Border experience with a Yeast dough and honey | Landkreis Bad Tölz

mountain bikers Matthias Alberti cycled like a long race, and it is in times of Corona-Lockdown inventive: The "Border-to-Border" of the Tölzer 500 kilometers

Border experience with a Yeast dough and honey | Landkreis Bad Tölz

mountain bikers Matthias Alberti cycled like a long race, and it is in times of Corona-Lockdown inventive: The "Border-to-Border" of the Tölzer 500 kilometers for the good cause.

Bad Tölz– Who true Racer-flowing blood through the veins, can only hold a hard stop. Matthias Alberti had to be forced to in the past few months due to the Corona-pandemic – as almost all the athletes in Germany and Europe. As a mountain bike professional from the Tölzer was, of course, alone in the terrain, and also the a good 120 kilometers through the Isarwinkel to the front of the crack, Wallgau, the boiler down to Kochel and back into the Spa he completed on his carbon racer on a regular basis. But what is it going to be against a real, rock-hard and systematic Training, or even compared to a real race? "A good basic training," says the 32-Year-old laconically.

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a couple of weeks Ago, however, his blood came back really in the boil. His buddy and former coach Gerhard Dashuber had him Cycling with his club "and help" a Flea in his ear set. This non-profit organization for the needy, handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged children. Every mile is sponsored by godfathers, and is one for the good purpose. Since the borders were closed, devised Alberti a special Challenge: within Germany: from "Border-to-Border". The route in an East-West direction was quickly concocted, and Dashuber to the two-Wheeler along forces. "Nearly 500 kilometers of Running to the Austrian border, to Bad Krozingen, on the French border. Therefore, with a 33 cut in 15 hours,“ says Alberti.

With two handful of bars, a yeast braid, plenty of honey, and a dozen water bottles equipped the two Tretknechte were in total darkness at four o'clock in the morning to Run to the Start. "It was clear that it would be a long Ride in the saddle," recalls the Tölzer, "but, as slowly the sun was rising, all doubts flew away."

The long-distance specialist, who moved six years ago from the upper Bavarian Mehring to Tölz, knows long drags. Marathons are his favorite discipline. However, Alberti (ex-Leisling) like it – at the time of marriage two years ago, he adopted the surname of his wife, Katharina, fast and wavy. Long ramps, which screws over thousands of meters of altitude in the sky, are not his preferred Terrain. "Since everyone crawls into his own pace on the mountain – not for me," says Alberti, and thus also why he didn't come in the case of the great Alpine classics such as the Grand Raid, the Salzkammergut-Trophy, or the Sella Ronda to her problem. In the case of fast Marathons, he feels most comfortable. "Slightly hilly terrain, outliers, groups, and constant change of Rhythm, this is mountain bike Racing as it suits me best," says the trained carpenter, who is doing time in the army, and until next February, in feet service. In the case of these long Cross-Country race, the best yet in the case of bad weather, plays Alberti his trump cards. So in the past year, as he was in the Belgian city of Houffalize third in a race of the Marathon World Series – in the case of snow, rain and minus one degree. "Excellent," enthuses the 32-Year-old today, "in the last ten kilometres I went from Position 15, and finished on the podium in the front. After 130 kilometres, and over 3000 meters of altitude, you can do that only as an all-rounder. The people on the roadside have raged.“ The typical Walloon Cycling enthusiasm up.

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A similar Coup with the mountain bikers at the beginning of the career as a U-23 rider: At the European Championships in Montebelluna (Veneto), he was the Vice-champion. In the following year at the same place, Alberti landed his best world Cup result: place 16. At the Federal level, however, the Tölzer waits, meanwhile, is still on a medal. In his previous six starts, he had three fourth places, and also in series in the years 2010 to 2012. "Apparently, we are not friends – the DM and I," says the native of Upper Bavaria, together with the six-times Austrian champion Christoph Soukup of the top riders in 2018 based KTM factory team. Even if the 32-year-old Pro the time is running out gradually, not is he yet entirely beaten. "Many of the Trials remain to me," pondered Matthias Alberti, "but as long as the fire is still burning, I will fight for the title."

can at Least comfort yourself with the Tölzer for the time being, with a other success. "We have collected with our Border-to-Border action more than 2500 Euro for children in Need," says Alberti. What you can also pay with money: After the successful project of the Tölzer is a border experience. On the North-South Route is approached, comes the Racer-the blood flowing. "I'm not driven," says Alberti, a lot of speaking and smiling mischievously.

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Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 11:34

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