Formula 1 decides to extensive new rules, which will change the Sport forever

today, The Wednesday is dedicated to the future of The automotive world Federation FIA will decide in the course of a day, a comprehensive package for the formu

Formula 1 decides to extensive new rules, which will change the Sport forever

today, The Wednesday is dedicated to the future of The automotive world Federation FIA will decide in the course of a day, a comprehensive package for the formula 1, in order to secure the long-term Survival of the race series. It could be the beginning of a completely new formula 1 time.

The Teams had already expressed its support last week for this "New Deal". What's behind it? A whole series of new guidelines for the fields of Chassis, drive, Finance, and more. In addition, the FIA Motorsport world Council votes on Wednesday in an Online poll.

In the foreground is the planned budget of the upper were limit, and how exactly the Teams to have to deal with. The maximum sum was repeatedly the subject of discussions among the parties Involved: You lowered them, finally, of $ 175 million per year per Team (the equivalent of around 160 million Euro) to $ 145 million. This is equivalent to around 132 million Euro.

formula 1: the First effects of the budget ceiling

But the budget limit and further measures are only a part of the larger package, that will decide the FIA now. And this rule package covers so many topics, that the Sport gets a completely new and sustainable basis.

The budget limit, however, will lead to the formula-1-Teams will be essential, "the leaner". McLaren, for example, has already announced that about 70 of its employees of the racing team released the budget guidelines correspond to. In the next six months, expect further layoffs in the industry. imago images/North-photo-Lewis Hamilton (l.) and Sebastian Vettel

On the engine manufacturer, a scenario comes, however, you already know from the past: The drives should technically be frozen, as that was the end of the V8 Era of the case. The meaning and purpose of the Exercise is simple: reduce costs.

Also on the drive is to be saved

Step will be the development of the drives back. From 2021, you want to allow only a specification change per component, starting in 2023, there should be no Changes to the drives, more.

If the drives are only frozen once, could the formula 1 deal with the Design of the drive trains. There are likely to be minor adjustments, but probably not a Revolution, if, for example, by 2025, a new engine format could be used.

manufacturers are faced with this projects a positive, especially since the development costs for formula-1-no drives are currently of the budget ceiling are affected.

team boss welcomes the enclosed development

Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul recently said in an interview with "we have been able to insist that crazy motor development curb. It is really crazy what we spend for the motor side. Now, at last, will change that."

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stop However, neither the budget ceiling nor the Development in some areas of the formula 1 will change as sustainably and as basic as a new way of thinking that has the potential to roll the dice, the pecking order in formula-1-box mess.

The formula 1 was rewarded over the years, almost exclusively a performance company: the Teams that have shown good performance, were the most. The industry had not left much for smaller teams, or even newcomers.

formula 1: the end of the two-class society?

but it had a great hook: it's Because the top teams have received financial bonuses and political representation in the strategy group, other advantages, has become the formula 1 to a two-class society. Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull to some extent in a League of its own, beyond the reach of other Teams.

this two-class society with the new formula 1 regulations - planned for 2021, moved to 2022 - end. That was the stated goal of Liberty Media. Then the corona of a crisis came, and with it a whole new approach.

At once, all Participants are open to new approaches, for a large Whole. And this is the first step towards something more equal opportunities in the field. Because of the formula 1 would benefit overall solid.

New approach: Open Source

We are talking about a Handicap System for the aerodynamic development, with the slowest Teams get the most time in the wind tunnel and for CFD simulations. We also talk about Parts of the Open-Source, what would have been a year ago as "inconceivable" dismissed. imago images/motorsports Images-formula 1

Under the Open Source concept to understand, for example, the disclosure of development and production of data or of entire components. Say: A Team may declare elements of the vehicle as Open-Source components, another Team can take these items for themselves and/or modified use.

Abiteboul considers these approaches are extremely important for the future of formula 1. He says: "for the First time, the technologies we develop are open. All the Teams work together and develop the Best for certain areas of the car, with the Open-Source components. And that's fantastic."

From zero to world champion, not

is still "It is much better, much more efficient, much fairer and more transparent than a customer team Arrangement."

A Team like Williams will not be suddenly again world champion. And it will also prevent the greatest minds in the scene again build the best cars. But perhaps it will help to make the formula 1 is less predictable.

In any case, it could be the first important step on the way to miss the formula 1 a new way of thinking. Namely, in the case of the Teams and their managers work together as a group to improve and not for the Team, for the collective and not for their own interests.

As of the victory restore the value of

Because if the new aerodynamics and Open - Source approaches do not work as desired, why not other Changes put in place to assure the slowest teams additional benefits? In this way, one could make the competition tight. The balance of power would change constantly. imago images/inside-photo-McLaren-Pilot Carlos Sainz was in 2019, the "champion of the middle field"

such cooperation would not be the death of formula 1, as it formerly always was claimed. It would also create an artificial balance of power. You would have to work out the success, rather, significantly harder. The victory would be all the more Special.

Carlos Sainz spoke last year, for example, about the motorcycle world championship MotoGP and how the series your manufacturer convinced to make concessions to the brands, the imports at a certain level. These latecomers were given the longer test time and more Updates.

formula 1: model MotoGP?

Sainz described it this way: "The top teams were initially skeptical. But now you are incredibly happy because they win, but because they also have significantly more opponents."

"such A scenario strengthens a manufacturer and a brand, because the competition is more intense," says Sainz. He considers that this approach is, therefore, a "good example" and "something I would see in the future in the formula 1".

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This request could soon become a reality. And this approach could also prove to be a door-opener that such ideas are in the formula 1 of the future of the Norm.

conclusion: There is more to it - for all Involved

Abiteboul says: "formula 1 is a Sport. You can compete against each other. Of this item we do not take away Yes, it must necessarily remain."

"It is rather to find new ways, how the Teams work together a little better. This is probably a lesson of this crisis. Probably the Fans, especially the younger Generation want to see a little more cooperation between companies and countries, and also in formula 1."

"just might provide our 'New Deal'. It is a framework that should enable you to."

This article was written by Jonathan Noble, Translation: Stefan Ehlen

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