Coronavirus Amateur athletes don't stop Training

your body steels Mr. and Mrs. Zürcher, even in times of Covid-19. This circuit allows for a survey of some of the Fitness providers in the city on Thursday. The

Coronavirus Amateur athletes don't stop Training

your body steels Mr. and Mrs. Zürcher, even in times of Covid-19. This circuit allows for a survey of some of the Fitness providers in the city on Thursday. The mention of the day of the week is of importance, were closed on the same day, in Ticino, in addition to many public institutions, but also all of the fitness center.

So far, it is not in Zurich yet, by far. This is most clearly seen on demand at the Migros cooperative in Zurich. This tells that in these days in their Studios, no unusual decline in admission numbers was found. This means something: The Migros Zurich and operates in addition to your fitness parks (27’000 members in eight locations), the Activ-Fitness-Studios (Switzerland 140’000 members) and is thus in Zurich the clear top dog.

"We get the customer to hear, rather, that they were glad to have this piece of everyday life," says Gabriela origin of the Migros. Meanwhile, the group is playing in the Background of different scenarios. This origin says: "We hope that it comes to closures."

"We are a little surprised"

the swimmers to enter the city so far from the Coronavirus unimpressed. Anyway, Schläpfer from the sports Department, according to Manuela, the number of guests in the indoor pools comparable with those in the previous year.

The largest yoga studios in the city, requests were unanswered. With one of these providers, the Online booking tool but not a significant decline in Customers, close, were held on Thursday but a number of lessons as booked. It also looks at the open cycle, the provider of Indoor Velotrainings. The units on Friday evening and Saturday morning are fully booked. Open cycle reports in a Mail to its customers, you've stopped the Team to refrain from high fives, hugs, and General physical contact.

Balboa Move, one of the trendiest fitness provider, has figures of the Coronavirus so far, hardly any impact on the visit. "We are a little surprised. Well, because there is an uncertainty in the population is there. There are a maximum of five to ten percent less," says Balboa-founder Erich Züger. He adds, however, with a view to the General Gym-closing in Ticino: "Maybe."

Innovative solutions

According to far, he and his Team thinking ahead of time, just for the special case of a General closure. "This, then, is a paradox: You want to keep healthy, at the same time, one is deprived of the opportunity. In such a case, we will try to give the people the opportunity to train further with innovative solutions."

but There are very comfortable, the Fitness-party that feel the respect Virus already. "The March, an otherwise strong month, it has emerged now as a weaker. According to our Check-In Numbers, we have at least 20 percent less people," says Lorenz Stäheli, the Club Manager of Indigo Fitness. Financially, the hit the Gym immediately, because the customers have annual subscriptions. "Check, we would have to the new one, if we had to close for several months." The significant decline, he explained, especially with the many clients who are in big firms, and now work at home and therefore not come to the city.

No Judo, no Tango

gone The furthest in its interventions, a semi-public fitness providers, the academic sports Association of Zurich, in which the majority of the students trained so far. Nowhere similar to the detailed guidelines are to be found on the Website of the ASVZ. The participants were in the group lessons pay reduced as far that all athletes have at least six square meters available. A spinning lesson, for example, is carried out with only 15 instead of the usual 40 Bikes.

The triple gym on the Polyterrasse may only be 150 people at a time are used – yet there was no restriction. And contact sports from Judo to Tango were all set. Overall, the visit numbers fell by around a third, with shares Silvana Ulber from the ASVZ.

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