Formula 1: Vettel-From - Sit again soon, a Schumacher in the Ferrari? | More-Sports

Mick Schumacher, son of formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, is considered to be a possible successor of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. He will have to wait a bit

Formula 1: Vettel-From - Sit again soon, a Schumacher in the Ferrari? | More-Sports

Mick Schumacher, son of formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, is considered to be a possible successor of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. He will have to wait a bit.

Sebastian Vettel* leaves the F1 team Ferrari . the Mick Schumacher , son of Michael Schumacher , dreaming of the formula 1 and the Ferrari Cockpit. He is the successor of Vettel* in the Italian tradition of the team?

Munich/Maranello - "That! The Tifosi are very with the heart, and this is something which is very beautiful.“

emitted The light blue eyes of Mick Schumacher , as the son of the formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher in an Interview with ZDF about those moments at the 4. September 2019 in Milan.

The Tifosi to cheer for the young racers in the 90-years Celebration of Ferrari on the Piazza del Duomo in front of Milan Cathedral.

Mick Schumacher: "It is my dream to drive for Ferrari"

"It is my dream to travel, in the case of Ferrari to. To be In the Academy, and brings me a big step closer to this dream,“ said Schumacher junior more. Father Michael, the most successful Pilot of the formula 1-history, had won between 2000 and 2004, five Times in a row, the world championship for drivers for the Scuderia .

+ is Leaving Ferrari after this season: Sebastian Vettel.©AFP / DOUGLAS MAGNO

son Mick Schumacher at some point into the Ferrari Cockpit Follows him? Unexpectedly, a place in the formula 1-Tea m of the Italians was now, Sebastian Vettel* and the "red racers" go after this season our separate ways, it was said, on 13. In may 2020.

But just one day later, the Ferrari Carlos Sainz as a successor - including the contract for the years 2021 and 2022 is presented.

Mick Schumacher: (for the time being) is not a successor of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari

, And although Mick Schumacher is now part of the Ferrari Drivers Academy, the Junior support programme from Maranello.

Schumacher junior, who won 2018, the formula 3 , has also completed been test driving for Ferrari and its Partner Alfa Romeo in Bahrain, and in July of 2019, he drove in the run-up to the Germany-GP at the Hockenheim ring * in the 2004 world champion-his father's car on the track.

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Career highlight 1️ turns at once several 1️ turns at once several out-of-1️ turns at once several 2️ turns at once several: On 27 July 2019 I drove what I think is one of the coolest F1 cars ever! It used to be the Ferrari F2004 of my father, in front of a cheerful crowd in Hockenheim. Definitely one of the highlights of my career so far! @Scuderia Ferrari @Ferrari driver Academy #Esser Ferrari @keepfighting

A post shared by Mick Schumacher (@mickschumacher) on may 3, 2020 at 11:07 PM PDT

the formula 1 come for the German, but also with a view to the season 2021 "too early," said team boss Mattia Binotto, in December, 2019 in Maranello: "It will be important to have a driver with some experience, because the cars will be completely new."

Sebastian Vettel: Mick Schumacher takes advice from Ferrari-Pilot

changed The Sebastian Vettel* - without a world title in the "red racer"-nothing. "If I have the Chance, I talk to him and get me the one or other tip. He has made all the categories that I have," said Mick Schumacher in the ZDF about his relationship with the four-time world champion from Heppenheim: "He has a lot of experience in the formula 1 . He can help me very much.“

He needs to prove himself after his formula 3 title in 2018 in the formula 2 , in the season 2019 succeeded in the for the Prema power team rather mixed.

He repeated a victory, but also twelve Times zero points at the end of the twelfth stand. 2020 he wanted to add, actually.

"The claim if you do not need to be to drive to the top, at the top," he said recently - but then, the Corona-crisis came and slowed the world champion-son.

formula 1: Mick Schumacher is reminiscent of father Michael Schumacher

"I feel in the formula 2 ready as a racer, I feel adult. In the formula 2, it is the due that it takes so long that the tire is quite different in that it has a much larger Team that has pit stops," he told the ZDF to its development: "There are many points that you have to get used to, which is why it is more difficult to be directly strongly."

+ formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.©picture alliance/dpa / Harry Melchert

In his statements, and his racing Spirit, he reminds quite to his father, who suffered a terrible skiing accident in December 2013, a skull-brain Trauma and since then, no longer in the Public appeared.

Ferrari: Mick Schumacher, father of Michael Schumacher, this plant in

He sky his father as to "how many others," he told ZDF: "for me, He is my Hero (the Hero, ed.). We do the Same, have the same Passion. We are similar in many respects.“

This obviously applies to the talent on the German racetrack, the Nürburgring and in Hockenheim.

to fight The formula 1 in in a crisis, the number of spectators in Hockenheim, near Mannheim and Heidelberg fell steadily, the Nürburgring - located in the Eifel, near Bonn - has been for years, with a financial crisis.

+ Hockenheim: formula 2 driver Mick Schumacher, the race car of his father, the Ferrari F2004 on the circuit.©picture alliance/dpa / Uli Deck

"It was really cool, not only the car, but the whole people. It was a very cool thing, especially in the home with the car to have a look around,“ said Mick Schumacher to run the Show rounds in 2004F, on the Hockenheim in July, 2019 in front of the formula 1.

formula 1: Mick Schumacher at some point in the Ferrari Cockpit?

With his title in the formula 3 he had won all three races on the Nürburgring , in Hockenheim, he took two second places - Schumacher junior: "I the home treasures, and the audience, which has driven me."

A drive that ends in sight in the formula 1 , in the Ferrari Cockpit ? The Scuderia positioned him in public appointments and on Social Media striking offense is sure to be a indication.

And according to he already has the required super licence. The dream of Mick Schumacher lives on. Now there are the next hot rumor: return of Fernando Alonso in the formula 1?


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