FC Barcelona - FC Bayern: The key duels in Check

It is the duel of the giants, the quarter final pairing of the Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting. According to the history of the last years, the FC Ba

FC Barcelona - FC Bayern: The key duels in Check

It is the duel of the giants, the quarter final pairing of the Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting. According to the history of the last years, the FC Bayern with victory over FC Barcelona (Friday, 21 PM, the Sky, and in the AZ-live Ticker for this) take a giant step in the direction of Henkelpott. Whenever these two are hard to hit weights in the knockout stages of the Champions League to each other, caught up with the winner later in the title.

Before the game, many speak of the strength of the two Superstars Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi. Even if both exceptional footballers can make up for your team the difference, on the court they will fight a duel rather rarely. The task is to stop the six-time world footballer is more likely to fall for David Alaba and Alphonso Davies. Lewandowski gets it to do with the experienced Gerard pique. to get

David Alaba and Alphonso Davies vs. Lionel Messi

Messi is in the handle, the Bavaria, of course, a team task. However, Alaba and Davies are likely to get to do it most often with Barca Überfußballer. The 3:1 victory in the eighth-final second leg against SSC Napoli acted Messi as a right wing striker. Even in a more defensive 4-4-2, La Pulga would "give" the rights to the storm peak. He should drag in the middle, waiting to be Bavaria's new defense chief Alaba.

you only have to Look at pure speed, Davies even benefits against the Argentines, the canadian is one of the fastest players in Europe. Messi has still an impressive start, but now with 33 little years. David Alaba has established himself this season as one of the best inherent in defenders of Europe and the game impresses with a high understanding of the game and strong position. In the case of the two-fight ratio of the Austrians, however, has still air upward. According to the data Portal "Opta" wins Alaba 56 percent of his tackles.

Lionel Messi FC Barcelona photo: picture alliance/Joan Monfort/AP/dpa Abendzeitung München FCB

Also if Alaba and Davies each play a very strong season - Messi is still the most dangerous attacking players in the world. 57 Torbeteiligungen in 43 games speak for themselves. Messi is perhaps Barcelona's only hope to beat an FC Bayern in top form. the advantage Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski vs. Gerard Piqué

What is true of Messi, is also true for Bavaria's Top scorer: only One player can stop the poles't alone. Nevertheless, it is the experienced defense boss, probably, often, the poles in the way. Plenty of of experience the three-time Champions League winner and world and European champion with. He also has with around 67 percent, with strong double-battle ratio. After a shaky start to the season, the Barca ownership has stabilised its performance.

Robert Lewandowski is this season in impressive condition. Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/ Europe/Pool/dpa Abendzeitung München FCB

However, Piqué is now 33. The fastest he was never. Lewandowski plays the season of his life, he is an incredible 53 goals. 13 of which he scored in the Champions League - in just seven Games! the advantage Bayern

Leon Goretzka, Thiago and Thomas Müller vs. Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong and Arturo Vidal

It is not yet clear which lineup in the midfield, Barca will act. However, it is assumed that the three above-Mentioned, at least in the course of the game to use. Vidal know just Thiago and Müller are still out of common Bavaria-times. The warrior is the Name of the program: He may not have the technical skills of its in addition to men, will be the Bayern, but with his physical style of play make life difficult. Sergio Busquets was regarded for years as the best sixes of the world, Frenkie de Jong is expected to be in the long term, his successor.

Thomas Müller (r) and Leon Goretzka of FC Bayern photo: Torsten Silz/dpa/dpa Abendzeitung München FCB

However, Busquets' brilliance has waned, especially in the defensive work. He wins 59 percent of his two fights, Thiago 61 percent. If the game is faster, the 32-year-old Busquets problems. De Jong had his technical skills in his debut season in Barcelona, always flash, but he lacks consistency.

On Bayern side had Thomas Müller, however, a further spring, and has just set a new assist record in the Bundesliga. Thiago and Goretzka have not yet played together so often on the double-six, individually, both presented themselves in this season but in great shape. the advantage Bayern

Joshua Kimmich against Antoine Griezmann and Jordi Alba,

Joshua Kimmich will probably need to help out against the Catalans, as a right defender. He can also push up from this Position, the Bayern match his mark, he has proven often enough. Defensively he will get to do it with Barca's 120-million-striker Griezmann, with his attacking forays, he is world and European champion Jordi Alba challenge.

However, Griezmann could not justify its Ablsösesumme so far. The Frenchman, who was considered in his time at Atlético Madrid, as one of the best attacking players in Europe, comes in 47 inserts only on 19 Torbeteiligungen and threatens to next Transfer to be the Flop of the Catalans.

Impressed as a right defender: Joshua Kimmich. Photo: Markus Ulmer Pool / firo sports photo Abendzeitung München FCB

Alaba fire is just offensive in the Interplay with Lionel Messi dangerous, here Kimmich have to be careful. Defensively Alba revealed this season, some glaring weaknesses, this Bayern can take advantage of a-Star. The three would meet each in their best form each other, would go to the point to Spain. But Conjunctive don't count on Friday. the advantage: Bayern

Hansi Flick vs. Quique Setién

Against every other trainer colleagues in the last Eight Hansi Flick would have, at least in terms of experience, to See, finally, the Bayern coach only five Champions League has taken care of games as a head coach. But Quique Setién was even more rare in the Premier class on the side line, namely, twice against Napoli.

Setién is a long time in the business, before Barca, he has trained, however, mainly middle-class teams and the national team of Equatorial Guinea. Flick is inexperienced as a head coach in club football, although still relative, in contrast to his Opposite, he has managed to establish a clear idea of the game and sits in Munich in the saddle.

coach of FC Bayern: Hansi Flick. Photo: picture alliance/Sven Hoppe/dpa Abendzeitung München FCB

Setién may also have a clear game idea in your head, so far his players have not implemented them. Barcas game is often haphazard and relies too much on brilliant Messi-moments. Spain's press Setién is already. In 24 Games, the Spaniard took on average 2.17 points per game, Flick is an average of 2.76. Clear Matter. the advantage Bayern

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