Brazil: New Details from Bolsonaro-Video-shock - This is not a threat, it is ... | policy

in addition to the terrible extent of the Corona of a pandemic has to contend with Brazil, with corruption at the highest political level. A Video reveals Incre

Brazil: New Details from Bolsonaro-Video-shock - This is not a threat, it is ... | policy

in addition to the terrible extent of the Corona of a pandemic has to contend with Brazil, with corruption at the highest political level. A Video reveals Incredible on the head of state, Jair Bolsonaro.

Outrageous allegations against Brazil's head of state Jair Bolsonaro . According to a published Video pressure on the President is growing . The country is now one of the Corona the worst affected areas. Away from the pandemic* you want to override, apparently, laws for the protection of the rain forest.

Update from the 24. May 2020, 13.06 PM: Meanwhile, more Details from the Video are that Brazil's head of state Jair Bolsonaro come in many ways burdened, to light. Already on the day before it became known that Bolsonaro insulted in the Video, governors, and apparently admitted to try to influence the work of the police.

in Brazil, Bolsonaro schimpt in the incriminating Video about the German Federal police

In the Video, the Brazilian President rails against the n Oh to his information, the lack of information from the Federal police . "I can not let be surprised at the news. Hell, the police gives me no information,“ grumbles he, and added that he could not work. " this is Why I'm going to interfere with me , point. This is not a threat... it is the truth,“ said Bolsonaro.

before the President had given, moreover, to have strong> during a Cabinet meeting about his family spoken , however, it went to him only to the protection of their physical Unversertheit. Specifically, he said in the

In the Video, the Passage shows how Bolsonaro offended the governors of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, viciously, said Bolsonaro , moreover, that he would that the population was armed . "This is the guarantee that some son of a bitch just show up and be in a dictatorship can build", he believes.

in Brazil, Bolsonaro Video reveals Terrifying

initial message of 23. May 2020:

Rio de Janeiro - Following the publication of a Video recording it could closely strong> Brazil's head of state Jair Bolsonaro be for <. The President of the largest South American country faces severe accusations. It> influence on the police is, among other things, corruption in the Form of Corona-crisis* measures, at the expense of the entire planet - and the environmental destruction of the Amazon rain forest driving.

Brazil-President Jair Bolsonaro: Video reveals Shocking

In the investigations against the 65-year-old Bolsonaro was released by a judge of the Supreme court of Brazil a Video to the accusations of the influence on the police under the walls. The recording comes from a Cabinet meeting on October 22. April 2020, and reveals shocking Statements, the cause of the government of controversial President serious damage.

In the recordings, which will be played in TV stations of the country continually refer to, as the head of state, governors, desolate and insulted the Minister of education in the country, to detention of judges of the Supreme court calls. In addition, Brazil's Minister of the environment, Ricardo Salles to the centre of the criticism device. He wanted to take advantage of the distraction by the Corona-pandemic to legalize mining and agriculture in the Amazon rain forest. The Minister of the environment proposes, therefore, to seize the Moment, in the "media only Covid-19 talk", to change "all the rules", which have the protection of the whole planet important Amazon region to the target.

Jair Bolsonaro: it is investigating Brazil's head of state

The former Anti-corruption judge Sergio Moro, accuses Jair Bolsonaro undue "political interference" in police work. The Brazilian President have high-ranking police representative dismissed , in order to protect his family from investigation. Moro resigned in his recent role as Minister of justice, after police had to take boss Mauricio Valeixo his hat. A judge of the Supreme court of justice ordered then investigations , whether Bolsonaro have led to the obstruction of Justice or other Offences in the way.

It's not just the ultra-right head of state, who was recently criticised by an Ex-Bundesliga Star: The authorities are investigating the family of the 65-Year-old, because there are also allegations against the son of Carlos Bolsonaro, to have initiated as of the city Council of Rio de Janeiro, a Fake News campaign . At one point in the Video Jair Bolsonaro says, moreover, he had already tried in vain, "the safety of people in Rio de Janeiro officially replaced". "In the past. I'm not going to wait for you to run my whole family, my friends f...“

+ Against Brazil's controversial President, Jair Bolsonaro investigation.©AFP / SERGIO LIMA

Should confirm the suspicion, threatens to be the most powerful politician in Brazil, the impeachment . Opposition parties in the country have lodged in the back of this, together with a request for such a procedure. For more Video passages could be Bolsonaro , and his Cabinet is dangerous: In a insulted the President in the worst way the governors of the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, because they are contrary to his instructions strictly Corona-lock to be passed by the output*. It is desert certified follow vaccination as "piece of shit" and "dung heap".

Not only is Brazil before the collapse: in addition to the misconduct of Jair Bolsonaro, the country has. in the meantime, the second most Covid-19-victims on the account A whimsical guide to the Corona-therapy makes for confusion.

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