Even in the case of Federer saves

the height of summer instead of a cold night. 40 degrees in Melbourne instead of a dark Kämmerleins in Zurich. As Roger Federer exempt, on the long road in th

Even in the case of Federer saves

the height of summer instead of a cold night. 40 degrees in Melbourne instead of a dark Kämmerleins in Zurich. As Roger Federer exempt, on the long road in the semi-final of the Australian Open in Melbourne in January, partly mirakulös, sitting, Heinz Günthardt and Stefan bürer who will be assisted in their cabin in the Rod Laver Arena and report as SRF commentators in the home.

So how do you do that since 1995, usually, if one of the four Majors is pending. Against 100 Grand Slam tournaments you have experienced together over 10'000 tennis lessons live from all over the world. The 60-year-old Günthardt and the four years younger, bürer who will be assisted have gained over the years an excellent reputation. Consequently, awards were given to the two 2018 as a "sports journalist of the year".

it Would be gone after the person responsible for the Swiss television, would have been the Australian Open in 2020, a turning point. The Duo wouldn't have commented from Melbourne, but from a Studio in the far and dark Zurich. Reason: Saving Pressure.

The savings rate, the sports Department has to support and ensure the Leutschenbach for anxiety.

Only a "Tatort"episode, and 1 Million from the sports

Immediately after the obtained No-Billag Initiative in March two years ago, SRF Director Ruedi Matter had estimated the savings potential company-wide to 100 million Swiss francs. That's not enough: Due to broken away of advertising revenues to save SRF 2020 in the short term, a further 16 Million. This is the case, for example, the "crime scene": 2020, SRF will produce only one instead of two episodes of the crime series.

The savings rate, the sports Department has to support and ensure the Leutschenbach for anxiety. The expenditure will be reduced by around a Million. This year is particularly strange: With the Olympic games in Tokyo, the European football championship and the world championship in ice hockey and in the wheel of large events, which absorb in the case of SRF, especially a lot of resources. Add to this the coverage of hockey and football and other annual Events such as the Tour de Suisse. And Evergreen Federer added.

No one knows how long the largest Swiss tennis player even more. The conclusion is after this year? Then the US Open would Slam his last Grand. But there, of all places, the SRF-saving measures take effect now. During the project, to comment, from Zurich, has not been implemented for the Australian Open, because services booked could not be cancelled, the decision with regard to New York: bürer who will be assisted Günthardt was cancelled the trip.

And: As the Sunday newspaper learned, relates to the removal of the Federer-reporting not only the tournaments in Melbourne and New York. For the nine Masters events (Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, or Rome), and other smaller tournaments Günthardt is no longer offered. Even at the Olympics, where Federer ranks among the medal candidates, will Günthardt missing. The Zurich is still in Paris and Wimbledon, the ATP Finals, as well as at the Swiss Indoors in Basel. This corresponds to a decrease of the workload of over 40 per cent.

Must reduce: Heinz Günthardt, here in Basel with Federer. (Image: fresh focus)

Long-serving employees do not have to fear for their benefice

That the reporting is driven about a hobby of Federer's back, only for tennis fans, for irritation, but also SRF-internally. After all, the athlete of the Century has been for years a reliable supplier of quotas and promotional funds. In addition, the decision signal effect: When now already the case, Federer is saved, nothing is safe anymore. Veteran employees are afraid of losing their sinecure. For some, the nerves are blank.

Roland Mägerle, head of SRF, Sport, talking, the austerity measures but beautiful: "When you are so often spot as you, it may suffering the easily, if you comment once out of the Studio. The audience won't notice," he says on Günthardt/bürer who will be assisted in the Interview:

"We try to have the content of no compromise
Roland Mägerle, head of SRF Sport, make" justifies the austerity measures. (Photo: SRF)

But also in other sports SRF builds the Service on an ongoing basis. In formula 1, SRF is still at the half of the race, again less there are in the motorcycle world championship. While Alpine skiing is covered for the most part, to be held at the Nordic skiing or Biathlon, or Cycling in this part of the costs incurred by lower – and the TV Crew in the Studios.

as a General rule, in case of occasions in Switzerland, on the spot is commented on, however, the art was a turn-SM 2019, in Romont, the attempt to control a niche Event from Zurich (in the jargon "Remote production" called). Here, a commentator or a commentator, expert and Directors in the Studio, present only a producer and camera people. The Signal is transmitted via a mobile radio, the SRF can car Transmission, and satellite save.

Never-before-SRF has shown so much live sport as of 2020,

The attempt was a success for the SRF and the Swiss gymnastics Association, which came thanks to the cheap production for the first time to a live broadcast of the national Championships. Such Remote productions to be used according to the Mägerle increase in the future.

The Paradox: is Also great if SRF saves, the offer to live sport like never. Thanks to the attractiveness for the advertising partner for the company's survival. Were transferred to the SRF channels six years ago, 967 hours of live sport, it was 2019 already in 1418 – an increase of 47 percent. And the Trend continues. Mägerle: "2020 is the year that we show most sports in General." Are in demand as cost-efficient ways to transfer. Because of the austerity hits, the biggest Events – European soccer championship and the Olympics, hockey world Cup and the Lauberhorn, Tour de Suisse and Tour de France. Only the feel of the audience.

The Lauberhorn departure is a quota Renner is saved anyway. (Image: Samuel Schalch)

in the sports coverage of the Swiss television-saving potential does not exist, it surprised anyone who has seen the TV-people programs. Even in the case of employees, this is undisputed. Because often West Switzerland and in Ticino colleagues, exceeds the Delegation of the Swiss Radio and television company (SRG) the of all other broadcasters.

The tennis stadium at the Olympic games in 2016 in Rio were occupied by six commentators positions by the Swiss, and Federer reached the big tournaments, the Final, flew in a Crew. At the football world Cup 2014 in Brazil 70 employees traveled in a Charter flight from travel partners, travel club. Even on a smaller occasion such as the U-21 European championship 2011 in Denmark, the SRG-Delegation filled a private Car.

The smallest Delegation at a European football championship for years

in 2020, the SRG with the scoop breaks trowel. As small as this year, the Delegation during a football tournament with Swiss participation have been for years, was, in addition, the Director will remain in Zurich. As in the case of certain countries play. A few years ago, unthinkable.

more Expensive Fun: Rainer Salzgeber and Benjamin Huggel with national player Ricardo Rodriguez. (Photo: Keystone)

But a team of experts on-site costs money: the national soccer team depending on the location, up to 100'000 Swiss francs, with personnel and logistics. For commentators place at the US Open, around 40'000 of dollars are due. Comes to this: The TV rights for the big events are becoming more and more expensive. And the competition in the fight for these rights is becoming bigger and bigger. It is not excluded that the SRG soon loses well-known transmission rights. If you can keep up to 2021, only the Super League is? Uncertain. Formula 1? Unclear. And how would react to the loss of this package, the auto industry?

The pitch of the degraded Tennis-experts Heinz Günthardt, with its rich day approaches, that he is no longer on the air than any other professionals – from the Australian Open, he reported 70 hours. And Because Günthardt lives in the South of France, to fall in the future, in his expenses, when he commented in Zurich.

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