F1 Qualifying session Silverstone 2020: This is a world of its own

"25.0? What the hell!" The radio message from Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc during Q2 in Silverstone describes quite well how dominant the Mercedes in Qualif

F1 Qualifying session Silverstone 2020: This is a world of its own

"25.0? What the hell!" The radio message from Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc during Q2 in Silverstone describes quite well how dominant the Mercedes in Qualifying for the Grand Prix of great Britain (formula 1 2020 live Ticker for this!). At the end of Lewis Hamilton increased even to 1:24.303 minutes and was 1,022 seconds faster than the first Mercedes-tracker.

"This is a world of its own, where the drive around," enthuses even the otherwise restrained 'ORF'-expert Alexander Wurz. "And it was neither Hamilton nor Bottas is a Monster round. There's a bit of Sand was at two in the transmission. Nevertheless, a second projection, that's really impressive."

in the end it was a duel for the Pole - and one that was more exciting, as it suggests Hamilton's lead of 0,313 seconds. For the first time in the decisive Q3 Showdowns Valtteri Bottas was still in the lead. But then, he slipped suddenly, "back for more", and so Hamilton got his 91. Pole.

While Hamilton had wrought in Q2 short a little nervous. The world champion was not with the Set-up Changes, for which he had decided after the completion of training, satisfied. In Q2 he turned then, and that cost him a set of tires. Then he was Carlos Sainz (7./McLaren) in the way: "I had traffic in the last sector. It was Hamilton. Unacceptable. Unacceptable."

Mercedes is only in the case of heat-vulnerable

On Friday, it still looked after Mercedes in Silverstone was vulnerable. But that was probably only at the temperatures above the 35 degrees mark. At a good 20 degree Mercedes is unbeatable: "The car is so good. It is really amazing," surprised even Bottas.

"To Q3", said the Finn, "it was a good Qualifying. I felt really comfortable. But then the car began to slip. I don't know why." Hamilton is glad that he has set in the team-internal duel by: "Valtteri has me going this weekend for real. It is not today, it was easy really."

Indicative of the extent of the Mercedes-dominance is that, even Max Verstappen (3.) slowly come to terms with it seems that the third space for him is the Highest of the feelings. "Normally," he says, "we have no Chance." As a new target of the Red-Bull-Pilot is defined to "stay as long As it goes on it and collect points."

the Fourth was Leclerc, after the dip in Hungary this weekend, again the clear number 1 at Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel (10.) he took almost a second. And Verstappen just a tenth of a second was missing.

P4: Sensational result for best Ferrari

"I didn't expect to be Fourth. And not even I would have expected it to come to the Medium through Q2," says the Monegasque. "This will help us in the race. Our race pace looks really good. I believe that something is possible."

Vettel experienced, in turn, a mixed weekend. On Friday, he was scheduled due to technical problems, only half as many laps as. This continued on Saturday morning. In Qualifying it would have caught him almost in the Q2: After his first lap on Soft he was able to grow on the second Medium. It not only saved thousandths. to start

"With the Soft," says Vettel, whose fastest lap was deleted, "is not ideal. I just found a rhythm. The car wasn't so bad. But for me, it did not fit today. The problems yesterday have not made it easier."

The tight clearances also are not. Nico Hulkenberg can sing a little song of it. He would have been only 0.2 seconds faster, he would be drafted as the Seventh locker Q3. So he was eliminated as a 13. from. It had not been for his first Qualifying session since the Comeback "easily", "find a rhythm". To expect anything different, but would also be "utopian", he says.

Hulkenberg admits: I'm hard on the border

"I no result will prophesy. I want to deliver a good performance. And, hopefully, countable at around what," he says - and does not deny, that he had to go to his limits: "The neck sticks out at the Moment, the tongue! The machines are already insanely fast. This is really impressive and amazing."

Hulkenberg had fell back on Friday to 0.6 seconds from his team-mate Lance Stroll (in the last Q3 Run from the fourth to the sixth place) was missing. However, in Q2, the two were practically eye-to-eye. Stroller was just 0.065 seconds faster. But that was to (at the same time with Pierre Gasly on P11!) to reach the next round.

the Stroll landed, finally, in the McLaren Sandwich between Lando Norris (5./+1.479) and Carlos Sainz (7./+1,662). The two Renaults starting positions eight and nine are occupied. Behind the two Mercedes and one Red Bull and Ferrari and the usual Suspects are fighting with a Racing Point, McLaren and Renault.

George Russell (Williams) made a 15. moving into Q2 and beat four Ferrari customer cars. That he could collect a penalty, because he has not been under Yellow from the Gas, he will not believe it: "I'm definitely gone from the Gas." His team-mate Nicholas Latifi retired after a spin already in Q1.

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