DTM boss called Vettel's exchange options, but his dream scenario looks different

the lightning Comeback in Silverstone Verstappen kids about hülkenberg's long neck: "Had to fall so that little bit of joy" formula 1 in Silverstone the

DTM boss called Vettel's exchange options, but his dream scenario looks different
  • lightning Comeback in Silverstone Verstappen kids about hülkenberg's long neck: "Had to fall so that little bit of joy"
  • formula 1 in Silverstone the silver arrows start in front of verse - Hulkenberg is formula 1 Comeback
  • formula 1 - So you can see the GP of great Britain Silverstone live on the Internet

Gerhard Berger may think Sebastian Vettel 2021 in the Red Bull returns to the family. In his opinion, is the best Chance that this scenario could be true, if the Protest of the Renault team fails against the "pink Mercedes" from the Racing Point. Since then, Red Bull can use that is allegedly four (almost) equivalent cars.

The variant Vettel to AlphaTauri has prepared Ralf Schumacher recently in the rumor mill and encourages since then, the fantasy of the Vettel Fans. Max Verstappen could then continue to be the number 1 in the A-Team and Helmut Marko one "alpha dog-armed" to go out of the way. And yet, one could realize the dream, Vettel back. AFP/SID/JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT Ralf Schumacher can imagine Vettel in AlphaTauri

Berger about Vettel in AlphaTauri: "I Can imagine"

Berger, a connoisseur of both Red Bull and Vettel's former team boss at Toro Rosso in the formula 1, the mind game is exciting: "If this copy of the stories are builds allowed in the future and Red Bull just four cars, two of which AlphaTauri uses, then I can imagine Sebastian there, Yes," he says in an Interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

fact is: Red Bull observed exactly how Vettel beats Ferrari. However, with services such as in Qualifying in Silverstone, he is not recommended for a change. His team-mate Charles Leclerc, he lost in Q3, nearly a second. Because the fastest lap was removed and he was able to train due to technical problems on Friday and Saturday morning less.

DTM-chief: Vettel has enough to end his career

Apparently, it could be a reason for the big difference: "It is a mystery to us, where Leclerc has the speed-fetched", is surprised Red Bull motor sport consultant Marko in "Auto Bild motorsport". "He was faster on the Straights than we are. However, this seems to be only with him have been the case, not with Vettel." imago images/two Ferrari pilots: the Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel (r)

Berger that Vettel would be best to end his career after 2020: "I would like him to quit rates," he says. "He is now in an age where the Peak is located just behind him. He had a long career, and he is four times champion of the world. He has earned good money and never hurt. A better career, there is not. I would rather put on this card."

Vettel needs to go to a Team where he has chances on the Podium

"Unless I have a good opportunity," limits of the DTM-in-chief. His logic: If Lance Stroll is a Racing Point podium candidate, then Vettel may be the only law: "I do believe that this can make sense. If he says he wants to go further. This opportunity will be also."

Berger added, "I don't know the latest developments." But in his eyes, Racing Point (from 2021 Aston Martin) is the "only logical Alternative" to resign. Because: "Sebastian, as a four-time world champion can't go to a Team where he has no chances, at least on the Podium. And since the only Racing Point."

This article was written by Christian Nimmervoll, Co-author: Sven Haidinger

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  • After his lightning Comeback in the formula 1 Nico Hulkenberg from his colleagues for the 13. Place in the Silverstone-Qualifying praised. At the GP of great Britain, the German has to put his skills to the proof.
  • For Sebastian Vettel, it has been a formula 1 weekend to Forget. At the Grand Prix in Silverstone, the German is followed by bad luck. Quite different to his team-mate at Ferrari. Charles Leclerc shows off his best performance of the season and is looking forward to the race.
  • Violent Crash in Monte Carlo, the Ex-formula 1 driver Adrian Sutil. The 37-Year-old destroyed more than a Million euros expensive McLaren. The car was built only 24 Times. His girlfriend and Sutil were lucky that you were not hurt worse.

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