From a beer idea, the Team of the hour was

they come from Bäretswil, Adelboden, Olten and Zug. And you play for the CC upper Valais. Everything clear so far? Now, Elena Stern (25), Céline Koller (24), Li

From a beer idea, the Team of the hour was

they come from Bäretswil, Adelboden, Olten and Zug. And you play for the CC upper Valais. Everything clear so far? Now, Elena Stern (25), Céline Koller (24), Lisa Gisler (25) and Briar Hürlimann (26) are currently one of the biggest attractions in women's Curling . In the next few days you would have you May want to demonstrate to the world Cup in Prince George (CAN). Nothing will come of it.

On Thursday evening, the event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Thus, the Team of Skip star start empty-handed the home must. Particularly bitter: In the world Cup, it could have been valuable points for the Olympic qualification collect. The world Federation is now debating possible Changes in connection with the qualification process. But for the Swiss this is a weak consolation. Because you would have been on this title for a Surprise.

the Four-tournament has Teams won the CC upper Valais, in this season, where two wins are particularly striking: On the top of the occupied Event of the World Tour in Portage la Prairie (CAN) defeated star and co., three world champion. And, most recently, they won at the Swiss Championships, all the games in the Final had to give himself the current world champion from Aarau beaten. What the world Cup Ticket was surprising to the CC upper Valais. But how could it ever come to this?

An Olympic champion as a father,

At the beginning of this story is a disappointment. In the Swiss championship four years ago, it is not running Hürlimann and star with their respective Teams. When all is over, take a tent to the festival, have a drink and ponder the future. Plans for both have not. "At some point we said: Come on, we play together!", Hürlimann told. For the time being, the Team with Koller and star's sister, Anna, is complemented. As a trainer you hire Christine Urech, who won with Flims two world titles. After the first season, the women skip due to the formation of one or the other tournament, the Seeländerin your Team is clear: "If you want to get ahead, you need to do more."

Finally, Gisler Anna Stern, which relies on the profession to be replaced. The women to reduce their workload, to be able to every additional Minute in the Sport invest in. They work well individually and in a Team with a mental coach. And create a long-term goal: the Olympics in 2022. For this, they go down unconventional paths. To switch from Wetzikon to CC the upper Valais. "We were looking for a Club that supports us. Then we found the new Curling hall in Brig-Glis," says Koller. "In addition, there has never been an Elite Team from the Valais, so we saw our Chance."

Broken dream

In retrospect, it proves to be a stroke of luck, missed the Team's star in the fall of the EM-qualification. Because immediately after that, the Triumph follows in Portage la Prairie. "This has given us a lot of confidence. Because we saw that we can play. Accordingly, we are then occurred at the Swiss championship," says the star.

And so, the four women traveled to the beginning of the week with a lot of Confidence to Canada. For a player of the world Cup would have been extra special: Briar hürlimann's father Patrick was Curling 1998 Olympic champion, the mother – a canadian – is a technology trainer of the Teams star. To "represent Switzerland at a world Cup, and of all places in Canada, it could almost be beautiful," said Hürlimann, a few days ago to this newspaper. Now, her dream is shattered abruptly.

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