For Mercedes boss Wolff blistering to the tyres in Silverstone was predictable

the tire manufacturer Pirelli provides softer mix Lewis Hamilton expects "a minimum" of two stops News Ticker for the formula 1 - After the Chaos a

For Mercedes boss Wolff blistering to the tyres in Silverstone was predictable
  • tire manufacturer Pirelli provides softer mix
  • Lewis Hamilton expects "a minimum" of two stops
  • News Ticker for the formula 1 - After the Chaos at Silverstone, Pirelli main announced reason for tire damage

The final stage of the formula 1 race at Silverstone last Sunday has been overshadowed by a plurality of tire damage. The reason for this is not yet clear, however, the Defects on casting for the upcoming weekend questions. Because for the second race in Silverstone, Pirelli will provide tyres that are one step softer than in the first run.

come on a Sunday, the three cured compounds (C1 to C3), it goes for the next week on C2 to C4. Renault sport boss Alan Permane is therefore safe: "A one-stop strategy is next week impossible. I expect at least two [stops], if not three. We will see how the tyre behaviour."

A pit stop in Silverstone seems to be impossible to

"I am also keen on the difference between the C4 and the C3. This is the question that will face in Qualifying, at least for the 'Big Boys': they Come with the Medium by Q2 or do you need the Soft? If Yes, then the Top 10 will start on Soft, and the Eleventh has a huge advantage." Because it is unclear how long the Soft stops in the race. Reuters Lewis Hamilton will not burst just before the finish in Silverstone, the tyre

"It is ideal, two weekends to go in a row on the same route. But for us, a couple of really interesting challenges," says Permane result, whose opinion agrees with the majority in the Paddock. Almost nobody believes that it will be on Sunday, with a stop to ride through.

Hamilton expects "a minimum" of two stops

"After what we experienced [on Sunday], I think, is a one-stop strategy for the very brave," explains Andrew Shovlin from Mercedes after both Lewis Hamilton, as Valtteri Bottas in the closing stages of the race, a puncture on the front left had. He explains: "We knew that this race is a one-stop would be race." Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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"Next week, I think that it is not entirely excluded - but for a much, much bigger challenge. Especially since it should be significantly hotter. This will make it even more difficult to manage the soft tyre," says Shovlin. Also Hamilton speaks therefore of a "challenge" and stated that he expected "a minimum" of two stops.

McLaren driver Norris: "loads the race very difficult for us,"

in Addition, the world champion recalled that in 2020, still with the 2019er-Pirelli tires. The Teams had pronounced the end of last year. The year-on-year tyres in Silverstone, to their limits? "Silverstone and the left front are not friends tires. You never were," recalls Lando Norris in the 'Sky'.

"And in today's formula 1, with the loads that must withstand the tire of the left front, which makes the race very difficult for us," explained the McLaren driver, who reported that it was already conserve very early in the race the tyres. "Even in the first round you can't push as much as you reported the want to," said Norris.

Mercedes chief Wolff: the formation of bubbles at tire predictable

"For a racing driver, it must be the most frustrating feeling in the world, if your race engineer tells you constantly that you should slow down," says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. The go against the instinct of the pilots. "But it is the same for all, and so we need to come clear," said Horner, who is also expecting two stops on Sunday.

But what happens if some of the Teams should still try, with a stop to go through? Further tire damage then? Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff wants to not jump to conclusions. "We now have no explanations for the damage, because, after all, very a lot of debris on the track were," he says. LAT Lewis Hamilton (r) next to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff

"That doesn't have to look at Pirelli right now, so that we know the reasons," says Wolff, who adds: "I think that it makes a difference whether [the tires] are softer or not." In addition, he explained: "I think we will probably drive anyway, much less laps on the softer tyre, as we are [on Sunday] on the hard tyre."

"It was clear from the beginning that it could be in the cars of this Generation, and with so much driven here at Silverstone, and the bubbles on the tire. We have seen also in the Junior series," explains Wolff. At the same time it was "not completely unusual" to drive as many laps on the C3. It was received at Mercedes is not a high risk.

Haas-chief is reminiscent of self-responsibility of the driver teams

it was Therefore important to wait for the analysis from Pirelli, why it came to the numerous damage. Haas and team principal Guenther Steiner has received sympathy during its limited only for the Teams that their tyres on Sunday. He explained that in such cases, finally, the possibility of an additional stop. PIXATHLON/PIXATHLON/, SID/ Haas team principal Guenther Steiner

"We complain that Pirelli tire building, the three races would hold up. Now you give us a tire that does not hold", he will just shrug his shoulders and is reminiscent of the self-responsibility of the Teams. "If you damage a car with a tire, then you know that he is in the second car, too far away," said Steiner.

formula 1 race in Silverstone for the "lottery" it?

that's Why the Teams are partially to blame, because you have inserted no further pit stop. Slightly different it looks - not surprisingly - Carlos Sainz, who was one of the pilots, the damage lost by a tire is a good Position. The Pilot of McLaren speaks of a "lottery" at the end of the race, after he was fallen to 13th place on back.

Bitter: before the race, the Spaniard said that he was doing was "not Worried" in terms of the softer tyres in the next week. "I think the softer tyre will depend on a lot of the weather. The C4 is a tire that is very sensitive to heat. I have confidence that the tires will be safe enough," said Sainz.

You must not doubt that he sees the after the last Sunday, still.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann, Co-authors: Alex Kalinauckas, Luke Smith

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