Completely overwhelmed: Klopp between dance and tears | More sports

Jürgen Klopp can do no wrong. After winning the championship with Liverpool, the popular coach of his feelings overwhelms and breaks out in an Interview in tear

Completely overwhelmed: Klopp between dance and tears | More sports

Jürgen Klopp can do no wrong. After winning the championship with Liverpool, the popular coach of his feelings overwhelms and breaks out in an Interview in tears. The Video is on the Internet to Hit and stirred the Fans.

Liverpool (dpa) - The eyes of Jürgen Klopp were visible reddened. After the Triumph of the Liverpool coach spoke with trembling voice. "I'm completely overwhelmed. I never would have thought that it feels so", he stammered when broadcaster Sky Sports.

"This is a great Moment, I really have no words." Shortly thereafter, the 53 had to-Year-old the Interview to cancel because he broke out in tears. "I yesterday evening to a lot of crying," joked Klopp, "I was too emotional. I'm lucky to be in this club if that happens. I am so happy that I am a part of it."

emotional tears-Video was after winning the championship in England, an Internet Hit and stirred the Fans. To see "great," commented a user by the name of Lewis on Youtube. "After I saw that, I need to cry," wrote Userin Vicky. Later, another Clip appeared in the dancing master builders omitted, and the players will be fires.

In the home town of the Beatles, of the cult of Klopp is due to such events even greater. To say that Stuttgart is the most popular football coach on the island, is not a bold claim. And since Thursday evening, the coach has definitely legend status in the 128-year-old history of the glorious Liverpool FC. 19. Championship title, the first for 30 years, is to remain indissolubly linked to the name of Jürgen Klopp.

"30 years Ago ... I was 23!", the Coach was amused. "I haven't been thinkin' too much about it, to win the championship with Liverpool, if I'm honest. I had all the skills to do it. 30 years later, I'm here because of the great staff I have, it's incredible."

the champion is Liverpool, is fixed since the defeat of Manchester City at Chelsea FC on Thursday. Actually, it was but for weeks clear. "We knew it could happen, it could not happen," admitted Klopp.

Pep Guardiola from the dethroned Champions Manchester City, who finished last year just one point ahead of Klopp's squad, congratulated the new Champions. The title was earned "probably". On the 23 points behind his team addressed, responded contritely to the star coach easily. "We are far, but the other 18 Teams are even further behind."

City have surrendered control of the Premier League, wrote in the "Daily Mirror" and was: "Pep Guardiola's two year reign is over." The "Telegraph" praised, it was "one of the greatest successes of all time, Liverpool has beaten this team of Man City with such a lead". Seven days prior to the end of the season - so early in the Premier League, no Club champion. And it further records are possible.

The Fans, who had celebrated in the night, in spite of the Conoravirus crisis, and despite the warnings of the city and of the Trainer - by the Thousands, with fireworks and flags at the stadium Anfield, however, is even more important that Liverpool defended the title in the coming year. Because with the 20. The title would finally be back with the hated record Champions Manchester United the same.

"It is clear that the team is in a good Phase, we are young enough to pick up even more," said Klopp optimistically. "It is a Moment like last year after the Champions League final - man makes more." He couldn't promise that he'll stay the Rest of his life in Anfield, said Klopp, "but I'll still be here for a while."

The long-standing Liverpool-professional Jamie Carragher expects more trophies. "I don't think a title for Jürgen Klopp and his team is enough, so much energy," he said, and praised the coach. "He manages to conjure up something Special, and Liverpool Fans will love him. You can see how much they stand behind all of what he has done."

even before Liverpool won last year the Champions League was Klopp at Anfield as a figure of identification. Since his assumption of office in October 2015 that, it went uphill slowly at first but surely. In less than five years, he shaped the Reds to a world-class Team - a "spectacular revival", as they are called by the British television channel BBC.

Klopp was "fantastic" and embody "everything Liverpool FC stands for," enthused the club icon Sir Kenny Dalglish. "King" Kenny won as a player and coach, so pretty much everything with the Club in 1990 was the last coach of the Reds. As one of the first he congratulated his visibly agitated successor by live turn on the television and had even moist eyes.

"This title is for you," said Klopp. "He (Kenny) has been waiting 30 years. And it is for Stevie." The former captain Steven Gerrard wore the red Jersey from 1998 to 2015, and was regarded as an absolute identification figure. He won the Champions League with the Reds, the championship but. 2014 Team-playful, seemingly certain title two games before the end of the season.

"The boys admire you," said Klopp in the direction of Dalglish, Gerrard, Graeme Souness, and other Liverpool icons. "It is easy to motivate the team, because of your great history."

Klopp has now added another successful Chapter. A memorial of the Coach, as Gerrard into the conversation had taken, would be the successful German coach, however, uncomfortable: "I don't want no Statue, that's my Motivation."

Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff, Jürgen Klopp congratulated on winning the title with Liverpool. "I take my hat off to Jürgen. What he has done, deserves the greatest recognition," said Löw in a communication of the German football Association (DFB). "Jürgen lives by his passion, his enthusiasm, his irrepressible will to win. The Fans rightly love him, completely. He has instilled the team to play his type of football, and the players follow him." Liverpool have an impressive consistency and is absolutely become a champion deserves.

DFB-Director Bierhoff praised: "Jürgen represents the German football abroad and is respected to a large extent. We are grateful to him.

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