Ex-FC-Bayern-players in career-crisis: a future in the League uncertain | football

Once upon a time he even played in the national team, now an Ex-player of FC Bayern Munich is a career sticking point. Sebastian Rudy is facing an uncertain

Ex-FC-Bayern-players in career-crisis: a future in the League uncertain | football

Once upon a time he even played in the national team, now an Ex-player of FC Bayern Munich is a career sticking point.

Sebastian Rudy is facing an uncertain future, The Ex-Bayer would like to stay with the TSG Hoffenheim and make Hoffenheim Rudy yet?

Sinsheim, Germany - High expectations set the TSG Hoffenheim in the return-action of the prodigal son. the Sebastian Rudy should compensate for the departure of Karim Demirbay , and the Central role in midfield take up. But already a year after his return, could separate the trails again.

Sebastian Rudy: Hoffenheim is a purchase option in the amount of five Million elapse

In the summer ends home hope a one-year loan of Sebastian Rudy again. The TSG would have to pay five million , to commit to him long-term. Actually, an acceptable price, especially since Rudy: with 30 starting line-up-inserts, was quite a cornerstone in the Team. So all of this came however not to the level of old hope station, the times ran. Under Alexander rose Rudy: found himself, at last, even on the bench. According to the information of the Kickers, the TSG has not taken the Option . As the release, is also expected to make the salary problems, especially the well-endowed contract of the 31-Year-old Schalke is still running for two years. the However, as the career of Rudy was able to take a so ugly?

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Ex-FCB player: Because Rudy is ultimately failed

The Strengths and weaknesses of the Sebastian Rudy's are easy to explain, though this would make it currently difficult for the 31-Year-old. the Rudy: is a strategist in front of the defense. With his calmness on the Ball, his Overview and his clean pass game he can manage a game perfectly from the deep. So he is perfectly suited for Teams with a high possession percentage. Like him, the majority of the Top Teams* practiced. Therefore, it is of little surprise that he was able to bring his Strengths in the FC Bayern München* quite. the in Spite of everything exchange for Rudy has made in the year 2017 not paid. His Failure was certainly the fact, that the footsteps of a true world-class sixes like Schweinsteiger or Xabi Alonso for the native of the black forest were simply too large. Similarly, the current competition in the midfield with players like Thiago or Martinez to be strong.

+ When you record champion Rudy was rarely at the centre©dpa / Sven Hoppe

similarly, the national team . Although Joachim Löw estimates are still the skills in Hope of Heimer's, so he prefers to still other players. While long Schweinsteiger, Kroos and Khedira the threads , pulled strong> Gündogan, Can and Goretzka before Rudy are now available in addition to the Merengues <. Therefore, Loew's not tried him Often as a rights defender, for which he has the necessary Skill-Set.

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The Rudy-switching to Schalke: The Drama takes its beginning

Because of the midfield strategist realized that he would remain at Bayern may only substitute players, he decided to 2018 for a move to Schalke. All the 16 million euros paid to the Squires for player of Tedesco. But here, Rudy should be happy, especially since its shortcomings were mercilessly shown up. The rather lanky 74-pound man, it is missing some of the dynamics and none that excels both in combat and run - of-hugging style of play is. He also needs to be trust and a harmonious environment, so that the sensitive strategist can flourish. the things that he could have the FC give Schalke never. "The Association has failed to protect me," accused Rudy of his employer after the Hoffenheim-return.

TSG Rudy Needs at all?

loan to Hoffenheim should career the floor at the end of back to the Run. However, since the nail man outlet the Hoffenheim is not , in spite of rank seven, in the year 2020, which had known Rudy: of his time. While nail man clean build-up was written game, resembled the hope Heimer game now for a bit of the Schalke Rumpel football. Thus, Rudy: trouble against the younger competition in the midfield. the It is likely that the TSG in the coming years, more and more on home-grown talent Dennis Geiger and record shopping Diadie Samassekou. To Florian Grillitsch, who is 24 years younger and similar services like Rudy offers to come.

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Rudy prior to the Bundesliga From? The waiver of salary is the only solution?

to be Because the ratio of Rudy: zuSchalke 04 is largely broken, seems to be an agreement with Hoffenheim is quite possible. The Westfälische Anzeiger even keeps a detachment-free exchange possible, especially as the crisis-stricken Schalke Rudy had thus, from the content list. the To do this, however, would make Rudy's salary-technical shortcomings. A Deal would have to take the Rudy: well, if he doesn't want to spend two years on the world Cup grandstand. With his 31 years and, most recently, mixed performances, he is not a candidate for ambitious Clubs. For weaker Bundesliga* Rudy: is probably the wrong candidate, because of this drive strength and hardness in the game is needed. So exactly the skills, the absence of the still-hope Heimer. The Option abroad would at the very most. the For the home related to the black forest, this is likely to be however, not an Option.

Sebastian Rudy is in the heart always in the state of Baden-Württemberg remained.

Rudy: is still connected with the black forest as well as its long-time home in the Heidelberg district of ziegelhausen. Therefore, it is not surprising that the midfield Ressigeur spent almost his entire League time in the VFB Stuttgart and TSG Hoffenheim . the Already in the year 2017, Rudy fell to his departure after the Munich hard , such as dieRhein-Neckar-Zeitung reported. The down-to-earth footballer felt, therefore, in the quiet district is always good, also because the people had accepted his privacy always. According to an entry in the Golden city book, and solemn good-byes, he grabbed yet his bags and came in the district of Munich grünwald. the But now Rudy is back in the Region. It is very likely that he and his wife, Elena, have to get to 2018, their first child, want to stay.

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