F1 Silverstone 2020: Wobbles for the first time, the Mercedes dominance?

After three Wins in the first three races this season, Mercedes appears, of all places, the home Grand Prix of great Britain (formula 1 2020 live in the Ticker!

F1 Silverstone 2020: Wobbles for the first time, the Mercedes dominance?

After three Wins in the first three races this season, Mercedes appears, of all places, the home Grand Prix of great Britain (formula 1 2020 live in the Ticker!) to wiggle for the first time. Because Friday's best time at Silverstone, won by Lance Stroll (1:27.274 minutes), while Valtteri Bottas (+0,157) and Lewis Hamilton (+0,307) only the positions four and six are occupied.

However, Mercedes only has an effect on a round of really vulnerable. In the final Longrun simulations behind Bottas and Hamilton had the strongest impression of all drivers. The two were able to regularly lie down to 1:31 hours. The none was otherwise. The closest Max's verse was still groping.

In the Friday rankings, the Red-Bull-Pilot landed with 0,148 seconds behind in third; in FT2, he repeated, but only the 14. Place, because he was on his fast lap by Romain Grosjean (16./Haas/+1,290) was stopped. Verstappen is not acknowledged with a show of hands, Grosjean with a radio saying: "I didn't do it with intention. This is so childish, so childish!"

But the secret Star of the day was clearly Nico Hulkenberg. The German, who wanted to be zeroing in this weekend, actually, in the case of a sports car testing at the Nürburgring, the GT-Masters-season and at RTL in Cologne, the formula 1 experts give, turned 51 laps in the Racing Point and secured a solid eighth place.

Hulkenberg: Without preparation in the Top 10

Although Hulkenberg missed out at the end of 0,636 seconds on his team-mates, however, given the fact that only a few minutes before the beginning of training it was clear that he must not be allowed to drive, is to assess its performance high. Up to a few kilometers in the Racing-Point-Simulator on Friday morning, he had no preparation.

"were Especially crazy and slash" his last 24 hours, laughs Emmerich. "Yesterday I got to 16:30 at the call. Then I flew in here." Jumpsuit and shoes he borrowed the team members, the seat arrived in the Morning at the track. "I fit in the car, even quite comfortable," he says.

It would be a real fairy tale, should Hulkenberg to, of all things, in his sensational Comeback for the first time on the Podium. The car seems to be able to. Stroller drove in FT2 to 0,090 seconds faster than Alexander Albon. The, in turn, had his first day with the new race engineer Simon Rennie.

Albon but managed in spite of the Wallpaper change, no breakthrough. On the morning of 0.7 seconds behind him on Verstappen, and in the afternoon he was fast, but he crashed his RB16 in the Stowe curve. After the impact with 20g (!) he had to undergo a Check in the Medical Center. No injuries could be detected.

The Red Bull driver complained in unison about under control. "Particularly in the slow corners," explained Verstappen. In the Longrun, it ran but as is so often the better. Mercedes was the strongest, but the "black silver arrows" seem to be unsettled for the first Time in 2020, approach way. "On the media, we are fall at the same speed as verse," says Bottas' race engineer.

Stroll in front of Albon and Verstappen: it will not stay' ...

The times, one should not overstate the case at this time. With up to 36 degree air temperature and strong side wind, the conditions were not representative. "We have seen a lot of anomalies with regard to the Balance of the cars, and a couple of driving errors, the result of it", analyzes the 'Sky'expert Anthony Davidson.

it was hard on Sebastian Vettel hit it. He finished with 1,586 seconds behind the 18. Place. In the morning he had to spectate due to a broken charge air cooler. Could be repaired over lunch. In the afternoon, his mechanic rum screwed to the pedals. With 25 laps he was less than all the others.

For team-mate Charles Leclerc was a little better. He finished with 0,296 seconds behind the fifth-place slot in the Friday rankings. On his fast lap, it dusted much less than in the case of Vettel. But also in Leclerc you could see with the naked eye how bad the Ferrari is. The showed a full Tank even more so than on an empty one.

And behind it? McLaren tested a new front wing and a new floor, was difficult but with the high tyre temperatures. The were "as high as the sky", radioed Carlos Sainz (7./+0,546). And also in the case of Renault, the new parts (Bargeboards not had a under floor) as we had hoped. It was "moderately satisfied," says the Team.

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