Digital instead of analog: Huge LED-walls conjure up Fans to the football stadium

In the Corona of a pandemic it is now, all are aware of a global crisis. Sports competitions of all kinds around the world have been due to the Coronavirus pand

Digital instead of analog: Huge LED-walls conjure up Fans to the football stadium

In the Corona of a pandemic it is now, all are aware of a global crisis. Sports competitions of all kinds around the world have been due to the Coronavirus pandemic cancelled. No continent can escape the COVID19 Virus. With the recording of mind games in the football League, the question is, as in other countries and in other sports dealing with Corona turns looks like and which experiences have already been made.

Although Baseball is one of the Top 3 American sports and also in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea is very popular, the sports in Europe, more of a shadow existence. While in most Games of the Major League Baseball, the first U.S. League, often to family events, where much revolves around culinary delights and Entertainment around the baseball field and rarely in the right mood, as we know from German football stadiums comes up, are baseball games in Asian stadiums usually incredibly loud. Cheerleaders dance to the roaring music and the crowd is heated up to crowd chants of.

"Genuine" Fans on digital screens instead of cardboard figures

Due to the pandemic is currently in the United States and Japan, the strongholds of baseball, still not a professional game instead of operation. But not so in Taiwan. Where, thanks to a strong cultural influence from Japan and the USA, Baseball is very popular, has opened in the Chinese Taipei Professional Baseball League last month officially baseball season. However, the first games were held there without any spectators. In the spirit of play in Taiwan cardboard were installed in Fans, and even mannequins in the stands as the audience substitute. In addition, metal robot came with shining eyes, swivel heads, and with sticks, armed as the noise of Fans in empty stadiums. After all, robots do not know any exhaustion or Frustration. You give, regardless of the performance of the "own" team, always on the Gas. As the example of the Chinese Taipei Professional Baseball League shows can be attempted with the help of technology, the mood factor in the deserted stadium artificially produce.

AP a spectator grandstand with LED walls during the game between Aarhus GF.

Also in football stadiums, it is creative, if measures against the empty ranks in the spirit of play is going to be taken. How Mönchengladbach seen at Borussia. Here, the player must not abandon the spirit of home games entirely on the faces of their Fans in the stadium. BVB-Fans were able to give the printing of cardboard figures, with a photo of themselves in order and were then mounted as a cardboard comrades in the stadium. Also in Cologne, banners, flags and posters, the Fans were placed especially for the spirit of the games in the stands. In South Korea, was in combat against the dreariness of empty stadiums, evidently, too far. Only a few days ago it came to a head. So, FC Seoul had to pay a substantial fine, because of Sex - were placed next to mannequins in his football stadium, and the plastic women in addition to their T-Shirts advertising for products of this type made. FC Seoul put by the way was no opposition to the imposed sex dolls-punishment, but accepted the judgment apparently humble. A way without physical cardboard or plastic figures of the Danish League club Aarhus GF, i.e., digital instead of analog. The Aarhus Fans will be brought to the end of may for the first time on giant LED Screens in the stadium. You can then respond via Zoom exactly to in-game situations. On the set of Video screens can then see the professionals on the pitch, as their Fans cheer and you cheer.

humanoid Fan-robots indistinguishable from real Fans

in addition to the visual support in the stadium, the acoustic support is, of course, without the use of Fan-made robots possible. You could even come out of the preserve and in the mood for one of a kind DJ suitable game situations, or directly from Fans via Online voting controlled. A Fan Cloud could be done, therefore, synchronously to the game, for example, applause, whistles, or certain chants in an App or via the PC vote, which will then be activated through the speaker system of your own clubs. The more Fans at the same time, the same encouragement of icons to choose, the louder it will be in the stadium. Such bells and whistles is technically feasible, but from the active German football fans frowned upon. Not to mention a Fan of robots, the mood in the stadium - in the Bundesliga, simply unthinkable!

Even if such artificial interference in the fan life will appear in German stadiums currently completely utopian, should not be left for development elsewhere, completely out of Eight. Because of technical progress will enable in the future that humanoid Fanroboter be indistinguishable, at least for the TV viewers of the real human Fans. Technology experts claim that by 2030, the functioning of the human brain is as far as decrypted, that Computer could be on a par. For the game of soccer, these technical options lead to the next step in the direction of the Gamification of the Live experience. It comes by robotics and artificial intelligence to a fusion of real and virtual football game. A similar scenario, which I described at the same location (see for the activities on the lawn, it could be for the stadium ranks relevant. Here we must distinguish of course between the stadium experience, which is projected with the help of 3D, augmented and artificial reality (AR, VR) in the living room of Fans around the world, and the actual game experience in the stadium, is reserved for relatively few Fans. In the stadium also sensory experiences are added in addition to audio-visual, which today can only imitate hard-to-special full-body suits. But here, too, the research is progressing. Thus, it remains to pursue more exciting, how long in human cognition, the stadium experience on-site differ significantly from the stadium experience at home is. The götze's options for the future of PCP are götze's options for the future


Updated Date: 29 May 2020, 09:26

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