Cheating, disguise, fly: The incredible scandal of the act of the FIFA-Boss Infantino

As Gianni Infantino, on 26. February had been elected 2016 President of FIFA, he moved to the heart, and then declared full-bodied: "I want to usher in a new E

Cheating, disguise, fly: The incredible scandal of the act of the FIFA-Boss Infantino

As Gianni Infantino, on 26. February had been elected 2016 President of FIFA, he moved to the heart, and then declared full-bodied: "I want to usher in a new Era, FIFA, the football moves back to the centre."

But relatively quickly it became clear that the only lip-service goods. Not the football is Infantino in the center, but the maximum commercialization of the product, and apparently also personal enrichment. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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as UEFA General Secretary, he had a TV contract with a corrupt South American law dealers. Therefore, the 50 met-Year-old not two months after his election as FIFA Boss secretly with the Swiss Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber, the determined finally only against persons Unknown, not against Infantino, and the process 2017 stopped. After that, the two came together at least twice, and should have discussed other sensitive issues, were not able to recall but at a documented Meeting in June 2017 in Bern. After several criminal complaints against Lauber, Infantino, and more persons were received, determined since the end of June, an extraordinary Prosecutor of the Confederation, Dr. Stefan Keller.

Infantino: criminal proceedings in Switzerland opened

Last week, the Federal administrative court in St. Gallen said that Lauber said in the interviews by the Supervisory authority of the Federal Prosecutor "intentionally untrue, and the third Meeting with Fifa President Infantino aware of in the past. It thus confirms the severe violation of his official and fiduciary duty in this point". As a result, the highly controversial Federal Prosecutor resigned. Nevertheless, the special investigator, the basement has on Thursday officially opened a criminal case against Lauber, Infantino, and others opened for abuse of power, breach of official Secrecy, and favouritism as well as incitement to these offences.

Infantinos much criticized predecessor, Sepp Blatter had to be able to 2015, only 13 days in office before he was suspended by the FIFA ethics Committee at the time, also due to a charge – what made the way for Infantino free. "The case is clear," said Blatter now: "and Now also the Fifa ethics Committee must initiate proceedings against Gianni Infantino and suspend him." AFP/SID/ATTILA KISBENEDEK Gianni Infantino is part of a judicial affair

However, most observers expect Infantino, the as expected, all of the accusations are far from, you can also take this time to the head out of the noose. So FIFA is not more refers to the fact that a lock in the case of a criminal proceeding occurs automatically in force. Apparently, at the Insistence of Infantinos of ethics was modified-the code of conduct in a May-provision. The President installed chief investigator Claudia Rojas can keep the President in office – what insiders going out.

Gianni Infantino: The scandal acts is getting longer and longer

the scandal acts Infantino that has accumulated in just four and a half years, which is longer and can be played at this point only incomplete:

private flying: at Least three times, Infantino has used improperly apply to a private plane. Once, he flew to an audience with the Pope, another Time he used the machine of one of the Russian oligarchs. Most recently in April of 2017, his entourage rented, according to the süddeutsche Zeitung, a Charter plane for a six-figure sum to come a day earlier from a conference in Surinam back to Europe. Justification compared to the established Compliance-the chief of FIFA an urgent Meeting the next day, with UEFA President Alexander Ceferin, the has not but taken place was.

nepotism: How Blatter has also noticed the UEFA fielded Infantino fast that he can get a majority for re-election, the easiest way in Asia, Africa and America. He won the election primarily by the promise of an increase in the world Cup participants from 32 to 48, and the doubling of the development assistance payments for the member associations. These payments, many of the back in the vicinity of the corruption of the electoral colleges, because the money arrives almost never at the base and numerous officials have been accused of personal enrichment. Everything is the same as under Blatter, said the delegate of Uganda at last year's Congress: "Only you have to fill out many forms before getting the money."

rule: Actually, Infantino had announced that day-to-day business according to his choice, in the Hand of the Secretary-General to submit, and is officially only a kind of Chairman of the Supervisory Board. However, the football was previously completely inexperienced Senegalese woman, which screens Fatma Samoura is a CEO of his grace, the decisions are made by Infantino. In this image also fit that he was 2019, not by secret ballot but by acclamation to re-elect. An Opposition worthy of its name, he does not have to fear due to the consent, outside of Europe, and the hare-footed occurrence of the UEFA representatives already in the past. dpa/Ennio Leanza/KEYSTONE/dpa Has a criminal case in the neck: the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.

Off the critics: The most dangerous would have been Infantino, at the latest, now an independent ethics Commission, the suspended already Blatter, Michel Platini, and the former Secretary-General Jerome Valcke. But the new Boss was removed and replaced by the body within a few weeks of his election, so that the Compliance Chairman Domenico Scala stepped back unnerved. And a year later removed Infantino also the leading heads of the Ethics Committee, the German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert, the chief investigator, Cornel Borbely, from Switzerland, and the former New York Federal Prosecutor Michael Garcia. This would have him and his Board of Directors made colleagues to "hostages", he is said to have internally declared what he rode public best. Eckert said his expulsion "means the end of the reform process at FIFA". The appointment of the new Head of the ethics Commission, the Colombian administrative judge Claudia Rojas, is referred to by insiders as the clueless speak.

profit maximization: is A main argument of the Infantino-supporters, that he has led the global Association of the deep-red Figures at the end of the Blatter Era. In fact, it was made possible thanks to the world Cup in 2018, a gain of more than a billion dollars, the Infantino each of the 211 member federations at least six million dollars has been promised. A portion of the profits, but also with the dilution of the competitions, especially the world Cup expansion to 48 Teams, and the invention of new, more lucrative tournaments like the club world Cup. His biggest Deal Infantino not got through, however, (so far): The sale of a second competitions and numerous rights for 25 billion euros to a dubious consortium, whose origin the FIFA Boss also his colleagues on the Board, has been hiding. Supposedly, he had provided for themselves the highly coveted Post of CEO at the company.

credibility: Infantino has not improved the poor reputation of FIFA, but with its opaque and partially draw Occur more battered. Mutual praise with controversial politicians like Trump, Erdogan or Putin, he was awarded with the Russian order of friendship, to shape this public image. But even more serious for the continuing loss of image, the above documented facts are. The anti-corruption expert Mark Pieth came to the conclusion: "Infantino is beyond even the Dimension of Blatter."

It is not surprising, therefore, that of all the 18 years, the undisputed reigning Blatter is now one of the loudest critics of his successor, though both are so similar. But maybe the now 84 speculated-Year-old on a Comeback. After the expiry of his six-year-old lock by the FIFA ethics Commission in the next year, he could take over again. A big difference would it make probably.

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