Dirk Schaefer explains in an Interview why he started the Petition to cancel the Amateur season | the district of Fürstenfeldbruck

On 4. June has started, the head of division of FC stone (middle Franconia), Dirk Schaefer, the Petition to "cancel the 2019/2020 season in the Bavarian Amateu

Dirk Schaefer explains in an Interview why he started the Petition to cancel the Amateur season | the district of Fürstenfeldbruck

On 4. June has started, the head of division of FC stone (middle Franconia), Dirk Schaefer, the Petition to "cancel the 2019/2020 season in the Bavarian Amateur football leagues".

County – The objective is clear: The 2019/2020 season is to be completed in the Amateur football field in Bavaria. Already over 8,800 people in support of the Petition on openpetition.de. Including about 100 from the district of Fürstenfeldbruck. In an Interview, the Initiator explains why he has launched the Petition, as it goes on and how the Situation in the place of the Bavarian football Association (BFV) hand would have.

Why have you created the Petition?

the topic of The continuation of the season has been dragging on for a very long time. Because of the Corona pandemic, there were several webinars of the BFV. There was also a vote which is today dubbed by the BFV as a survey. There was then decided that the season will continue in 2019/2020. At that time there was already some counter-votes, and it was not yet known how to have the Whole hand. At the time, it was said that the season 2020/2021 shortened then will take place. After the were has been cancelled against the voices getting louder and louder, and also in all other state associations and even in some professional areas of the sports season, I decided to put the Petition online. You should have asked for more contact to the Associations search.

What do you hope the Petition?

On a property, would be meeting with the BFV. What bothers me, however, that in the comments at the Petition of the BFV and Mr cook will be offended. We distance ourselves from the very clear. We stand behind our factual arguments, and the Petition, but do not want to be associated with some of the comments in connection. The BFV has a serious Job and in our eyes also errors – such as, for example, in the case of the exchange period. However, insults and other inappropriate are.

What's the exchange period?

The rules for the exchange period were the final straw that has prompted me to withdraw the Petition. In the webinars, namely, that you will find a good solution. For many, the exchange rules, however, are not good. You has decided to have a change of Phase in the same way, as in the Winter. This means that the player may only switch with the approval of the Association. The principle of the right sounds good. However, it is not so that the player can really go. In the Winter it is so that clubs can simply pay the appropriate sum, and so new players to commit. The whole is then called an expense allowance. In the summer, this is set in the Winter. Since it is freely negotiable, and that's why many clubs are of the opinion that the sums to be driven in the Amateur area to the top. So, it is now so that you, if you have a player want to, not for a fair compensation for expenses can get, but a higher amount will have to pay.

How would you have the current Situation then hand?

I'm not omniscient, and you should fix the Whole in a logical way in a discussion with the Clubs and the BFV. It is clear that we would have to play next season, a shortened season and be flexible. No one knows how to do it with Corona more. My suggestion would be that you cancel the current season, and a generous rise of regulation creates. We don't want to spoil the rise and are up against a strict cancellation of the season. In our scheme, no one would be relegated and the teams on the promotion and relegation play-off places would rise. If you have then in the next season, too many clubs in a League, you could make, for example, two County leagues to have a season-long three. The next season should start again, if the allow Corona pandemic. The current season is dead and we have to accept.

How they relate to the webinars, and the coordination of the BFV?

The Bavarian football Association on 8. June, a conference in which it was said, the Association would be taking our Petition very seriously. However, it has been reported to me since then, yet none of them properly. It accuses us, we would just demand, but not supply. So far we have not had yet the opportunity to deliver. The discussion with the Clubs was never approved properly. At the time of the vote or poll was us only "Yes, your not wrong given the Association to" or a "no, do you agree with the Association to" to make the selection. In the webinars, neither questions nor discussion were approved. There is presented as a BFV just his project.

What do you think, to let the next season be?

In the webinars, the speech was never. It was always said that there will be a shortened season 2020/21. Also in the case of the Petition in the comments you can read that many consider this to be pointless.

Has reported to the BFV already in them?

With me so far, since the Petition online, none in exchange. The day before the Petition was launched, has tried the Mr. Habermann, the district Chairman of middle Franconia, in a normal conversation, to convince me of the arguments of the BFV. However, I explained to him that he can't convince me, because we have other views. After that, there was never an exchange.

you Have expected the positive Feedback?

I'm in front of it with some of the people replaced, the found the Petition super. With the great encouragement I have expected but never.

How to do it with the Petition further?

Up to 1. July, the Petition is still running. Then you will be submitted to the BFV. The BFV can then take a position, but must. Even if the Petition could have A million votes, he would have to keep in mind.

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Date Of Update: 29 June 2020, 13:33