Emigrants will be robbed of a friend, devious and ends up in prison

"once The most dangerous city seems to me to be dangerous," writes Alex on his Blog "vonbonnnachkolumbien". Because to many beautiful experiences, so that h

Emigrants will be robbed of a friend, devious and ends up in prison

"once The most dangerous city seems to me to be dangerous," writes Alex on his Blog "vonbonnnachkolumbien". Because to many beautiful experiences, so that he could collect, among other things, through a fundraiser a lot of money for starving people in the corona of a crisis – he had now a real nightmare.

horror time for expats in Colombia

1. Had opened in July, the 31-year-old Bonner has his own Restaurant in Medellin – the "El Alemán Pues" in the trendy district "El Poplado". To this new life, he came across the section with a new Known – only a short time later and then the big shock! The well-Known had him, apparently roofies mixed in.

"After I fell asleep, I woke up the next Morning at 9 o'clock. I looked at my dessert: mobile way," says Alex on his Blog. Also be Samsung TV was gone. "I hurried through the apartment. Braun-shaver: the way. Glasses: way. Bed way sheets and mattress protectors:."

Of the "friend" doesn't steal it from

enough of that. 1500 Euro in Colombian Pesos were missing as well as his JBL Jukebox, his cooking pot and the blender. And Yes, even vegetables from the fridge was way, writes the 31-Year-old more. "Valuables away, health. I thought in the Moment, at least..."

After his apartment had literally been empty stolen, he got from his landlord the message that he should undress, please, because in front of him, allegedly, such a thing never happened. Alex: "But here, I tried to see the Positive. I'm going to the thing at all still feel comfortable in the apartment?"

the doctor diagnosed poisoning by K. O.-drops

Shortly thereafter, Dohms chills and dizziness got. For four days he could not eat anything, took off five pounds. Diagnosis of the physician: poisoning by K. O.-drops. Real friends helped him through the difficult time. Dohms in his Blog: "After a week it went me better." When he was able to eat something, he got extreme dental pain. By the poisoning of his gums was dead.

"I just hope that the second half of the year will be better than his first two weeks", so his Blog entry. "Much worse it can get. And, who knows, anything is possible here. Be it positive or negative." How right he

should be kept... Suddenly in prison

On Thursday (30. July), he was insulted by three men as a "fucking Gringo", then with wooden slats, and an iron bar beaten. "Blood from head to foot," Alex said. Then he had been made yet by the police, "one hour on the grid" and for twelve hours in the cell, landed.

"didn't Know that victims are locked up and not the perpetrators," he writes the next day: "every Day, new horror stories in July. Dear August, please, please get better." But the started is not good at: On-4. August waited for him Unknown on the road. Alex: "At every rustling leaf, every step I'm afraid of now that you're back." He will now look for protection of persons.

"I seem to currently have a cinematic life...", writes Bonner with gallows humor. He wants to live his dream more, because for that it would please him in Medellin, too well. There, he is now in a safer neighborhood.

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