, in the meantime, in a framework plan, which was presented to a first non-public meeting with a number of Changes to the Council members and the Public once again.


Zettler was full of praise for Gmund, its good discussion and conflict culture and even the "great architecture of the station", which should also be in the future unrivaled. Several objectives are pursued with the planning: Gmund wants to improve the Parking Situation with a Park&Ride car Park and an underground garage or a Parking deck, to create a Central bus station and an attractive station forecourt to linger. Bicycle Parking spaces and the transformation of the Wiesseer Straße – with a protection strip for cyclists – should also be implemented, such as the future Crossing of the railroad.


Zettler went into Detail: the Park&Ride will provide Parking for 24 Parking places. Because adjacent is also a covered Bicycle Parking area is planned to fall away compared to the original planning, six Car seats. A Central bus station that connects well to the East of the station. He offers six buses to both sides of a covered, multi-functional access area space.

Wiesseer Straße

The entry and Exit to the Wiesseer Straße is possible from two sides. Speaking of the Wiesseer Straße: A narrowing that would not have shown initial discussions with the State Department of Rosenheim, is possible, said Zettler. Protection strip for cyclists are only feasible where at the end of a road width of five meters remaining. A crossing aid in the further course, but feasible. The state Department was doing overall, clear guidelines, explained Zettler, also for the design of surfaces with paving stones.

barrier-free stay

A key Element is a wheelchair accessible place to stay in the place where the buses run. The surface should be homogeneously with a water fountain, with benches and a Kiosk designed. Adjacent is a further space on the road with Car and bike Parking is planned. In the area of the station building, the Crossing of the tracks would be for Zettler conceivable.

In the ensuing debate were other proposals on the table. Michael Huber (Green) the wish of the forecourt a bit bigger. He advised him well einzugrünen, "otherwise he can't get the quality of stay". Overall, he felt that it was important, the Plan to re-sharpen, and to involve the citizens in a certain Form. This is desirable, insured Besel.

Korbinian Kohler (CSU) asked why the garage under the bus station is feasible. Zettler pointed to significantly higher costs. CSU spokesman Franz von Preysing was important that the provided underground Parking with disabled access and an access from the Bicycle Parking to the platform will not forget. Zettler assured that the wishes would be taken into account in the plan, design, and execution planning. "We need to adopt the framework plan for the management of further orders, to give the necessary examinations, such as for a garage, in order," said Zettler.

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Besel described the plan as a rough orientation. He compared him to a book whose first Chapter was the underground garage or the Parking deck. Then the bus station and the forecourt of a row. "This is a book to read, is going to cost us four to five years," said Besel. It is important to decide on the status. Further public events on the topic of he castle.

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Updated Date: 27 May 2020, 00:33

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