Column | Chimy Avila, a Kun with bad grapes

at this point of the championship, the Spanish football begins to take very seriously to Ezekiel Avila, 25 years old, known as the Chimy, a nickname that become

Column | Chimy Avila, a Kun with bad grapes

at this point of the championship, the Spanish football begins to take very seriously to Ezekiel Avila, 25 years old, known as the Chimy, a nickname that becomes popular increasingly, around the world, but not for the goalkeepers of the opposing teams. The front of Osasuna has scored 10 goals in 18 games —not played against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu— and is situated behind Messi, Benzema and Luis Suarez in the list of top scorers of LaLiga. Its influence is decisive in the splendid journey of Osasuna, where his coach Jagoba Arrasate has assembled a team of energetic, indesmayable, with an unexpected vocation for the game of attack. No one like the Chimy summarizes these qualities.

it Starts to fade a prejudice, apparently favorable, which weighed on Avila, the player combative, extremely annoying to your bookmarks, a horsefly restless that he waved to his team and did shake the nerves of their rivals. There is plenty of that in the argentine striker, but in no way defines him as a player. Although his stamp invite to cartoon —small (1,71), compact, abundantly tattooed, a few quads that do not fit in the pant and expressiveness showy—, Chimy Avila brings together a compendium of qualities that it is difficult to find in football.

Anyone who have a look at YouTube you will understand immediately that your production goal, both the previous season in the Huesca as the current, most relevant due to its versatility for the figures, which otherwise grow year after year. Chimy Avila has scored goals of all colors, all beautiful and some of extreme difficulty.

In many aspects, Chimy Avila is the Kun Aguero with bad grapes. You do not have the silky cadence of Aguero with the ball, or the serenity that transmits the front of the City in the area. Avila is fast-paced, erratic and challenging. However, the two take advantage of his tremendous strength on the friction with the defenses, of the legs that hold the power mammoth and the low center of gravity that allows them to rotate like spinning tops. In terms of travel and commitment, Avila is much more than a player of area. His defensive commitment is boiling.

The catalog of goals, says a lot of Avila: it is a finisher obsessive, instant, and effective, both with the right as with the left, just as fearsome in and out of the area, good cabeceador for your height and cunning to anticipate the defenses. Optimistic to the core, never does shy away from the loneliness. Almost you prefer. Its dynamism stuns defenses, they inevitably suffer to a player enjoys in the crash and has no problems to appear on the sides, a quality that like very little to the plants. Explosive in the snatch, his speed is also far-reaching. Piatti, the speedy end of the Espanyol, the suffered in a race of 50 meters that Chimy began with great disadvantage and won with a difference dramatic.

His short tour at First could be interpreted as a success fleeting, ceiling limited. It is not. Chimy Avila advances to any machine in the football and in the market. Natural Splice Barns, one of the districts with the highest hardship crosses in Rosario (Argentina), Ávila had not been a starter on any team until halfway through the season 18-19 in Huesca. On loan from San Lorenzo de Almagro, no one noticed a player who was about to save the team aragonese descent. Osasuna what he signed for 2.5 million euros, an amount that now sounds like a gift fallen from the sky, because Chimy Avila is not sympathetic to the novelty that invited caricaturizarle. It is something quite different: a jugadorazo in every rule.

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Date Of Update: 06 January 2020, 21:00

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