Coaching legend Hitzfeld: Bayern it is certainly an advantage to play at home

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Coaching legend Hitzfeld: Bayern it is certainly an advantage to play at home

Only on Sky: DUEL of THE GIANTS (display)

So you can see Borussia Dortmund V FC Bayern LIVE at a low price

Dortmund | Bayern live stream

Ottmar Hitzfeld (71) is one of the most successful coaches in the world. With FC Bayern, where the native of lörrach, worked from 1998 to 2004, and in 2007/08, he won five Championships as well as Champions League and world Cup treble in 2001. Previously, he had won the crown of continental club football in 1997 with Borussia Dortmund, he also took in his BVB time (1991) two more Championships. After the world Cup finished its 2014 Hitzfeld as national coach of Switzerland, his career.

so There is no Better to talk prior to the Bundesliga summit, Dortmund and Bayern on Tuesday (from 18.30 clock in the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online) a bit. Especially since it begs the question: For which club Hitzfeld's heart beats more?

FOCUS Online : Mr Hitzfeld, the Corona break in the Bundesliga is over. How do you perceive the "new" football - everything as always?

Ottmar Hitzfeld: I am very happy, that again will be played. The DFL-concept with the hygiene protection measures that you have taken is exemplary for many other football. Fortunately, everything has worked out well, so the League has also done pioneering work. imago images/kolbert-press Alphonso Davies (right) and Kingsley Coman (M.) Harry Jadon Sancho - in the first leg of the FC Bayern won with 4:0 against Borussia Dortmund

FOCUS Online from a Purely sporting seems to have changed little. Striking, however, is: 10 of 18 the spirit of the games since the restart, the away team won teams, there were only three home wins, two of which are from Bayern and Dortmund. You already believe in a Trend and what is the for the duel is on Tuesday?

Hitzfeld: If 80,000 people are in the stadium, the home team more support, there is more sentiment and pressure for the opponent; the referee has now made it easier than to whistle in front of 80,000. This relates to some aspects. For Bayern it is certainly an advantage to play in Dortmund and not at home in front of empty stands in the Allianz Arena.

Hitzfeld: What is the Favre move "most Important" was

FOCUS Online Dortmund is off to an excellent start. The following Thesis: The academic Lucien-Favre-teaching work under sterile conditions without 80,000 Fans better - the Favre-soccer spirit games will help more than harm him. Do you agree with?

Hitzfeld: to say is> Difficult. Favre is, of course, a tactician and football developer who can come up with something New. He has given the club a great face, and in the spirit of the game, the football strength to a team more to Wear - because the other side is eliminated, the emotions, the mood in General. Therefore, will prevail in the playful strength of team rather.

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FOCUS Online Bayern revealed against Frankfurt (5: 2) needs to negligent concentration. Coach Hansi Flick calls for more dominance through possession of the ball. What Dortmund to win the champion, what the Chance is?

Hitzfeld: If you like Bayern against Frankfurt so quickly after the half with 3:0, it is always dangerous - and then you will be a bit negligent. Therefore, it was for Flick is actually quite good: Then he must say so much. The team has recognized itself, it talks about the error, the sharpens back to the senses.

For Dortmund is that to maintain this style, the man has created with the fast switch, fast in the top play, the free rooms to use. The most Important thing is the stabilization, however, was That Favre has changed in the course of the season on a three-or five-chain. If you developed a defensive security and the opponents less chances to score allows you more offensive power.

Hitzfeld: "to arrange, is the art of top-of-trainers"

FOCUS Online : you can See at Bayern a specific weak point?

Hitzfeld: no. Bayern has a superb defence, with Jerome Boateng, who is still fast and motivated. Safety David Alaba, the development is as a Central defender an uncanny Positive gives it in addition, not only in the defensive organization, also in the construction game.

FOCUS Online : The FC Bayern scored 80 goals after 27 days of play - a Bundesliga record -the former is strong 74. In the first leg in Munich won with 4:0. What kind of game you expect tactically?

Hitzfeld: It is a special game, in which you can develop freely. Dortmund will be able to achieve quick shift game a lot, with players who go in depth. Against Bayern, as usual, the more the ball will have possession of this type of football is Bayern Munich. Marius Becker/dpa In the Bundesliga top match Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München on each other

FOCUS Online : meet It is always hard to single players out. Nevertheless, you will See an exposed key duel, about Achraf Hakimi against Alphonso Davies on the outside or Julian Brandt against Leon Goretzka in the centre?

Hitzfeld: no, because the teams are busy today, at every Position superbly, and in the collective is very strong. Covered a player stronger, you can decide in addition to man the game. We are experiencing an absolute top game with a great deal of substance in both teams. Bavaria, the power, the more experienced team with Manuel has become New, with Thomas Müller, Robert Lewandowski, anyway, also Boateng is combined with Alaba to be a Leader. You have a strong framework. I would not say that a direct duel is decisive. Only on Sky: you can see the DUEL of THE GIANTS live! (Display)

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FOCUS Online: you have been in your career for psychological and educational skills are well known. Flick managed to strengthen ailing professionals like Müller and Boateng, Alaba even stranger Position. People management is the secret core of expertise, a coach must have at this level? Soccer improve international Top-players, which are hardly, or not?

Hitzfeld: In the foreground is always the football skills in the tactical-technical area and the style of play that developed. But the last 20, 30 percent are also, of course, people leadership, in order to unite the "Stars" with the other major players, and to convey and, if someone has in the Bank. To arrange that, is the art of the top trainers. And this leadership is certainly a strength of Flick.

Hitzfeld: "Flick can dominate at FC Bayern Era"

FOCUS Online Can be Flick is the one that is shaped by the Bayern finally a Era? He is the fifth Coach since Pep Guardiola in 2016.

Hitzfeld: I don't trust him, because he has the charisma, in the success of prudently remains and players can unite. Flick can shape an Era, but he has to start first with the titles.

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FOCUS Online : you have celebrated in Dortmund and Munich, and great triumphs. With which club you are connected emotionally stronger?

Hitzfeld: I'm actually fairly neutral and would like to see a top game. That's the beauty in my position, because I was with Dortmund and Bayern great years and both cities have meant for me a life. I would be happy with Dortmund as well as Bayern. Of course I know the leaders of Bavaria - this was my last stop - a little better, but have also a very good reference after Dortmund Manager Michael Zorc as an Ex-player. And with Favre, I used to play in Switzerland. As I said: I enjoy the game.

FOCUS Online : If the BVB Bayern fails - he is then master?

Hitzfeld: If Dortmund wins, remains Bayern still League leaders, but then the voltage for all of the Fans rises in Germany. If Bayern wins, it is a preliminary decision.

FOCUS Online : Mr Hitzfeld, thank you for the interview!

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