Daniel Abt on Audi out of me: I now Know who my true friends are

FOCUS Online How great is the joy that race again in formula E will be driven? Daniel Abt : The anticipation is great. All of the features that we can now r

Daniel Abt on Audi out of me: I now Know who my true friends are

FOCUS Online How great is the joy that race again in formula E will be driven?

Daniel Abt : The anticipation is great. All of the features that we can now race again after such a long break. Berlin is always something Special for me, even if the race this year will take place under slightly different circumstances. But it's always nice to be there. For me it is also a special challenge, because I'm going with a new Team at the Start. This will be exciting.

FOCUS Online : 2018, you were the first driver in the formula E, of the celebrated Pole Position, a Start/finish victory and the fastest lap of the race completed.

Dept: This was the perfect day. It was never again in formula E, and it will not be so likely again. For me, it is a great reminder that I've come up with the best brand at my home race in Berlin. These emotions and this feeling of happiness, which I then experienced, can one take nobody. This is already something Great. But now, the cards are reshuffled. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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FOCUS Online In Berlin three Times in two races. What are the special characteristics of the track, while counter-clockwise will are the dangers?

Dept: I think that there are more challenging routes, because Berlin is not a classic city course. But the characteristic is particularly because the lining is very different. From the Driving and Setup, this route is not to compare with other races that we are familiar with from the normal formula-E-racing calendar. The challenge is that you have to change in a short period of time, also with regard to energy Management. Instead of a range, you need to prepare all the riders now on three. Since you have to do three times the work in such a short period of time like never before.

FOCUS Online , The Chinese Team NIO 333 welcome you with open arms. How hard it is to adapt to the new car?

Dept: You have to be realistic. The Team has scored this season, no points in the formula E. You will have a hard Phase. But I've come into the Team and have met many motivated and talented people. I know you put a lot of effort, better results to get. You can't replace the Hardware and the engine, is clear. Therefore, you can't expect us to go all around the ears. This is not realistic. But maybe it is not bad to come in as an Underdog to Berlin, in order to surprise the one or the other.

FOCUS Online : What is the placement for you would be realistic?

Dept: it's hard to say, but all in the Top 10 would be definitely positive.

FOCUS Online : you are one of four pilots that have completed in 2014 all of the 63 races. How important is it for you that you can go to the separation of Audi in formula E?

Dept: of course It is nice that I continue in formula E, and my series the race to continue to expand. For a brief Moment after the separation of the Audi I haven't believed in it. Somehow it doesn't feel like a Comeback, even though I was away. This is a bit weird. But I was there from the beginning and have always done everything possible to push this series. I have always believed in the formula E. That will not change in the future. dpa/Britta Pedersen/dpa-Central picture/dpa, Daniel Abt

FOCUS Online do you recommend in Berlin for Teams in the coming season?

Dept: definitely. The race in Berlin give me the Chance, I sang to myself quietly from the formula E must pass as it looked the least once for a short time. Now I can present myself and give the Best. Then you can see what developed from it. After the separation of the Audi, I would not have thought that I get from NOK 333 a new opportunity. But once she was there, to drive around in Berlin is also more in the formula E. Now I would like to take this Chance to recommend myself for new tasks or a different Team.

FOCUS Online In may, it came to parting with Audi, because you have used a virtual race on a professional console driver. What lessons have you personally learnt from this action?

Dept: no Matter what you do in life, one takes in life always learn from what one has done. Changes always something New and Good can arise. Of course, that was a very wild time and I have not wished it so. But if I've learned anything from this, then you know in such a stage, who the true friends are and who is not. This is important to know. This topic is finished for me. I now concentrate on the future, and I'm of good things.

FOCUS Online , Allegedly, wanted to Audi to get rid of you. Is that true?

Dept: I think that you have to ask Audi. I can't be the judge of that. One thing is definitely clear that it would not be delivered following the season by far. Thus, it is perhaps not inopportune. This was a decision based on an action from me, but why, and why I was placed in front of the door, I can't say.

FOCUS Online In Berlin, you will see your Ex-team-mates from Audi. There will be, in spite of the separation, a short greeting?

Dept: I think so, because there is nothing poisoned between us. There are but one or the other, I naturally prefer to say hi. This Chapter is finished for me. I'm also not the pre's in a bad mood at its functions. Because you have to stand over it and professionally to continue to work. the DTM Champion René Rast explains the difference between a formula E-Renner SID DTM Champion René Rast explains the difference between a formula E-Renner


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