Cheap excuse: Now Ferrari because Vettel gets his fat!

for Months, Ferrari has claimed that Sebastian Vettel had scattered the "first choice" for 2021, and in the Italian media, specifically, that this had not bee

Cheap excuse: Now Ferrari because Vettel gets his fat!

for Months, Ferrari has claimed that Sebastian Vettel had scattered the "first choice" for 2021, and in the Italian media, specifically, that this had not been willing to give up in the face of the corona of a crisis on a part of his salary. Until Vettel on Thursday in Spielberg, obviously, the collar burst and the start of the season in Austria (formula 1, 2019, to live in the Ticker!) revealed that, in truth, everything was different.

he never made an offer, so Vettel on the big stage in the FIA press conference, and he was very "surprised". A display that makes team boss Mattia Binotto, in a very unfortunate light on and had to oppose the Italians in his own FIA-talk occurs on Friday nothing.

Now Ferrari, the dishonest dealing with Vettel falls on the head. Because in the Paddock with the understanding that the Scuderia is a four-time world champion fall like a hot potato, to be able to in the next few years, on the closely with the powerful Todt-family references associated Charles Leclerc focus, is limited.

Binottos representation, that Vettel was actually the first choice to the Coronavirus came and the Situation on the head, holds about Jenson Button for a "cheap excuse". Binotto was Vettel rather, "simply to the word and has said: 'We need you next year.'"

the Button calls: Vettel deserves more respect!

Vettel had earned more respect than that: "We are talking about a four-time world champion! He won for Ferrari in many races," says the 'Sky'-expert. More precisely, 14 said in five years. Too little, as in Maranello, some toads, particularly as the car of 2017 and 2018 the right was competitive.

it Has won, But Button responded: "one of the other more than he?" Because the Numbers speak a clear language: in 14 of the 17 Ferrari victories for 2015 go on Vettel's account. Kimi Raikkonen, a former world champion, has won in the common time, only a single Grand Prix (USA, 2018). Leclerc 2019 two (Vettel only).

Button defended, Vettel: "I think he has even made 2019 a very good Job. Yes, he has made a couple of mistakes, one would not expect from a four-time world champion usually. He is an exceptionally good driver. And we should not forget that his team mate has also made mistakes, he would not have."

Paul di Resta, also expert in 'Sky', met on Thursday evening to talk with Vettel. "I don't think he is mad, if I tell," says the former formula 1 Pilot in front of the camera. A quarter of an hour he had sat with Vettel together. And I told quite openly of his history.

Ferrari had told him, so Vettel should have been told that you can not renew its contract "due to COVID". "So, he asked why," says di Resta. As the answer came: "Because your salary is quite high." Vettel but say, "it can't go to COVID, because they never made him an offer. Who says that it's for the money? I don't think anyway."

Di Resta continues: "I know that Charles is a Star of the future. But you need Leadership, someone to look up to the a Team that sets the direction. Sebastian can do that. At Leclerc, I'm not so sure." Button sees Vettel even "at the height of his creativity. I don't think that he should switch to a slower Team."

Wurz: there would have been about it can talk ...

'ORF'-expert Alexander Wurz can do to shake the Ferrari, only the head: "Maybe it's something else [than money]. But then you could at least speak with Sebastian and say: 'Okay, the economic Situation for our group has changed dramatically. Do you want to follow suit here and you are ready to explain your content to adapt?' I think, as you could have a good talk about it."

Button finds it "very strange to make such a decision before the season has even started. This brings to anybody." Firstly, because of the tense atmosphere that you could observe on Thursday and Friday. Second, because Vettel taken now, in fact, it can whistle to put themselves in the service of the team.

"Ferrari has now for a whole year, a driver in the jaw, you will be put at the end of the year in front of the door," says Button. "He says he will follow team orders. Maybe. But if it is his last race and he leads, he will then place? Of course not!"

In the case of Ferrari, it seems, in the meantime, see that you have communicated the Situation is extremely unhappy. You don't want to work with Vettel together, is one thing and a free choice of each employer. But the way, as the four-time world champion dumped, the now for the criticism.

Binotto is: "Would we be able to tell it in a better way? We have discussed with him already. I'm pretty sure that it is possible to make things always better. In this respect, I accept this allegation." And: Whether the decision was right, it was "hard to say", explains the Ferrari team boss to 'Sky'. "The time will show it."

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