Freeskier Cakmakli single survivor remains - with the objective are the Olympic games 2022 Beijing winter sports

Beijing 2022 would be playing your third winter Olympic games. The freeskier Sabrina Cakmakli (25) is aiming from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Garmisch-Partenkirch

Freeskier Cakmakli single survivor remains - with the objective are the Olympic games 2022 Beijing winter sports

Beijing 2022 would be playing your third winter Olympic games. The freeskier Sabrina Cakmakli (25) is aiming from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – All good things are three. According to Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018 Sabrina Cakmakli 2022 wants to go to Beijing for the third Time to Start in the Olympics. The 25-year-old Freeskier is, in spite of numerous injuries in the past get you down. The Trend of their Olympic placements continues, could be the winter games of 2022, the crowning glory of your career. The then 19-Year-old missed at the time of their Premiere, the Finale, succeeded in South Korea, a jump in the final round and finished in eighth place. Whether it is sufficient in two years, then for an absolute top result? A real judgment about Cakmakli trusted. Only so much: "of course That would be nice."

Currently, she's at her boyfriend's in Sweden. Of course, not only for holiday. "I spend a lot of time in the weight room," she says. "Besides, I'm often traveling by Bicycle. More not is left to me.“ After the last two competitions of the season have failed due to the corona pandemic, she experienced Partenkirchen the Lockdown in their home in Garmisch -. "There are worse places it can be a hinverschlagen," says the native of the Queen with a laugh.

Freeskier Cakmakli: Almost all of the competitions are on a different continent

you can attack on the good days, the world top, was seen last Winter only a few cases. Rank five at the world Cup opener in Cardrona, new Zealand in August should remain the best result of the season. However, Cakmakli is not a measure for your sporty happiness in the face of their sick acts only on results. "It was a laborious season. But I'm not hurt, this is also a success for me.“ Three times she tore in the past, the cross-band. But no Option is Give up. to be able to

Order your sporting passion, you must Cakmakli enormous strain of Travel on take. Competition in the home close to are finally. The European Cup in Laax/Switzerland in the last season, the corona pandemic fell victim to. All other Events took place on other continents.

Difficult training conditions for the German Freeskier

Also to contest preparation for the Olympia needs to take finalist by 2018-wide ways. In about three hours ' drive you from your place of residence Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Laax. All other professional-level groomed half-pipes are far more flight hours. Often the student spends in the summer for a few weeks to Train in new Zealand. By means of the corona crisis, the possibilities for the pre-season, however, are still more manageable than it already is. It is the uncertainty. "In July, I planned ten days in Norway. There will not be a half-pipe, but still a fun Park.“ Training with an international Flair for the athlete to normal.

there is within the German ski Federation (DSV), no Budget for a personal Trainer and physiotherapist, is Cakmakli on cooperation with other Nations to depend. A System, for the Freeskier That is, however, a lot of Positives teases: "in any case, cool. Much more pleasant, as always, alone to prepare.“

Freeskier Cakmakli addiction training group conversations with English Team

In the past season, she trained together with colleagues from Switzerland and Austria. The German physiotherapist she brought. The Coach came from the camp of the AUSTRIAN ski Federation. For the next two years up to Olympic you are looking for a new group. The conversations are already underway: "at the moment, it is of course difficult to plan something. Possibly something with the English girls.“ Contact is also a Belgian trainer, with the help of Cakmakli in the past, has had good experiences.

Speaking of the past: The Athlete from the Skiclub Partenkirchen is already long in the business. Has witnessed many steps in the development close up. "The level in the past few years, has changed starkly." Many colleagues from your beginning of time have hung the Skis on the nail. A new Generation to come. In the run-up to the home games in two years in particular, many Chinese are pushing in the direction of the top in the world.

the next generation: talent promotion in Germany free stagnant ski

German Newcomer? Fail display. The talent development has been stagnating for years. For Cakmakli, the reasons lie on the Hand: "Even if the support of the DSV is present, there are hardly any Training opportunities for young athletes." The few opportunities for exercise units in the half-pipes are so expensive that it can't afford to many parents for their children. The Association will not invest big in a sport, in the hardly promising talents of offspring. Without the improvement of the training situation will not change probably in the next few years. A Vicious Circle.

So a single fighter from a German point of view remains Cakmakli for the time being. The fun of their Sport they can not take. Finally, the climax should get. Ideal way associated with precious metal or at least a top result in Beijing.

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Date Of Update: 13 June 2020, 16:33