For the Triple Bayern needs only four wins and an injured key player

There he stood at the bottom of the edge of the field on which his Munich a few minutes before the 30. Title perfect had made. beaming with Joy, almost euphor

For the Triple Bayern needs only four wins and an injured key player

There he stood at the bottom of the edge of the field on which his Munich a few minutes before the 30. Title perfect had made.

beaming with Joy, almost euphoric, explained Herbert Hainer, President of FC Bayern, to the "Sky" that he is "really proud of the club". It is the eighth German championship in a row. And now? Hainer knew the answer: "I would quote the experts that say it all: This team has the opportunity to win the Triple."

Cathrin Müller/M. i. S./Pool, The Bayern bosses can hope fully in the next few weeks

look to Be a master Coach, Hansi Flick, was somewhat more cautious: "The Champions League you can't plan, which is hard enough as it is." But to him, it should be clear: With this team, the Triple is actually possible. Especially since four wins would be enough.

Four wins are enough Flick and FC Bayern for the Triple

reminder: in Order to squeeze in the Champions League in the Corona-forced break already bulging calendar of the Top clubs, to be held in the K. o.-games from the quarter-finals in Lisbon in a game. Power for the FC Bayern three games in the Champions League, plus the Cup final against Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

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Sure, in between waiting for the FC Chelsea in the second leg on the FCB. After a 3:0 in the first leg in London, the men of the Flick, however, need not times more a victory to progress. Thus, the way to the final and to the Premier class-the throne is shorter than ever - but also carries risks.

slip, are taboo. Who fumbles, flies. On the infamous "day" it is, as Flick put it. He himself would have fallen two games better. He has, however, talk easily. Finally, the FC Bayern is recovering after Lisbon drive.

Long break for FC Bayern to the Champions League: a blessing or a curse?

33 days between the DFB Cup final (4. July) and the return game against Chelsea (7. August). In the question of whether the long break for Bayern in terms of chances in the Champions League is a blessing or a curse, the ghosts. For FC Bayern, the long recovery period, the remains of the competitors from Spain, England and Italy denied to speak because of the League until August, it takes. Against Bayern in a long recovery phase, while the competition is full in the juice.

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For Uli Hoeness is not a Problem, his team had "proved that she's also dealt with the break in the corona, crisis, scary good". In fact, the Munich-based engine against Borussia Mönchengladbach (2:1) and Werder Bremen (1:0) was advised, rather, to stutter. "Lately, we have played a lot of games, a little fatigue is felt," confessed Fitness fanatic Robert Lewandowski in the Bremer rain.

The rest of the Bayern Stars located, in particular, to the hospital up to the Chelsea game still noticeably could scan. Since Süle (after cruciate ligament rupture) and Philippe Coutinho (ankle injury) would be Niklas. There would be mainly: Thiago.

On the way to the Triple of the FC Bayern Thiago

The Spanish fine spirits need to be belonged to the Corona break the best in Munich, but due to injuries since the restart, only on a whole (against Union Berlin) and a one-sixth appearance (against Bayer Leverkusen). Because the Bayern machinery is also rolled without Thiago on the League of time, easily forgotten how important the 29-Year-old is actually for Flicks game.

Three goals and two Assists in 35 games this season, let like to hide the fact that Thiago is the player who gives the first impulse to attack. Before the restart, no player in the five Top European had leagues the last Pass before the Assist is played more frequently than Thiago. With him in the Bayern game orderly, creative, and pressing-resistant. to imago images/Sven Simon For the great successes to celebrate, the genius of the Spaniard likely to be indispensable for the Munich

Or, as his coach puts it: "The qualities that he has, to do every team." Who has noticed the phase is the lack of dominance in the Munich midfield against Gladbach and Bremen, guess what Flick is talking about. Now that Thiago was recently operated on at the bar. To the Cup final it could be. For the Champions League, it will be enough.

wing Speedster with a problem start: Flick must bring Gnabry and Coman in the Form of

But Thiago is not the only one Bayern need at the Triple-a Tour with a hundred per cent. While Lewandowski and Thomas Müller to Shine, comes the new Bavarian wing of pliers, Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman since the beginning of the hard to Kick in.

Comans good games like against Leverkusen alternate with feeble performances like the one against Bremen. It is the constancy - and perhaps the confidence in the own body after so many injuries is missing. In Top Form Coman, however, is "fantastic, one of the best winger in the world", as compatriot Bixente Lizarazu, the "AZ" said.

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In Top Form, Gnabry was before the Coronavirus in March, put the world to a standstill. A goal and two assists in seven Games, are certainly no disaster. Of the Gala-Form at Chelsea in the first leg in February (Gnabry scored twice) is removed, the wing car but currently a good piece. And so it will be Flicks task, to lead his outside-ICEs up to the August back on Track.

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