Bowling 2. League women of the FC Seeshaupt are facing major challenges | Weilheim

After some Back and Forth it is now: The bowlers inside of the FC Seeshaupt play in the future 2. Bundesliga. For the club, this is in every relationship a chal

Bowling 2. League women of the FC Seeshaupt are facing major challenges | Weilheim

After some Back and Forth it is now: The bowlers inside of the FC Seeshaupt play in the future 2. Bundesliga. For the club, this is in every relationship a challenge.

Seeshaupt – it is Now official: In a Letter dated 15. May all the affected clubs of the Bavarian sports bowlers and bowling Association (BSKV) said that in his Three-stage Plan-stage C was reached. This meant that The season will be cancelled, and the table stand, the 16. Round will count as a final table. The parent of the German bowlers Federal Classic (DKBC) has not approved this method yet, and he doesn't want it at the beginning of June by a "country portrait" rubber stamp. The bottom line is: the women of The FC Seeshaupt have the ascent into the 2. League done, because the ascent round is eliminated. For the upcoming season in the 2. League are reported to the lake home interior already.

skittles: ascent into the 2. League is the biggest success in the club history of FC seeshaupt

to Be done anyway, not just the poor recent past, the jump in the second highest German play class means the climax. It is just a shame that the FC Bowlers were not able to celebrate this success due to the Corona pandemic, according to. But postponed is not abandoned: "We have to celebrate this rise accordingly," says Sportwartin Hedwig Seitz. When that will be, not to say, however: "We must train until now, not even on the cone."

For about the last three months of any operation rests with the FC-skittle-players, and the upcoming season is already casting its shadow. "With the team, there has been no conversation," as Seitz reported. Is: Those players who have brought the Bayern League title – so Manuela Seitz, Andrea Seitz, Petra power, Carola Waitz, Sabrina Waitz, Petra Heinfling and Nadine Wieser will be in the 2. Bundesliga for FC on the train to go. Whether more game to strengthen the Team, or can, is still completely in the stars. "The 2. League does not scare us, it is a challenge,“ says Sportwartin Seitz.

skittles: most of The opponents of FC Seeshaupt not come from Baden-Württemberg and South Baden

But only in a sporting point of view the 2 is. League is a challenge: So beautiful this ascent, "is this a burden but also the Club's coffers a lot more," said the FC spokesman Edgar Schouten. The trips to the away games are always more, the nearest opponent to come from Poing (Landkreis Ebersberg) and Schretzheim (district of Dillingen). The remaining seven counterparties were all from Baden-Württemberg and South Baden. If the Gemeindebus not available, must be driven with private cars, according to Schouten. "The financial situation of the small Department with 70 members, there are no driving grant, so that the players have to pay this out of their own pocket," said the FC spokesman.

skittles: car in Seeshaupt for the 2 must. Bundesliga will be beefed up

in Addition, the bowling alley needs to be put in the sports centre to the latest version, because in the Federal leagues, other requirements prevail of holes, and Material. New cone and new ropes are according to Schouten "strictly necessary". Because the FC bowlers are lucky that your car is approved for the Federal leagues. "It is of the highest Standard," says Schouten.

The club's own referees are not qualified to conduct games in the national leagues. There is a need for further training, "which is very costly and with a lot of time," the lake of the platform speakers. For this reason, the Association must request the external referees, all of whose expenses, but has reimbursed the Department. In the cone circle "Zugspitze" there are according to Schouten, only three referees who have this qualification.

skittles: FC Seeshaupt is looking for sponsors

Therefore, the FC-bowlers are looking for sponsors who are willing to support the women's team. "It must be by no means to financial support," as Schouten confirmed. If someone would be willing to explain, to take one or the other Time, the cost of the arbitrator, or to sponsor a nine-seater for the away trips, when the Gemeindebus is already in need of, "anything would help us," says Schouten.

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