Boris Diaw : The Last Dance my want to play basketball ! - The Point

It was at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, that Boris Diaw is confined. Across the Atlantic, the former captain of the France team of bas

Boris Diaw : The Last Dance my want to play basketball ! - The Point

It was at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, that Boris Diaw is confined. Across the Atlantic, the former captain of the France team of basketball to 247 selections made as everyone, or almost : few jobs in their new home, and "aperitifs in the video" with his friends and his family. And he watched, too, the documentary series to success The Last Dance, aired on Netflix. This health crisis has disrupted his life, he was the traveller compulsive disorder since his retirement two years ago, the oenologist and amateur the blow of the range deemed to be in the dressing rooms. To The Point, the reigning NBA with the San Antonio Spurs and his friend always Tony Parker – entrusts its concerns on the post-crisis period.

The Point : Championships of basketball, football, rugby, etc, does Anyone know when this will resume. Are you worried about the following ?

Boris Diaw : of Course. The sport is a forgotten déconfinement. It is obvious, this is not something that can start immediately. As the restoration or the culture, the sport is a universe that brings together, and, with a such health crisis, this seems complicated. Especially group sports such as basketball. It is the contact, many contacts, and the players may not compete or train together. I'm afraid that the recovery of the sport is the thing that is going to push the most. This is all the more sad for team sports.

The minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu said that "sport is not the priority of our company" in this time of health crisis. You share this observation ?

This hurts to hear this, even if it includes. Compared to the opening of food shops, of course, that this is not something essential, in a period of a health emergency and of survival. Nevertheless, the sport also affects the morale of the French. It is a key element of our health. We've all seen it : what did the people of the only time that was allowed during the confinement ? Jogging. This remains a critical need certainly secondary, but essential in our society.

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The sport walking on eggs : the financial risk or the health risk ?

League 1 football ended the season and it is likely that the Pro A basketball to do the same. Is this not a risk for the place of French sport, while other championships, including in Germany (football and basketball), pick up as early as may ?

This is double-edged. Does not resume, it is to take the risk of lagging behind, but is it that those who are boosting the championships today are not taking a risk also ? The only risk that is worthwhile is health and the decision is necessarily complicated, because it relies on medical authorities who, themselves, have not been able to decide on many subjects, unable – and this is normal – to predict what will be in a month or two. There may be a good decision to take, but we don't know who takes it : the one who takes or the one who waits ? Only experience will tell us.

The hypothesis of a championship season behind closed doors in the NBA makes his way. It is a good solution ?

This is very complicated to go. The problem for the NBA is financial, because the judgment will impact the television rights, a waste of money for the players and for the clubs, who employ many people. The championship of america is a large multinational that works, as other, on eggs : the financial risk or the health risk ? The NBA, it is not that the young players in full form. These latter are in contact with referees, officers, physiotherapists, etc, It would be sufficient for a single health issue to tarnish the reputation of the NBA. And, again, the consequences would be dramatic.

But it is a big economic machine, as the Ligue 1, Roland Garros or the Tour de France. They should leave where amateur sport is much more threatened, is it not ?

indeed, this is where the concerns are greatest. The financial stakes of the amateur sport are less great, but, at the end of this health crisis and economic, there will be far more risk of bankruptcy among small clubs of the third division at Paris Saint-Germain or the New York Knicks.

Owner of restaurants and a great lover of coffee and wine, you know very much attached to the French art of living. Can he recover from this crisis ?

The French art of living has been shaken as it never has been. The next few months, or even the next few years are going to be terribly difficult for wine producers, for example, but also for restaurateurs. In France, there is a protection system that runs at full speed and, thanks to him, allows you to fill gaps and to arrive to tighten the belt, both good and bad. In the United States, there is not all of it. For a lot of restaurateurs and producers, there will be no other choice than to put the key under the door. I'm not the WHO, it's not up to me to say that opens prematurely or not, but compared to other countries, the United States reopened today their facilities have no other choice, because the State does not provide protection sufficient.

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The Last Dance has given me the desire to play again !

Containment forces, many French people have rediscovered Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s thanks to the documentary hit The Last Dance, aired on Netflix. Have you looked at ?

It has become a ritual, often with a good glass of wine. Here in Salt Lake, this is ESPN, which broadcasts every Sunday evening at 19 hours. In my youth, the documentary about Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to me excited her already, but this one is a cut above. The Last Dance would make anyone nostalgic for those years. This is all the more interesting to the broadcast today, in 2020, because many were beginning to forget who were Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s and what they have done for basketball, of course, but also for the world of sport in general. Young people today think that Jordan is a brand of shoe, and that the GOAT [the Greatest Of All Time, the best player of all time, ED], it is LeBron James. It presents some truths in place. Seeing these pictures, this is the only time since my retirement where the basketball was really missed. I have to admit it : The Last Dance made me want to get back to playing basketball !

And this shows another aspect of the legendary figures of the sport, such as Michael Jordan : huge champions with a part of shade, a difficult character...

the image of The sport given to the fans has always been very smooth. When I was looking at, kid, the emissions of basketball on Canal+, it was the best shares, baskets of three points, the dunks, the teams that win, the players and the fans cheering, etc., The objective was to convey the happiness, of the show, but behind the closed doors of the locker rooms, there are other stories. This is true in all sports. It is also because it shows that The Last Dance is an outstanding documentary.

is also of French sport, your friend always, Tony Parker is tipped to take the reins at Olympique lyonnais. Has he the capacity, even if it is not a "footeux" to the base ?

sorry to disappoint, but Tony is indeed a "footeux" ! Of course he has not played at a high level, but he has always been a huge fan. We know from our 15 years and it has always been the heart and soul of a footballer. And then all the club leaders are not former footballers ! Tony has the qualities required, I'm convinced of it. It is a young retired from professional sports and a young entrepreneur, and there is not much else which it is not capable of.

It is first launched into the skiing and now the football... Not betrays not a little of the orange ball since his retirement ?

A little bit, don't you think also ? (Laughter) - Level skiing, he still has a job. I can give him two-three courses, I believe that it needs to.

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