Dismissal after Corona-slander: athlete Pair sees himself as a slave of the clubs

the Joshiko Saibou - Basketball-team releases national players - Saibou fires against Ex-club a lawyer, to be informed of termination for Saibou: Legal doub

Dismissal after Corona-slander: athlete Pair sees himself as a slave of the clubs
  • Joshiko Saibou - Basketball-team releases national players - Saibou fires against Ex-club
  • a lawyer, to be informed of termination for Saibou: Legal doubt

Like the Basketball team Baskets Bonn, had been terminated to the Point Guard and national player, without notice to you. The Association justified the step with "violations of requirements of the current employment contract as a professional athlete".

Baskets Bonn terminate Joshiko Saibou to the Corona-Demo

Baskets-managing Director Wolfgang Wiedlich (64) said: "The clubs in the BBL are working meticulously on hygiene concepts for the spectators in the next season and on special labor protection policies for the Active. We are therefore a permanent risk of infection, as the player Saibou, neither to his work colleagues in our Team compared to other BBL Teams in the Competition to answer to." imago images/Jürgen Schwarz professional basketball Joshiko Saibou (R) of the Bonn Baskets

dismissed, Further it is said on the part of the Association: "Joshiko Saibou had repeatedly expressed on Social Media channels, his attitude to the pandemic or to the Virus itself and last weekend, a large demonstration also practiced he was intent of rules against the well-known protection.“ Previously had Wiedlich already expressed his lack of understanding about Saibous behavior: "No club in the world that could use a little, but it is covered by the freedom of expression," he said.

the reaction of The athletes pair had not long to wait. On her Instagram account, the basketball player and his girlfriend turned to the Public and criticised the actions of the Basketball-Bundesliga in focus.

Saibou and Wester set Out in Bonn, the freedom of expression question

Both referred to the Question of polarising opinions as legitimate, titled the dismissal but as a "slap in the face to freedom of expression." Saibou, said he spent "also, to my fellow human beings in danger."

imago images / Beautiful Sports far Alexandra Wester

The Basketball player and his girlfriend, jumpers understand the incident as symptomatic of a lack of freedom of expression. Long jumper Wester worked in your own Instagram Video that "clubs can treat their athletes like dolls. This really hurts me in the heart, because now Joshiko must suffer.“

titled While Saibou his dismissal as "baseless", is Wester still more, says the actions have "absolutely no basis", is not "hypocritical". The basketball team asks its Fans at the end of his Statements with significance: "what is freedom of expression really depends on?", imago images/Camera 4 Joshiko Saibou also German national team player

In an Instagram Video published is Wester says at the end: "you should understand that we athletes are the slaves of the modern era. But I makes us just.“

conspiracy theories in Saibou and Wester are not uncommon

the participation in the Demonstration for the Bonn Basketball German Bundesliga club may have been just a drop that brought the barrel to overflowing. The Athletes had provided in the past already several times with them to doubt the statements will be liable for eddy. In an Instagram Video Wester had complained already in may, among other things, to the Corona-rules deprived of their liberty.

Furthermore, you claimed in another post, the mankind will be controlled by the "horror drug" adrenochrome. Conspiracy theorists claim that the rejuvenation serum will dropped in caves caged children. The German athletics Association had distanced himself from his Athlete. imago images/Beautiful Sports Alexandra Wester

Ingo Weiss (46), the President of the German Basketball Federation, had previously said on the recent Statements Saibous: "Josh is our national player and he should stay. Josh said his private opinion, which is of course the opinion of the Association.“ Weiss just got off the phone with Saibou and explained about the statements of the Bonn-based professionals: "Whether that was in shape and kind of the Right thing, that's debatable for sure. I told him that, too.“ On Wednesday, the DBB-Boss then announced that it would have to give "is definitely a clarifying conversation".

Wester: the club remains calm, DLV wants to go far. springerin

EXPRESS also listen to Westers club, the ASV Köln has asked for an opinion The German athletics Association (DLV) does not want to take action against the far-jumper once. "Our athletes can take part in demonstrations, because that is their basic right," said head coach Anett stone. However, the DLV expect you to think like all the participants to the rules. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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"said We are talking currently about the consequences, but first talk to her about it, to be able to her appearance at the Demonstration in perspective", stone. "We want to understand how they self-evaluated this process."

The DLV did not know whether Wester've kept to the instructions, "if no, would not accept this from our side." (kos, bl)

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The Original to this post "Saibou and Wester shooting, according to Corona-Demo and fired against Baskets Bonn" comes from Cologne-based Express.

Cologne Express

Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 10:28

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