Berlin: in anticipation of the start of the season? - Hamilton has other things to Worry about

112 days after the actual start of the season, the formula 1 season on 5 to. July start: Austria instead of Australia, the spirit of the race instead of full Sc

Berlin: in anticipation of the start of the season? - Hamilton has other things to Worry about

112 days after the actual start of the season, the formula 1 season on 5 to. July start: Austria instead of Australia, the spirit of the race instead of full Scenes. Anticipation for Lewis Hamilton at the Moment but obviously still.

The six-time world champion, and other drivers such as Ferrari's young star, Charles Leclerc, and its future stable rival Carlos Sainz called on their Fans to raise in the fight against racism after the incidents in the USA, the voice. Whether the start of the late season could also be a political Statement of the world formula-1-series remains to be seen.

the only thing is that it can go with almost four-month delay in Spielberg at the Red Bull Ring. The Austrian Ministry of health issued the release, the proposed Hygiene and safety concept fits. "This is very important for formula 1, it goes off," said Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko, the news Agency APA. "We are pleased and proud of Austria."

the Hockenheim ring AS an ALTERNATIVE?

First, but without Germany this season to go on the stage. To take advantage of the tight Notkalender maximum, to be held a week after the first Grand Prix, the second race in Spielberg, the German magazine "auto, motor und sport", it would be on 19. July, at the Hungaroring the third race in three consecutive weekends give.

Then it will go at Silverstone, and more, also with a double pack of the 2. and 9. August. According to the British BBC, the government should have made the way for the formula 1 staff are to be excluded from the 14-day self-isolation at the port of entry. "We welcome the efforts of the government to ensure that top-level sport can go further and also its support for the return of racing", was quoted by the BBC formula 1 speaker.

The Daily Mail scattered on Sunday, however, doubt whether the plans work and again brought to the Hockenheim ring as an Alternative for Silverstone into the game. That of course could be used as a replacement in this year, signaled the people in charge already. Discussions with the formula 1 bosses have also been conducted already. In the actual calendar with a record number of 21 Grand Prix of Germany was not taken into account.


Because of the Coronavirus were pandemic, including the opener at 15. March had been cancelled in Australia, all the other Grand Prix until the end of June, or moved, overall, it was a ten-race. Including the Grand Prix of Spain. The Grand Prix near Barcelona may 16. August will be rescheduled before a free weekend on the 30. August goes with the classic in Spa-Francorchamps and 6. September in Monza, Ferrari's home race on the program.

For the Scuderia it will be according to statistics, the 999. Grand Prix-participation in the formula 1 history to be Four-times champion Sebastian Vettel was the last Time that he will compete in the Royal Park with a car produced by the Italian tradition of the teams. His future is more uncertain, he could not agree with Ferrari on a new contract after this season and a total of six years.

"He's only early 30's and still phenomenally fast," said Vettel's former team boss Christian Horner of Red Bull to the formula 1 Homepage. "Maybe Mercedes feel like a headache and him with Lewis in a Team. It would be great to experience for all of us.“

when a decision on Vettel's falls further career or perhaps the end of the same, with 33 years, is completely open. It is likely to accompany the entourage of the formula 1, but as long as. Vettel himself said after the announcement of the imminent, in the end, Ferrari is not more publicly, he is in his Swiss homeland with his family and prepares for the start of the season.


15 to 18 races want to host the formula 1 bosses this season, to get the full TV money. In the first legal own formula-1-world 2020 under Corona conditions, the concept for Spielberg before-the-start, for example, that the pilots and the rest of the formula 1 personnel prior to entry to the Virus Sars-CoV 2 test must. The Teams will be accommodated also in separate Hotels. The number of employees per team at the track will be limited to 80. Overall, should belong to the race in Austria, the organizer, according to a maximum of 2000 persons in the entourage of the series.

Spielberg could serve as a blueprint for the following Grand Prix. The two final races of the year provided a draft of the calendar, for December: To Bahrain (6.12.) could an end to the formula 1, a week later, traditionally, in Abu Dhabi, one of their most memorable seasons.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 03:26

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