Coronavirus/Bayern: New relaxations since Monday, industry will be left out and demonstrated, Bavaria, Germany

On Monday (8. June) occurred in Bavaria, further relaxations of the Corona-measures in force - but not for a industry. Therefore, it will be in Munich for a Dem

Coronavirus/Bayern: New relaxations since Monday, industry will be left out and demonstrated, Bavaria, Germany

On Monday (8. June) occurred in Bavaria, further relaxations of the Corona-measures in force - but not for a industry. Therefore, it will be in Munich for a Demonstration.

In Bavaria, apply Monday, 8. June, further easing in the Corona-crisis. Of the Corona*crisis, especially the wedding industry is concerned, on Tuesday (9. June) there is a Protest in Munich, Germany. Since the pandemic in Bavaria runs better than expected, Auxiliary hospitals have been dismantled now. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus, and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current number of cases in Bavaria. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures.

Update 10.51 PM: behavior of The Coronavirus crisis in life, even in the shopping dramatically changed. Some things could remain even after the crisis, especially in Digital. An Online supermarket will open earlier than planned in Munich. He could go a competition for the existing chains into the race.

Update 10.13 PM: Bavaria Sweden-returnees two weeks in quarantine . "As long as Sweden does not exceed this incidence value, also applies to the free state of Bavaria at the time of or after a trip to Sweden, the mandatory Quarantine," said a spokesman for the Bavarian health Ministry on Tuesday. Since then the appropriate regulation of the entry quarantine regulation (EQV) , in which the critical mark is with a "new infections are among a number in proportion to population, of more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants cumulative in the last seven days," stated attack. Several States have already formulated a quarantine compulsory for people coming from Sweden,. Reason, the Corona is development there,

Update 8.57 PM: This Semester is unusual for Bavaria's students: Due to the Corona-crisis, you will study mainly through the Internet. Also, the tests will be different than normal run: Several variants are under discussion.*

New relaxations for Bayern since Monday: An industry stays out of it and now wants to demonstrate

original message from 9. June, 6.57 PM

Munich - On Tuesday (9. June) want to make a service provider from the wedding industry at 10 a.m., with a Demonstration in the Bavarian capital on their difficult Situation in Corona-times the attention.

"The wedding industry came with the beginning of Corona to a standstill," said the Munich-based wedding planner, Doreen Winking, has co-organized the protest action. "The locker, which is not sufficient for us." This year, you should organize a twelve-weddings - all had failed.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: the wedding industry is protesting in Munich

in the Protest not the first time that the Corona-measures in question, "but the industry as a whole has virtually no income - and that will lead to the end of the year. We need solutions .“

be affected not only wedding planners, but also musicians or the operator wedding venues . Estimates assumed that the industry has moved into Germany through the Corona of a pandemic, up to one billion Euro loss said Winking. "Hundreds of wedding celebrations cancelled - thousands, probably."

Coronavirus in the free state: Aid to hospitals in Bavaria, again

degrade Corona pandemic has led in Bavaria to help were sick, built houses, extra - but then, the crisis was significantly lower than feared. Therefore, these Auxiliary hospitals have been dismantled now. Some were not only driven high, as a survey of the German press Agency revealed. The test capacities, however, should be substantially expanded.

"is the Extent to which the expansion of the test to the currently existing 124 Bavarian test centers, specifically, have, yet," said health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) , however. The tests, in particular for groups of people, increasingly, are particularly at risk, or in the so-called critical infrastructure work. "In addition, people who show no typical symptoms of a coronavirus infection should receive in the free state of Bavaria, the opportunity to take the test," said Huml. Details were still being worked out.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: the government looks to increase in infection

Alone government of district of upper Bavaria the information has been furnished to seven such Auxiliary hospitals. With the exception of Erding have been or will be built all back. In the upper Palatinate were built according to a spokesman for the district government, three Auxiliary hospitals in Swan village, oberviechtach, and Waldsassen, as well as a Makeshift hospital in Weiden, Germany. Of these, only the locations in Schwandorf and upper are Viechtach in readiness.

For any increase in the infection numbers the authorities, despite the Dismantling of the Auxiliary hospitals to be well equipped. A spokeswoman for the government of upper Franconia, where the concepts in the course of the pandemic events were so far also not required, said for example: "In the event of the occurrence of a second disease wave of Covid-19 were based on the very short term, additional in-patient Treatment capabilities."


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Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 06:33