Erding: day 1 after the Lockdown for the caterers | Erding

months of the Restaurants were closed. After the Opening of the beer gardens may now be operated in indoor areas. This is how the situation looks in the circle

Erding: day 1 after the Lockdown for the caterers | Erding

months of the Restaurants were closed. After the Opening of the beer gardens may now be operated in indoor areas. This is how the situation looks in the circle city:

Erding – For the long-suffering restaurateurs day 1 after the Corona was yesterday in Lockdown. A week after the beer gardens are allowed to open for months, the Restaurants. However, the requirements are high, some restaurateurs too high. And host David knight is not just the Virus and its consequences. It has been hit three times. Now he makes a virtue out of necessity.

knight not only operates in the summer garden and the disco Weekend Club at the Erdinger people to each other, but also the Kennedy Bar on the Beautiful tower. All three of the 35 had to close down-Year-old in March. Since the middle of last week, the beer garden is open again. Knight has left a couple of days more time. "On Monday all the requirements had not yet been determined once. We had to adjust each lot, place signs, the desks back apart,“ he says. But the good weather brought with him from Friday and a good business. And, although he can no longer host as before up to 700 guests but a maximum of one-half.

city hall-tunnel construction in front of the door

+ to Be Local in the city centre, remains closed. The open bar area is one big construction site (image left). And the effort required to operate only Locally, is the knight is too high.©Hans Moritz

The free bar area in front of the Kennedy, by contrast, remained – and it will change as rapidly. "I have the channel construction site in front of the door. Everything is cordoned off. Since I can't open the beer garden at all,“ explains knight. And also the Restaurant at the Landshuter Straße is not back to the Start. "Yes, hardly to us. If I want to maintain the spacing, I can only receive very few guests. It's not worth it.“

Angers Him that the city did not previously talked with the residents. "That was just pulled through. The business people and residents are angry.“

Kennedy X summer garden: Online registration to avoid having to wait

And yet, you can visit the Kennedy. Knight has moved it into the summer garden. "Kennedy X summer garden" is the name of the project. A part of the beer garden is equipped with furniture from the city centre. There, the guests from 9 o'clock in the Free Breakfast can. Opened on nice days to 14 hours.

The large beer garden is open from 12 am to 20 PM, as usual, with self-service. Bouncer you knew in knights of the Disco. Now, he has been receiving ladies. Because each guest must be registered in order to be able to in the case of a Corona-infection, all contact persons can be determined. "In order to avoid waiting times, I recommend to register in advance online, either or" But you can also come spontaneously.

the tavern the cross, Eder re-opens and maintains the To-go-offer

when he is not allowed to the Disco again, unlocking, white knight believes, but not at a rapid easing. "Disco, that is close to, Singing, Dancing, contact. This area is sure to be dangers, as one of the last back up.“ After all, knight can bring some of his staff from the short-time work. About six he needs for the Kennedy, 10 to 15 for the summer garden. Staff he wouldn't have to worry anyway. "I have applied least 30 to 40 people looking for a Job," says the 35-Year-old.

Of a "new Phase" speaks cross-Eder-host Martin king. He, too, has been open since Monday – inside and out. The out-of-home sales, he wants to maintain – and has hired two new employees. "With God's help we will get through all of this. We want to put anybody at risk and are, therefore, very careful,“ assured the host.

The first Hotels to take back the operation on

Also in the Herzogstubn the daily grind begins again. At 11 a.m. today, Tom Eichloff on locks Locally on the Small square, a week after the beer garden. Monday is a rest day. The Same applies to the words of Daniel helm corner for the Erdinger Weißbräu brewery, can now also record back tourists as overnight guests.

Nevertheless, the gastronomic offer remains in Erding reduces. Because not all owners want or are able to meet the high requirements – with the risk to have to little guests that the financial and human effort is worth it.

Restaurant Empire in the thermal Spa and Munich court will remain closed

Jens Bernitzky announces plans to open the Restaurant Empire in the Spa again, even if the Spa and Hotel come out of the Lockdown. "I hope, in the middle of June it will be ready," he says. Initially, you will host, no external guests. "We are planning 1. July.“ In the autumn, the first weeks of action and the Brunch is to take place again.

Bad news from the Münchner Hof. The owners, Sepp, Sepp junior, Abraham, and Jacob, honor Thaler announced on Sunday via Facebook that the tradition of staying local for the time being, closed. This is the honor gained to justify the "strange atmosphere" due to the strict requirements, on the other, with the expectation that an "economic operation is simply not given". In some week, you want to reassess the situation.

Hans Moritz

Date Of Update: 26 May 2020, 01:34