FC Bayern München: Thiago Chaos? Speculations flicker-statements, Transfer sure? | FC Bayern

The characters between Thiago and FC Bayern farewell. Coach Hansi Flick said now, his words leave room for speculation. On Saturday the Bundesliga * ends, bu

FC Bayern München: Thiago Chaos? Speculations flicker-statements, Transfer sure? | FC Bayern

The characters between Thiago and FC Bayern farewell. Coach Hansi Flick said now, his words leave room for speculation.

On Saturday the Bundesliga * ends, but the FC Bayern München * advance is already looking. The course for the Kader * for the coming season are already made. If Thiago in the coming season, wearing the Bayern Jersey? Coach* Hansi Flick fighting for him.

Update from 27. June, 10.58 PM: Thiago is celebrated as the great noble engineer in the FC Bayern München . Is he really? The tz now has the big statistics comparison made - it gives misleading results. Thiago is a Grätscher*!

Update from 27. June, 9.47 am: what is Thiago ? Bayern coach Hansi Flick has always been considered a great proponent of the medium-field artist. He seems currently to be the Only one who can convince the Spaniards still remaining in Munich .

Flick was made at the press conference* before the game in Wolfsburg (here in the Live-Ticker*) again clearly what he thinks of his midfielder: "I don't know why the appreciation is missing in the Public. There are always so-called experts who have their own opinion. He has an exceptional quality in the possession of the ball, but also against the Ball. For me, there are no two opinions about Thiago . He gives a team that little Extra.“

Are these hymns of praise, a new Flick test, the 29-Year-old, but to persuade still to the extension in the FCB to?

FC Bayern München: what next for Thiago? Coach Hansi Flick has a definite opinion

prior to this, he was raised in the PK on Thiago . Since flick's response was monosyllabic: "We talk almost every day. But there is no new Stand,“ said the coach in reference to a possible Transfer or a contract extension in the FC Bayern München . Flick knows more and is not allowed it simply say that?

Last updated Thiago was with the Liverpool FC have been linked. One thing is for sure: The Transfer Phase proceeds slowly in the hot Phase. Even at League-rival Bremen could change a lot. Descends Werder today? We assist the conference in the Live-Ticker*.

Thiago-shock! After cabins-Details and Treaty debacle of FC Bayern, only one ACE in the hole

first message from the 26. June, 9.09 PM: Munich - When FC Bayern after the early success of the championship* the plans for the upcoming season are in full swing. Actually Thiago-whereabouts of the bosses of the German champion was scheduled.

Thiago should actually extend in the beginning of may 2021 expiring contract, but the bosses are still waiting for his signature under a new contract. A Thiago-departure is getting closer.

FC Bayern: Thiago before saying goodbye to Barcelona and Liverpool candidates

The Spaniard, toying, apparently, with a farewell from Munich. In the Bavaria cabin Thiago should have some players already in his departure announced, as the image reported.

Also, the club bosses have revealed will of the noble engineer his Emigration, such as Sport1 know wants to have. A return to former club FC Barcelona stand for the 29-Year-old is always up for debate, also a Transfer to Liverpool FC is supposed to be a serious Option for Thiago.

But coach Hansi Flick* has not given up the fight to Thiago probably still. The Coach of the master series * holds large pieces on the man with the fine foot that enthusiastic with his Cabinet piece of the Fans in the Allianz Arena* often.

FC Bayern: coach Hansi Flick fights to Thiago-whereabouts

Flick* designated Thiago already more common than "exceptional talent" and "excellent footballer". The appreciation of the Trainer is high, he knows the special abilities of the Spanish national player.

by strong training performances, Thiago, after overcoming injury to make back in the team training was able to convince his Coach repeatedly. Flick pointed this out several times. Just Flick appreciates the services of David Alaba. But he could leave the club in the direction of England.

Than Thiagos services by the end of 2019 to deteriorate and a form was followed by deep, had to Flick him in spite of some of the games on the bench not to fall. Thiago came piece by piece back into shape, thanks in part to the Sensitivity of head coach Hansi Flick.

The special relationship between the Trainer and the player could now be the last hope of FC Bayern, to persuade Thiago, but still remaining in Munich.

this year's Champions League final, could now take place in Germany, it would see Thiago in the case of a final feeder as an FCB player. An Ex-Bayern-Star, admitted to a recent alcohol-escapade after a lost Finale with the FCB.

FC Bayern München have suffered a bereavement too. The Deceased stood up to the Board and the Bureau for many years in an Advisory capacity.

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Date Of Update: 27 June 2020, 22:34