Despite Milan cancellation policy: Ralf rank nick seeks a new challenge

It remains, therefore, The series A has no place for the German coach. The former Roman audience favourite Rudi Völler was the only Tedesco, who has worked as a

Despite Milan cancellation policy: Ralf rank nick seeks a new challenge

It remains, therefore, The series A has no place for the German coach. The former Roman audience favourite Rudi Völler was the only Tedesco, who has worked as a head coach there – and only very briefly. After just 25 days of the Ex-team boss came into force on 25. September 2004, at the AS Roma back. Three days later, Ralf Rangnick was unveiled as the successor of Jupp Heynckes with Schalke 04. Chief financial officer - Live will-Online-conference on 3. August!

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Nearly 16 years later, everything is language that Rangnick takes over as the second German a Italian first division team. The had announced the prestigious Gazzetta dello Sport already as a fact on its front page and declared, that the new man should be equipped with Milan with a lucrative three-year contract "the Sacchi of the third Millennium" will be.

in fact, Rangnick, one of whose models, the former master strategist Arrigo Sacchi was ready for the new Job as a sports Director and coach at the Rossoneri. In the past few months, he had learned already the industrious Italian. That the Deal fell through but still, especially on the success of the series of coach Stefano Pioli - Milan the most successful Team in the Serie A-and the massive rejection by the Milan - Establishment of the Technical Director and the club was after the Re-Start legend Paolo Maldini, the feared for bucks and influence. Also star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic had his typical kind of “Who rank nick? I know of no rank, nick!” said.

Rangnick is in Milan's sole Power

it is requested, However, this reading, which was also distributed by rank, nick's page is only a part of the truth. Because of the Schwabe had a very detailed and far-reaching claims in the November lasting chewing gum-negotiations also its share of the Failure. Rank nick should have not only called for several players, including Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp (although Milan with Gigio Donnarumma has a Keeper, with 21 more than 200 missions and beyond any doubt) and winger Filip Kostic, but also the sole Power over the sport.

"But otherwise the Ralf is not working," says one who knows him for a very long time. "I know of no one who is as ambitious as Ralf. The don't want to take nowhere compromises. Technically very good, but overambitious and shit and very exhausting."

What was in some of Milan's responsible in the end was apparently too Good at his last two long-term stations in Hoffenheim and Leipzig is the key to success. At both clubs he was able to build in peace, with the generous support of a billion-dollar patron, piece for piece, a top Bundesliga team. And after that he wanted to be limited at RB Leipzig's official role, he licked at the latest after the second return on the bench of the Saxon blood again: As a place-holder for Julian nail man, he led his Team a year ago to number three and into the DFB-Pokal final.

rank nick RB Leipzig "for the second Time by the superiors on the cross

put" Under his successor, RB cut, the third with the identical score (66), at least not better, which is likely to have fallen to the ambitious rank nick on the inside. That his departure from Power and the change on the Post of “Head of Sport and Development Soccer” was made by main sponsor Red Bull is entirely voluntary, and may not fully correspond to reality. "I think you could speak of a power struggle. He has been placed for the second Time by a supervisor on the cross, has allied himself with the patron of the arts," says an Insider.

In Hoffenheim, the former Manager Jan shingle Meiser and patron Dietmar Hopp to the turn of the year 2009/10 decided against the Veto of Rangnick to the sale of Luiz Gustavo to Bayern, a few days later, the coach resigned after four and a half years. Also in Leipzig the situation is clarified since last summer clearly: The former rank-nick-consultant Oliver Mintzlaff as a RB-Chairman of the Board and, in addition, in may as Head of Soccer for the partner locations in Brazil and the United States is the undisputed Boss. The everyday life of a nail man, and the new sport Director Markus Krösche determine. Rangnick, however, remained only a consultant and representative role, especially since he may not formally as an employee of the Investor in accordance with the 50+1 rules no determining influence on the fortunes in Leipzig.

Allegedly, to avoid any risk of termination of his until the summer of 2021 current contract, has rank nick weigh-in so far publicly to his ambitions welded. However, according to consistent statements, voice of addiction, the 62-Year-old after the rejection from Milan for a new challenge. He was disappointed, he said, not feel in his present role and would not see his future in Leipzig, it is called from his environment: "He wants to make something Large."

Rangnick: In the case of Bayern and BVB are quickly deleted, also Hertha didn't want to But is currently in sight. In the course of the past season, he was traded even in the case of Bayern and Dortmund, however, Reportedly relatively quickly from the list of candidates for the succession of Niko Kovac, or ultimately not consummated the exchange on the BVB bench deleted. A fundamental Problem is that the majority of clubs, the willingness is missing, all of the sporting Power to the "football Professor" from Backnang to make. Hertha BSC would be Windhorst with the millions of Investor Lars is sure to be a project to rank nick's Gusto, but not for more than discussion of it is also due to the rejection of such a model by the club's management.

The most obvious variant would therefore be a change in the Premier League, where the coaches are traditionally the team Manager and the sports have to Say. For Rangnick, who once studied at the University of Stuttgart English to become a teacher and during a stay abroad at the University of Sussex, 1979-80 and played for local Amateur club FC Southwick, would go a long-cherished wish come true. In the past there was, among other things, contacts with Manchester United, Arsenal and Everton, and specifically it was but never. Currently, there is no top Team searches for a coach and at a club like Newcastle United, which could be due to the entry of an Investor, an exciting project, Rangnick is not an issue.

In Germany, however, especially a big club could use a strong man like Rangnick: Ex-club Schalke 04, where the resignation of the Supervisory Board chief Clemens Tönnies has left a vacuum. Marketing Director Alexander Jobst, is on the Fans are also controversial and sporting Director Jochen Schneider is actually prefer a little less in the spotlight - as he did in Leipzig under Rangnick.

Rangnick and Schalke: all good things come in three?

Twice ranked nick was already in the Royal blue active, and in 2005 he announced after a power struggle with Manager Rudi Assauer, who had called him at the idea of consistently "Rolf" Rangnick, his farewell to the end of the season and then was fired after an emotional lap of honour in the Schalke Arena. He was at the Ruhr valley club is not yet ready, said S04-member rank nick at the time: "Schalke is more than just a football club, the Fans are unique. I am a working child, and therefore, it was a brutal undertaking for me to convince the Fans with the type to play football."

The celebrated return, followed six years later, when he led the team as the successor to Felix Magath at the German DFB Cup victory in 2011, ranking nick's only national title. But after half a year, he had to stop again, at the time, because of his Burnout-disease. All good things come in three, but realistically, there is little reason for such a Happy ending.

The Scarce lack in the face of almost 200 million Euro-denominated liabilities, even before the Corona-pandemic simply means the Rangnick of Hoffenheim and Leipzig is accustomed to. "The idea had charm, you can forget," says an Insider. "Schalke is a dying club."

Schalke would be the ultimate challenge to rank for nick, but for the perfectionists, the prospects for "something Big" is just too small.

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