DTM-title defense: How much grid suffers from formula-E-mammoth program?

DTM champion Rene Rast is one of the biggest challenges of his career: The 33-Year-old, in Audi's last DTM season, his third title would like to retract immedi

DTM-title defense: How much grid suffers from formula-E-mammoth program?

DTM champion Rene Rast is one of the biggest challenges of his career: The 33-Year-old, in Audi's last DTM season, his third title would like to retract immediately after the start of the season at Spa-Francorchamps on 1. and 2. August as a replacement for Daniel Abt in the Audi formula-E-Team debut.

with a mammoth program, because in Berlin, the launch is only three days after the DTM to formula E-six-pack: On the 5./6., 8./9. and 12./13. August held a total of six races, before it goes for latching on to the Lausitzring, where, on 15./16. and on 22./23. August, the next two DTM-week-ends are part of the program. The are twelve races in just three weeks!

"It will be a very busy month, with these successive rounds of the DTM and formula E," says Rast, wants to recommend for 2021. "Let's see how it goes."

Benefits BMW-ACE Wittmann of Rasts distraction?

Admittedly, This program is also alive and well in the Abt-Audi drivers Nico Müller and Robin Frijns, the start for Dragon and Virgin in the electric racing series. However, in contrast to the two-time champion with the formula E already familiar with. Grid, however, has so far only a race in the electric racing series on the hump: Berlin 2016.

it Could not be so, that the grid starts because of the formula-E-preparing with full concentration in the DTM season? "No idea," said BMW-ACE, Marco Wittmann in the Wake of the Nurburgring test drives last week, as only Rasts formula E Test at the beginning of July was confirmed in conversation with 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

"It doesn't matter to me whether he drives or not. I am fully focused on the DTM-season in 2020. What is the competition, or any other Person to do, that's not really my Problem. The need to decide the colleagues from Ingolstadt and Rene."

Audi: grid has proven that he can adapt quickly

But as you can see, the situation with Audi? There, one is convinced that a Pilot such as a grid, is prepared with enormous meticulousness and diligence on its challenges and apart from the formula 1 for almost all hazards, it can cope with this task. "He has proved in the past often, how fast he is, even without a long acclimatization in a new series," says head of Audi sport chief Dieter Gass.

The danger is that the constant switching between the two series has a negative impact on the performance, not seen since the previous year. The rash was Abt-Audi-DTM driver Robin Frijns, who moved in may and in June 2019, five weekends in a row between the two racing series and the season finale in New York, even a formula E victory.

the DTM and formula E: Enormous differences as an advantage

"Robin has demonstrated that it is possible," says Gass. "I think it is even easier to make formula E and DTM in parallel, because the cars are so different. It is not the case, that two very similar cars and always have to adjust. If the difference between the vehicles is small, as in the case of GT3 and DTM, then it is a little more difficult."

That was also the reason why you allowed the end of 2020, Müller, in the formula E as a stake driver to enter and to complete a parallel program. Like grid sees the challenge for formula E? "This is a completely different Driving," confirms the two-time DTM champion, in an interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

"In the DTM, you're always on to maximum speed. Clearly, in the formula E also, but if you are in the DTM, full-throttle ride up to the braking point, you go to the formula E much earlier on the Gas."

a grid with formula E Premiere in 2016, "a little bit

overwhelmed" especially, the focus is different, "when it comes to save the ums energy and so on. The Format is quite different. So I was overwhelmed at the time, a little bit," he recalls of his formula-E debut in the year 2016 in Berlin, when he was replaced by Antonio Felix da Costa to the Aguri Team.

"I got almost to the day of the race my seat, and I am not a lap," he recalls. "The first Training was my first round on the weekend. From here it was a bit irritating überflutend everything."

at Least he now has the opportunity, at the beginning of July, during the Test at the lausitzring on the formula E to inject: "I'm curious to see how it is then at the lausitzring will be. Of course, it will be more relaxed, to have no cars around me. It is also a bit more open than on a city course."

This article was written by Sven Haidinger

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