Flick, the Anti-Klinsmann: How random everything meeting with Hoeness at Bayern changed

When expressed Hansi Flick, to his Regret, that he had to watch his first and only Cup final in 90 minutes, he has a deal. "I was twice in the DFB-Cup final! I

Flick, the Anti-Klinsmann: How random everything meeting with Hoeness at Bayern changed

When expressed Hansi Flick, to his Regret, that he had to watch his first and only Cup final in 90 minutes, he has a deal. "I was twice in the DFB-Cup final! In 1986, with Bayern against Stuttgart, as I sat on the bench, and with Cologne against Werder Bremen because I was locked!", the Ex-Pro at SPOX and Goal stated.

The memories could be better. In his first season as a professional with FC Bayern, the then 21-Year-old in only seven games and was, therefore, in the final match at 5:2 against VfB only second choice. Only in the following four years in Munich, the defensive midfielder has been on stem force, and not more have won four times the championship to Berlin as Bayern made it but. The final of the DFB Cup on Sky (display)

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The managed to Flick a year later at his new club, but he brought himself to the wage. On the last Bundesliga Matchday of the 1. FC Cologne from the new master 1. FC Kaiserslautern with 6:2 in their own stadium humiliated, and Flick saw after a frustration Foul in the 31. Minute the Red card.

So he was blocked after the former interpretation of the rules for the next game: The lost a week later to be held by the end of the Cup final against Werder Bremen, the shooting of the Billy goats with 3:4 in a penalty. "I had not in the head, that he was there locked up," said his former coach Erich rod möller. "But what I do know is that he thought like a coach."

Hansi Flick at the DFB: "The Jogi is not standing in the sun"

Nevertheless, it took almost three decades before the Flick should actually be as a head coach successfully and is now in the Cup final, finally, plays a major role. At the latest since the sovereign win of the championship with Bayern, the coach of the country is, the country in the highest tones praise. However, still little more than a year, the Flick was a privateer in the family and far away from the big football stage.

Anyway, he had served as head coach previously, only the former third-division club TSG Hoffenheim, and was there was after several times missing the second League at the end of 2005 fired been. After a Kurzzeitjob as a Co-coach Giovanni Trapattoni at RB Salzburg, he went to the DFB, where he was to his eight successful years as Löw's assistant as the perfect man. He did not want to be "the Jogi in the sun", he once said. As the man behind it, he was satisfied and happy. Hansi Flick, Joachim Löw seemed to be at the 2010 world Cup

His future to see the Flick, then, already off the pitch and, apparently, as close as possible to his home. Initially, he was after the world Cup Triumph in 2014, new DFB sporting Director, said goodbye there, but after not even three years beginning in 2017, for family reasons.

"The Job at the DFB he has given up, to be closer to the family," said Kathrin Flick, one of his two daughters, in an interview with SPOX and Goal. So the return to just 20 kilometers from the home town of Bammental away to TSG Hoffenheim was as an official, obvious, already in June 2017 he joined as a sports Director, and should ensure, according to the club patron Dietmar Hopp is a spirit of optimism. A Comeback as a coach in the professional area, from castle Flick. "Maybe I'm doing my grandchild still the bambini coach," he said at the time.

for Flick, after eight months in the hope Heimer "provincial theatre"

But the thought was the perfect Job ended after eight months and a lost power struggle with Hopp and co. in strife.

"Flick, became a victim of the system. Like some others before him, was chased to the harmony of the needy Hansi from the yard. Provincial theatre," commented the local "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung". You have, however, noticed even in the short time that Flick was "no office man" and much better and "with enthusiasm" on the square stand, says one of the club's management looking back. dpa Hansi Flick from the FC Bayern

"I had to Hoffenheim one or the other offer for the Position of the sports Director or sports Executive Board are present. But since I haven't felt that for me this Position is irritating," said Flick. But the coach items needed for the "eternal second man was not necessarily," at least in the chief role.

Instead, the Baden enjoyed the time with children and grandchildren, but waited, according to his own statement, only to the right offer. "I just took a break and said, after the short time in Hoffenheim back in the coaching Business," Flick before the German Cup final on Saturday against Bayer Leverkusen to SPOX and Goal.

Flicks ultimate reunion with Uli Hoeness in the Odenwald

three months after the end of the TSG, it came in the middle Odenwald on the one, apparently, decisive goodbye.

At the charity game, the Bayern Allstars against a Odenwald-selection in the Village of Mudau, Uli Hoeness, the grilled first, its sausages, and then to the grandstand for a long time with the Flick was that he as a Manager in 1985 from the SV Sandhausen to FCB had brought was. In the months after that, the club boss should have offered to Flick first of all a Position in the Bayern-Junior campus, but only after the following season, the matching Item was found. imago images/Laci Perenyi Hansi Flick (right) took over the coaching job at FC Bayern by Niko Kovac

After a rumpeligen the first year under Niko Kovac, the club's management decided, in view of the Double win against a dismissal of the already at that time, the controversial Coach. Instead, it was put to him on key Initiative of Hoeness and with the approval of Kovac Flick as an additional Co-Trainer. "As the offer of FC Bayern came in, I had to think for a long time. I wanted to be with top players on the training ground," said Flick, after his return to the Säbener Strasse.

Nevertheless, someone who knows him very well, that such a Comeback could be as a man in the second row for Flick only with the German record Champions a subject believes: "I think at any other club he would have taken this Job."

Flick, the transitional solution for the Worst-Case scenario

The unspoken idea behind the club was, however, also the desire to have a possible temporary solution for the Worst Case. The joined beginning of November, when Kovac was dismissed after the 1:5-defeat in Frankfurt. Flicks success story of the iconic with the people of Munich, the competition was left far behind and now the Double and maybe even Triple can dream, but it was not a self-runner.

because at the beginning, also in the club there was great scepticism whether löw's shadow man might precisely be in the "FC Hollywood", the number one. Carlo Ancelotti's assistant Willy Sagnol had failed in a similar Situation two years previously as an interim coach and had to leave the club after the return of Jupp Heynckes. SVEN SIMON/Frank Hoermann/POOL Hansi Flick raises the championship trophy for FC Bayern to the top

And the guide gave a Flick, initially for only two games until the winter break, the confidence and thought at the same time a "great solution" with Erik ten Hag and Thomas Tuchel.

Until at Bayern realized that they had this solution already in the house - because Flick made in a short period of time almost everything right. Because the native of Heidelberg, the Fans, to convince the star force and the leadership of his uneitlen and empathic Encounter with his expertise and his leadership, it succeeded, one after the other.

Flick makes, which Klinsmann once

as promised "Since then, we have promoted Hansi, we'll play attractive and successful football," said Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge after the early win of the championship. "Climate, mind and mentality in the Team would" re-votes, commented on the "FAZ" then: "This is more than the FC Bayern could want in such a short period of time."

In the season review is Flick like the Anti-Klinsmann: Great deeds instead of big spells. Because the native of Heidelberg has made up to now, apparently every player better every day. While the short-term Hertha-hope Klinsmann Berlin has been abandoned for a long time, is Flick right there in front of the next Triumph.

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