Ferrari drives in formula 1, only behind and has no hope for improvement

The Ferrari Team, after three races of the formula 1 season in 2020, behind competitors such as McLaren and Racing Point Fifth in the constructors ' championsh

Ferrari drives in formula 1, only behind and has no hope for improvement

The Ferrari Team, after three races of the formula 1 season in 2020, behind competitors such as McLaren and Racing Point Fifth in the constructors ' championship, don't expect to be able to the sporting crisis all too soon leave behind: "It will take a long time," says team boss Mattia Binotto. Because the problems with the technical concept of the SF1000 could not be solved "within a couple of weeks".

Vettel and Leclerc with big problems

"I believe that we need patience," he points out. "I told you before, that we have in all areas of residue. And if you need to improve in all areas, it is not a single Trick or a simple solution or a single Update package. It will take time. How long? I can't answer that yet." Motorsport Images of The Ferraris is currently not in concert with the Major in the formula 1

According to the team's internal collision at the Grand Prix of Styria, were at the Hungarian Grand Prix, both Ferrari drivers about to be lapped. For the first time since Lewis Hamilton's gala performance at Silverstone in 2008. This is a cause for concern, as the development of the formula 1 cars in 2020 until the end of 2021 has been frozen at least in large Parts.

"makes our task more difficult," adds Binotto. He explained: "We will only be able to assess how quickly we can catch up, if we understand the reasons why we are so slow, completely. It's too early. Hence, we focus first on understanding the car. Such questions can I answer then later on in the season."

Ferrari stumped

The 50-Year-old is brutally honest and self-critical when he says: "I think we have already seen during the winter tests in Barcelona, we are fast enough. But with such a difficult Situation, we would not have expected."

"It's certainly worse than we had expected. Very much more there is to say. We have now had three races in a row. Until Silverstone the Pause is short. It is important that we use this time in Maranello, all the aspects of the car to Shine through, as well as the organization. Everything, what we need to improve."

that was before The 22. July. Since Ferrari has responded. As suspected Binotto remains in the role of team leaders. However, the responsibility is distributed on several shoulders. Enrico Cardile is now the newly created Department for Performance development. To him, Enrico Gualtieri (drive), Simone Resta (Chassis) and Laurent Mekies (Director of sport) reports.

when the first Updates come out of this Department, is not known. Those were actually planned for Hungary and then on Spielberg 2 have been brought forward, not brought the hoped-for progress. Slowly dawns the engineers in Maranello: It is victory is not only the engine but also the Chassis is capable of.

After all: "The Updates that we have brought in Austria, have a better correlation between the wind tunnel and the track. At least we managed to do that. But the Performance deficit is still there," adds Binotto. "For us, speed on the Straights is missing, the speed in the curves is missing. The car must be better in all areas."

This article was written by Christian Nimmervoll, Co-author: Jonathan Noble

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