Clunkers 2.0: decision postponed - CDU-politician with poison arrows in the direction of car industry | economy

supports the German auto industry with a "scrappage scheme" in the Corona-crisis? For next week's scheduled summit will reportedly be postponed. From the Uni

Clunkers 2.0: decision postponed - CDU-politician with poison arrows in the direction of car industry | economy

supports the German auto industry with a "scrappage scheme" in the Corona-crisis? For next week's scheduled summit will reportedly be postponed. From the Union, there are critical tones.

The car industry groaning under the economic effects of the Corona-crisis* . To Overcome the financial loss should be cushioned with a clunkers . The results of the negotiations between government and decision-makers of the VDA are provided for the beginning of June. A premium for new cars Purchase comes, is considered. There are apparently a major sticking point.

Update from 28. May, 20.21 PM: for Tuesday's planned car summit between the Federal government and of the German Association of the automotive industry is supposed to take place. Certified VDA-Boss Hildegard Müller supposedly, the image. The government's internal need for Coordination of the coalition Committee, the for the same day (2. June) is provided. However, the question of a Stimulus for the automotive industry in the Form of a new " clunkers " next on the Agenda.

The automotive calls for, among other things, the purchase of premiums, to the sales of passenger Cars and commercial vehicles to boost. Müller pointed out that for more than million people short-time work was sought. Apparently, the "drama of the situation was not yet even aware". The rest> of billions of euros were missing the state and the social systems per month . At the same time a job message from the German supplier giant ZF Friedrichshafen has been known. "We need to get people back to work," says Müller. Will needed a "strong pulse".

"scrapping premium" for buying a new car? "Drama is not to advise all well aware of that"

automotive industry representatives had already in the beginning of may with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Decisions on aid for the industry in the Corona-crisis* did not fall in to the telephone conference. It was agreed to continue in a working group on "measures to revive the economy" to be replaced. The results of which should be discussed at the beginning of June.

+ there Is a "scrappage bonus 2.0"? Angela Merkel and the Federal government make it exciting.©dpa / Silas stone

Like the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Friday edition) reported, there are in the Union group, significant resistance to a "scrappage scheme" for cars. In the most recent meeting would have been the same, therefore, the majority against it. As the sharpest opponent of the Chairman of the Parliament's SME circle of the Union group,, Christian von Stetten (CDU) shall apply accordingly. The Parliament circle of 161 of 246 Union members belong to.

Von Stetten said the SZ, he's backrest with a purchase premium for cars and also "the majority of Union group, is a security against a purchase premium". The auto industry has exacerbated "the crisis in sales due to their demand for a purchase of premium own - nobody buys more cars, because all the wait, whether there will be this buyer's premium". That's why you have to tell the citizens now, "that there will be no buyer's premium, then the sales will rise again".

Also, the economic wing of the CDU purchase declines in premiums. the Carsten Linnemann , the Chairman of the "Mittelstand" and economic Union, said he "would warn against, is now on industry-specific, and to set only short-term measures".

clunkers 2.0: climate activist Luisa Neubauer horrified about auto bonus

origin article 25. May:

The car industry is considered to be the heart of the German economy. Also, the domestic flagship of the industry is feeling the effects of the Corona-pandemic* significantly - after all, who can already buy a new car , when the Showrooms of the brands VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and co. are closed? As a further point to add to that the financial uncertainty due to Corona prevents a lot of people in a cost-intensive purchase.

clunkers 2.0 due to Corona: In what Form is the new car premium come from?

the financial losses of the German car manufacturer to mitigate, challenge, specially the "Auto country" of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and lower Saxony, a buying a car-premium for new car models. Longer this item on the Agenda - and also from the influential Association of German car will be driven manufacturers (VDA). For the 2. June is planned to be a further negotiation between the Government and the VDA (“auto summit“), in order to decide on a new clunkers .

+ Neubauer holds a car premium for a "maximum of irresponsible idea"©dpa / Christian Charisius

As the mirror reported, there is a sticking point that makes the decision making even more explosive: the coupling of a ceiling CO2-emissions . Therefore, a promoting could be sealed when buying a car that includes a carbon dioxide emissions not exceeding 140 grams per kilometre. This would mean that high-yield models of traps, such as the BMW 5 series or Mercedes E class under the subsidization and not only to vehicles with low emission or even emission-free vehicles such as electric cars.

Due in November 2019 increased eco bonus be called for those cars, however, already by the state.

the scrappage scheme 2.0 due to Corona: climate activist Luisa Neubauer indignant

The value is also significantly higher than the fleet limit of the European Union in the amount of 95 g and also the climate torpedoed therefore, the objectives of the German government for 2030, how the mirror performs. Clearly, that creates in people a lack of understanding that a traffic turning , as well as mobility with environmentally-friendly drives, your choice.

The well-known German climate activist Luisa Neubauer (“Fridays for Future“), expresses her dismay in the face of the upcoming car purchase premium social networks:

state car purchase-premium: how it works the financial support

The German trade Union Confederation insists on the premiums for the promotion of car purchase . Member of the management Board Stefan Körzell told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that they were for vehicles "make sense, if she is open to new technology and also for low-emission combustion" applies.

The economy in Germany reject the funding for the purchase of a new car, however, and argued recently, in the face of Corona* this is not only to strengthen the demand, but at the same time, the structural change in the Form of a traffic turning useful in the way.

In the bowl of the new premium should be 2.5 billion euros. Applications of car buyers would be granted until the funds are exhausted. And how high the car will buy premium for cars ? Supposedly 4000 Euro - to be borne equally by the manufacturer and the state*.

* is a service of the nationwide Ippen Digital editors ' network

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