Craziest Cup draw of all time! HSV can meet on 101 Teams

We will give you an Overview of all the possible opponents, on the HSV in the first round (11. to 14. September) could meet. In parentheses, the number of possi

Craziest Cup draw of all time! HSV can meet on 101 Teams

We will give you an Overview of all the possible opponents, on the HSV in the first round (11. to 14. September) could meet. In parentheses, the number of possible Teams, and the teams are in Roman Numbers, respectively, the height of the game class is located in the associations.

DFB Cup draw: HSV can 101 opponents

pros (8): The only teams whose names are already to be found on one of the Lots, get the professionals that are assigned to the Amateur pot. The leaguers every year, the four worst-placed second division side, as well as the four best third–, and thus in this year the following Teams: Karlsruher SC (II), 1. FC Nürnberg (II), Wehen Wiesbaden (III), Dynamo Dresden (III), Würzburger Kickers (II), Eintracht Braunschweig (II), FC Ingolstadt (III) and MSV Duisburg (III). FC Bayern II (master of the 3. League) may not participate as a second team at the Cup.

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swim (3): is The FC she (V) is already determined as a Finalist. There he meets the winner between the ASC new home (VII) and Waldhof Mannheim (III).

Bavaria: 1860 Munich in the Cup final, Schweinfurt comfortable doing

Bayern (3): 1860 München (III) is available without a fight in the final, because the FC Memmingen did not host the semi-finals due to the uncertain future of the club. In the second semi-final Viktoria Aschaffenburg (IV) and the Würzburger Kickers play the second finalist. Würzburg is qualified through the League already, so your final automatically for 1860 Munich in the DFB-Pokal would participate. The second place in Bavaria receives the current state of the 1. FC Schweinfurt (V).

Berlin (4): Here, the semi-final games are still to come. The Berliner SC (VI) meets Viktoria Berlin (IV), the BFC Dynamo (IV) receives the VSG Altglienicke (IV).

DFB-Cup: Eight teams from Hamburg, opportunities

Brandenburg (4): In the semi-finals in Brandenburg it comes to a duel between FSV Luckenwalde (IV), and Union Fürstenwalde (IV), as well as the game of SV grün-Weiß Lübben (VI) against SV Babelsberg 03 (IV).

Bremen (4): here, Too, the semi-final from the stands. It is the FC Huchting (VI) meets the flower Thaler SV (V), in addition, the SC Borgfeld (V) plays against FC Oberneuland (V). imago/Eibner, What lies behind the balls?

Hamburg (8): In Hamburg, one back is still one step, here, is still played in the quarter-finals. Teutonia 05 (V) meets Eintracht Norderstedt (IV), Halstenbek-Rellingen (VI) receives the SV Rugenbergen (V), the TSV Sasel (V) plays against Barmbek-Uhlenhorst (V) and the ASV Hamburg (VI) receives Altona 93 (IV).

Hansa Rostock and Alemannia Aachen: Tradition in the DFB-Pokal

Hesse (3): In the final of the FSV Frankfurt (IV) is already in place. The final opponent will be determined between the FC casting (IV) and the TSV Steinbach Haiger (IV).

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (7): , Only Hansa Rostock (III) secured so far, the semi-final Ticket. In the quarter-finals of the FC Mecklenburg Schwerin (VI) is still fighting against the penzliner region SV (VI), of the SV Were 09 (VII) against the Torgelower FC Greif (V) and FC Schönberg (VII) against the 1. FC Neubrandenburg (VI).

middle Rhine (4): The semi-finals on the middle Rhine to decide between the 1. FC Düren (V) and Viktoria Arnoldsweiler (V), and between the FC Pesch (V) and Alemannia Aachen (IV).

lower Saxony: Two competitions for the DFB-Pokal

Niederrhein (4): of The 1. FC Kleve 63/03 (V) meets here in the semi-finals on the 1. FC Bocholt (V), the second duel in the best riding of the TVD Velbert (V) and Rot-Weiss Essen (IV).

lower Saxony (7): lower Saxony is Also two starting places. One of them goes to the winner of the lower Saxony Cup, where TSV Havelse (IV) without a fight in the final and the winner of the match VfB Oldenburg (IV) against BSV Rehden (IV) is true. The second Ticket is the winner of the Amateur Cup solves, where all stand semi-final games: The SC Spelle-Venhaus (of V) receives the MTV Gifhorn (V), Eintracht Celle (V) meets the FC Hagen/Uthlede (V).

Rheinland (4): In the Rhineland, there are also four possible opponents. The FC Karbach (V) to play against the TuS RW Koblenz (IV), the FV Engers (V) waits for the SF Eisbachtal (V).

Eight Teams in the Saarland, Magdeburg is already determined

Saar (8): Here are the quarter-finals must be played. It comes to the duels between the FV Diefflen (V) and the 1. FC Saarbrücken (III), the SC Halberg Brebach (V) and SV Elversberg (IV), the TuS-Herrensohr (V) and FC 08 Homburg (IV), as well as the SV Auer maker (V) and Borussia Neunkirchen (V).

Bong arts/ Coveted trophy: the DFB-Pokal

Saxony (4): In the semi-finals of the FC International Leipzig (V), expected to hit the Chemnitzer FC (IV), the FC eilenburg (V) on locomotive Leipzig (IV).

Sachsen-Anhalt (1): is The simplest of all solutions. The competition was cancelled before the semi-finals, the teams agreed on the 1. FC Magdeburg (III) as the DFB-Cup-participants.

DFB-Pokal: 1. FC Kaiserslautern and VfB Lübeck with it?

Schleswig-Holstein (2): The Finale is here already: The winner will be determined between the SV of death in the field (V) and VfB Lübeck (III).

Südbaden (4): This decides between the VfR Stockach (VII) and 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen (V), as well as the SC Lahr (VI) and the SV Oberachern (V).

southwest (3): Alemannia Waldalgesheim (V) is in the finals and awaits the opponent, either the 1. FC Kaiserslautern (III) or the SV Morlautern (VI)

Thüringen (3): During the FSV snow (V) fight to the Finale has been reached, because Rot-Weiß Erfurt the game operating the 1. Team set, will determine the second Finalist between Wacker Nordhausen (IV) and Carl Zeiss Jena (IV).

DFB-Pokal: Complex control in Westphalia

Westphalia (6): In the Westphalia Cup of RSV Meinerzhagen (V) and SV Rödinghausen (IV), as well as the SV Schermbeck (V) and the SpVgg Hagen (VII) face. The second place goes to the winner of a qualification game between the best Team from the Regionalliga West (SV Rödinghausen, IV) and the Oberliga Westfalen (SC Wiedenbrück V). Rödinghausen should qualify as a Cup winner would be riding the second-placed SC Verl (IV) the qualification game best.

Württemberg (7): here, Too, eight Teams are still in the race. The 1. Goeppinger SV (V) applies to the TSG Balingen (IV), the FV Ravensburg (V) plays against the SSV Ulm 1846 (IV), the TSV Pfedelbach (VII) receives the FV Löchgau (VII) and the VfB Stuttgart II encounters Sonnenhof grossaspach (IV). Stuttgart is not expected to participate in the event of a Cup victory as a second team but in the DFB-Pokal.

This article was written by Robin Meyer

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Mbappé see evil from the place entered: PSG coach Tuchel scolds at St. Etienne, PCP Mbappé evil from the place entered: PSG coach Tuchel scolds on St. Etienne

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